Confederation of Socialist Augusta

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Confederation of Socialist Augusta
flag of CSA
Flag of the CSA
flag of CSA
Seal of the CSA
Location-6700, 3300
  • Confederate
  • Southerner
Capital cityLittle Leningrad
GovernmentSocialist Semi-Direct Democracy
• Premier
• Vice-Premier
Foundation dateLate May 2019
Preceded by Union of Socialist Augusta
 Mount Augusta

The Confederation of Socialist Augusta (CSA), formerly known as the Union of Socialist Augusta, is a sovereign nation located south of the City of Mount Augusta. Formerly a district of MTA, it is one of the main aggregators of leftists on the server. It is bordered by Mount September, South Augusta and The Commonwealth.



Comrade BolleDeBoll, Eternal Chairman of The Workers' Party, moved to Augusta in early 2018, and started TWP presence in the city, including in the south where Little Leningrad currently stands. After some time in Augusta, the Party moved to found Maltovia, and Party land in Augusta went abandoned for many months.

Return and Establishment

Comrade Renrits1 and his brothers established the Cove inside the Anti-Fascist Wall, and upon learning of this, SandFalls - at that time acting head of the Party - returned to Augusta and began working with them. Within two weeks, SandFalls and Renrits had established a union of the Cove - then renamed Little Havana - and Little Leningrad: the Union of Socialist Augusta.

SandFalls derelicted much of South Augusta near the USA, and established Little Ukraine for the newly-refounded LSIF. It was around this time that Renrits1 - pearled by Mir as part of the NATO-Mir War, left the server.

Modern Times

With Little Ukraine established, the USA continued to grow, adding to its ranks the communes of Little Neptune, Little Dublin, Little Unitas, Little Oak, the Fuzzy Quarter, and two islands outside the claims of Mount Augusta, both used for farms.

On 1 September, 2019, the USA adopted its current Charter, and on 2 September, 2019, elected First Secretary of The Workers' Party, SandFalls, as Premier.


The USA announced it's independence from MTA in this reddit post from April 2020, after MtA had decided to switch servers to the at the time more popular CivRealms. This lack of activity in the city of MtA has also been mirrored in the USA, which thus over time faded into inactivity as well


In March of 2021, upon discovering that FalscherRVN has been downgraded from prison pearl ideas to revitalize the USA sprung up. The USA then began to reform itself under the new name of the Confederation of Socialist Augusta.

This reform also brought a new charter, which formalized some of the previously informal aspects of the group and created the new elected position of Vice-Premier. Comrade ChocChips was elected the CSA's 1st Vice-Premier on 17 March, 2021.


The CSA is divided into various communes. The different communes can be characterized by a differing aesthetic and ideology.

Land and Communes of the CSA

Little Leningrad (LL)

Ruled by The Workers' Party (TWP), it serves as the capital of the CSA. LL is the biggest commune and it houses the majority of infrastructure of the district.

The Palace of the Soviets

Just like its predecessors, Little Leningrad features brutalist architecture. Here, one can find projects like The Palace of the Soviets and the Workers' Coliseum.

Little Leningrad has 2 sub-communes:

Little Catalonia

Formerly known as Little Havana and the Cove, Little Catalonia was created by Renrits and his brothers, but due to unfortunate events, it's no longer active.

Its building style revolves around using acacia logs and planks.

Little Stalingrad

Created in 26 August, 2019 by Ghunsan, it was the commune seeing most lot development in a short period of time, and features numerous brutalist buildings.

Little Ukraine (LUk)

With the resurgence of the LSIF, Little Ukraine became its first commune on 5 July, 2019.

Kropotkin's Head

In Little Ukraine one can find a variety of buildings, such as: The Tolstoy Tower, Grothendieck Institute for Mathematics, which were both built by Bayrd, the LSIF HQ and Kropotkin's Head (where you can be vored to get free bread), both built by ChocChips. There's also a plaza, built by Bayrd, to remember Choc's unpearling, the Nipplerock's Vault Break (where various members of the LSIF participated in) and the ghast bombardments caused by dsclouse in USA land.

In addition, LUk houses many of the crop farms in the CSA. Even after the fall of the LSIF, Little Ukraine remains the primary representation of anarchist communism within the CSA.

Little Neptune

Founded on 18 July, 2019 as Little Zion, a christian socialist commune, by Cattus, it is now called Little Neptune, inspired by Sun Ra's jazz music.

Having suffered demolitions recently, it's mostly built underground, with a concrete design reliant on concrete blocks. It also houses a polar bear, so being careful when entering is advised.

Little Unitas (LUn)

"Dissidents will be shot" is the motto of this commune. It was founded in the former UWU district by FalscherRVN, on 12 August, 2019, and

along with multiple houses, one can find the Cuck Shed, with an underground monument to a reference of Neon Genesis Evangelion, built by FalscherRVN and ReclaimHolyLand. It is characterized by a strong regional identity.

Little Dublin

Obtained on 14 August, 2019 as a dereliction by Topher, it was the property of the Pumpkin Jacks, which originated this commune's other name: Little Pumpkin.

The commune will be renovated into an Amusement Park, decided by the Second Congress of the USA.


Derelicted land in the north of Augusta's Francis Point district, Oak currently is uninhabited and discussions are underway on what to do with the area.

Furry Quarter (FQ)

While as of now not officially in the territory of the CSA, being instead in the Mount September area, the Furry Quarter, also known as the Fuzzy Quarter, has been founded by smal and is in close association to the CSA, acting informally as it's own commune.

Little and Big Lannigrad

A commune founded on 17 March, 2021 by Lanni, squeezed in between Little Lenningrad and Little Unitas.

Little Stonewall

Founded in March 2021, Little Stonewall (named by AmandaCC) is LGBTQ+ themed commune. The most significant buildings are its train station and a Britney Spears statue, dedicated to the #FreeBritney movement.

The Palace of the Union

Built by Tinie_Snipah in April 2020, it's the second palace and the second biggest building in the CSA.

The Palace of the Union


The CSA is a semi-direct democracy ruled by a Premier and an elected Vice-Premier who act as representatives and administrators of the confederation.

Premiers of the CSA
Name # Term Notes
SandFalls I Ongoing
Vice-Premiers of the CSA
Name # Term Notes
ChocChips I 17 March 2021 - Ongoing First Elected Vice-Premier of the CSA

Anti-Fascist Wall

Most of the CSA is enclosed by the Anti-Fascist Wall, originally constructed by kdeeks and citylion, in order to keep fascists and bourgeois scum out of the district.

This is a direct reference to the Berlin Wall that separated East and West Berlin.