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Official flag of Coventhia
Location-4241, -5210
Capital cityFrostrock Valley
GovernmentUnitary Meritocracy
• Leader
• Councilor
• Councilor
• Councilor
• Mayor of Frostrock
Foundation date12 June 2017
IdeologyNot having one
  • Cutest kitty in the world Bean
  • P Diddles, the polar bear
  • Mamma Lamma

Coventhia was a nation on CivClassic located in the -,-. It was bordered by Columbia to the north and Corvus to the west.

Coventhia was known for its Pirate's Cove Golf Course, map art & shop, the main city of Frostrock Valley, the Icebox vault, and major contributions to the Brewery Plugin.

Pre-Coventhian history and Settlement

Official Declaration

Involvement in Military Conflicts

Somber War

Ransakistani War & Pacman Coalition

Territorial Transfers

Sale of Swampland to Columbia

Polska Handover



Airbud Republic




First Olympics

Old Stuff

A group of Aquila players from the server Devoted decided to start a new nation on CivClassics. MrLlamma originally scouted out Impasse territory since a lot of old Civcraft 3.0 Aquila players were settling there. After traveling east, MrLlamma spotted a player named RektTangle, who inhabited the small town of Lotus at the top of a mountain range. The valley below was a perfect spot to start a new town, and the early Coventhian settlers built a few initial wood houses for temporary shelter. Now that a location was secure, all that was needed was a name for the new nation. The name Aquila was dismissed immediately since the government structure was different in this iteration. The name Corvus was also thrown out after discussion. Eventually, GreatLordOz suggested naming the town after the Roman goddess of wells and springs, Coventina. After a few adjustments to the name to make it roll off the tongue better, Coventhia was born! Coventhia was officially formed on June 12th, 2017, by MrLlamma, sgtshannon, GreatLordOz, Nyxworld & IcyPigChicken.

Aerial view of Frostrock Valley, Coventhia (April, 2018)


Frostrock Valley is surrounded by towering cliffs to the southeast and expansive snowy plains to the north. To the north also lies the replica city of Third Street and a few map arts. To the east lies the Lotus Monastery originally founded by RektTangle. To the east also lies the Pirate's Cove Golf Course, Pele nether island and Pileus Mushroom island. To the South lies the Boreas Sea and Pirate Ship island. To the West lies the Icebox.


Politics and Government

Coventhia is a unitary state under a meritocracy lead by a leader and a council of three high councilors[1]. The current government evolved from the old Aquilian constitution, who had a similar structure of government. Apart from the main government that handles both external and internal affairs, the power structure of Coventhia is further divided into:

  • Head of Defense[2] - Responsible for military and defensive affairs if the leader is unavailable.
  • Mayor of Frostrock[3] - Responsible for governing the city of Frostrock, who among a multitude of tasks is in charge of approving building plans and ensuring the proper functioning of the city.[4]

Governmental positions are fairly restricted, with councilors being appointed by the leader and a consensus from the existing council members.

The Council

Due to the lack of a formal constitution, the exact powers of each governmental position are vague, however, this is done intentionally. In Aquila, the slow democratic process eventually bogged down the entire country and its ability to respond to any current happenings. Therefore, when coming up with a new system for the brand new nation of Coventhia, MrLlamma intentionally designed it to avoid this shortcoming.[5]

The Council itself acts as a check on the leader, and for any controversial decisions it's typical for the leader to consult the council before any measures are taken. If there is a consensus from the entire council that the leaders decision is not the best future for the nation, the council can vote and in case of a unanimous vote, the decision can be overturned.[6]

Evolution of the Coventhian Government

Name of Appointed Position Date of Appointment Status
MrLlamma Leader Foundation of Coventhia Current
Phant Councilor Original Councilor[7] Retired
sgtshannon Councilor Original Councilor[7] Current
sadj Councilor Original Councilor[7] Current
Asa Councilor 26th October 2018[8] Current
callum Head of Defense 31st October 2018[8] Retired
GreatLordOz Mayor 30th September 2019[8] Current



Most Coventhains are very kind and welcoming. Brews are shared and good times are had by all during the movie nights hosted in the discord. Visitors are always welcome and help is always given as needed.


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