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United Defensive Front
UDF Logo used to identify UDF infrastructure
MembershipFull Member:


Governing documentUDF Charter
• Spokesperson
• Strategic Commander
Foundation dateJuly 16, 2019
Preceded byUNC

The United Defensive Front (UDF) is an alliance between Icenia, Yoahtl, Columbia, Imperial Truidence, Southshire, and Acadia. The UDF was founded on July 16th, 2019, and is built on the pillars of self determination, neutrality, free trade, mutual defense, and shared infrastructure. It was formed in the wake of the collapse of the UNC, when newly unaligned nations friendly with Icenia sought to form an alliance for the purpose of mutual defense.

The name United Defensive Front and much of the original charter were proposed by ChrisChrispie and Truck_Man1234, and much of the original charter was written by Icenians. After the addition of Columbia, the charter was revised heavily, with definitions added for the eventual addition of associate members, and changing the way directives are approved within the alliance.[1]

In March of 2020 Bloom left the UDF due to war exhaustion and Columbian distrust of their commitment to the war against NATO. Soon after, Southshire joined.[2] After the war, SPQR would vote to join the alliance. In February 2021, Southshire was transitioned to an associate member.

On August 14, 2021, Acadia was admitted to the UDF as an associate member.

SPQR would leave in October 2021 due to annexation by the Entente member state of Varkonia.

Positions and Structure

Security Council

The UDF Security Council (colloquially the "Synergy Council") is the alliance's highest deliberative body. It is composed of the heads of state of each full member nation, as well as no more than two appointed representatives from each full member nation. Additionally, the Alliance Spokesperson and the Strategic Commander retain permanent seats on the Security Council. In early 2021, at the direction of Spokesperson Enforcer15, the Security Council adopted the six-sigma process improvement principles. Each Security Council member endeavors to embody at least one of the six sigmas: teamwork, insight, brutality, male enhancement, handshakefulness, and play hard) in order to synergize the UDF's dynamic benchmarks.


The Spokesperson is tasked with representing the UDF’s interests to nations outside the alliance, as well as facilitating clear internal communications between member states. They are elected by the member heads of state, and serve until resignation or impeachment. Enforcer15 (Enforcer#7777) is the current and longest-serving spokesperson, having bravely served for over a year and a half following turmoil during the tenures of both prior spokespeople.

List of UDF Spokespeople
Vend3tta__ July 16, 2019 - July 21, 2019
Truck_Man1234 July 21, 2019 - December 27, 2019
Enforcer15 December 28, 2019 - Present

Strategic Commander

The strategic Commander is in charge of coordinating military projects between nations, and streamlining the military infrastructure between nations. They are also capable of leading an assault if necessary.

Strategic Commanders
Current Strategic Commander SoundTech 16/7/19-Present

Foreign Relations

The UDF is founded on a pillar of neutrality, so the UDF mostly stays neutral to all current nations and alliances, and lets individual nations guide their own foreign relations under its self determination pillar.


The Entente

Drama from Varkonia's previous relations with Icenia and Bloom led to an incident where the newly-founded UDF wrongly accused the Entente and Mir of wanting to alt raid and eventually attack the UDF. This accusation was based on fake screenshots. Since this, nations within the UDF has improved its intelligence agencies and capacity drastically.


A "Chick Fil-A" was built in Icenia, which was illegally too close to defensive infrastructure. It was constructed by a player named Figasaur was ordered to be torn down by Icenia government. The LSD, a new military alliance, was formed around the same time as this, and was briefly roped into this drama due to having some members involved. Threats to Obbybomb, coup, and raid Icenia and associated UDF countries prompted the UDF to ramp up their defense. The UDF strategically decided to wait for an LSD attack (which was not coming) so it could mount a successful counter offensive and gain more international support.

However, the Entente and SATO military powers had disabled much of the LSD's military capability before the UDF could have done so, leading to the Entente-Laconia War. In the end, the UDF ended up doing nothing as the Entente was getting threats for defending Imperial Truidence in a petty dispute with a former citizen, leading to the swift attack.


War of the Coalition

In December of 2019 Icenia City, along with several other non-UDF territories, was obby bombed by rouge nation located on the border of the HJE and SPQR called Ransakistan. The UDF during this time played an instrumental roll in the coalition that formed in the immediate aftermath of the bombings, with Icenia becoming a major base of operations for retaking the Lusitan Line. Although the UDF lost one pearl in combat (ChrisChrispie), the Coalition still managed to totally disable the Ransakistani Vault within two weeks of its discovery.

Entry into the Infinity War

Despite the UDF's desire for neutrality and expansion after the War of the Coalition, it began participating in the Infinity War after the discovery that NATO welcomed many escaped Ransakistani obby bombers back into their ranks rather than turning over their pearls. As a direct result of this, member states of the UDF, most notably Columbia, independently sent manpower to the Pinkerton Vault Break. After NATO discovered this, the UDF voted to officially enter into the Infinity War and proceeded to participate in the conquest of Corvus later in February alongside Entente and Mir. Susbequently the UDF settled into a long siege defense in the Columbian city of Valyria where NATO forces attempted to break Columbia's vault, The Crucible. During this siege, the cities of Rotterdam, Polska, and Valyria were heavily damaged and the region became a wasteland. NATO forces occupied Polska until a skybridge was built into the territory and traps were disabled. In the summer of 2020, the UDF accounted for a plurality of the manpower at the breaking of Hallow's vault alongside Mirian, Entente, and SATO forces. The UDF would ultimately see the war to its bitter end when, almost exactly one year after its founding, it cooperated in the break of Best Western, Vault 76, "Litterbox Vault" over a 36-hour period, thus ending the war.


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