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The +,+ is a geographic region on the server of CivClassic referred to as a "quadrant", covering the southeast of the map. It contains all blocks in the map with both positive x and positive z values. Out of all four quadrants on the server, it is most known for having the least amount of land, being covered in vast amounts of ocean, and much of it's smaller islands being composed of the classic nether biome, making them a highly unsuitable place to live.

It has hosted a great deal of nations across the many years of the servers existence, however many of them have died out over time. The relatively new nation of Cortesia Del Mar could be considered the center of the regions activity, with sparser signs of life from Caledonia and a few others.

List of Nations

Active Nations
Name of nation/territory Other names Capital Form of Government Head of State Head of Government Alliance
Ashelor Republic of Ashelor Ashelor Parliamentary Democracy None
Blackwell Kingdom of Blackwell Blackwell Constitutional Monarchy dBeatzx CES
Batavia Koninkrijk der Bataven Batavia Monarchy Fire1Eater Potelos None
Berniki Kingdom of Berniki Monarchy IAmTopHat None
Caledonia Aberdeen Oligarchy CES
Capeland Maritime Republic of Capeland Cape Cocoa Parliamentary Republic operationguyMCS CES
Carson Federated Workers' Cooperative of Carson Carson Lowtuff None
Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate CCCP Leninsk Socialist State None
Cortesia Del Mar Republic of Cortesia Del Mar Ventura Transitionary Oligrachy IceCarim CES
Frostwall None
Gempire The Gempire Gemster108 NWO
Krowatia LLE2 CES
Mir The Twenty Third Mirian Star Empire Charon None
Monterrey United Kingdom of Monterrey Rainier Executive Constitutional Monarchy MrDoomBringer CES
Piltover None
Wolken Dilluexe None

Former and Inactive Nations

Name of nation Other names Capital Form of Government
Asiro Republic of Asiro Díorâ Republic
Adina Adina City Diarchy
Edens Island Union of Edens Island Vinny Ville Oligarchy
Entranan Republic Entrana Entrana Free Trade Republic
Kaga Kingdom of Kaga Kaga City Monarchy
Nueva Myrador Kingdom of Nueva Myrador Monarchy
Ossenkirch Stolstad Socialist Capitalism
Vitelia Kingdom of Vítelia Krome Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy