Federal Socialist Republics

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The Federal Socialist Republics
Федеральные Социалистических Республик
One of the flags used for the FSR
Capital cityNew Leningrad
GovernmentFederal Presidential Republic
Foundation dateApril 23, 2015
MottoGlory to the FSR

The Federal Socialist Republic is a union of the formerly independent socialist states of New Leningrad, Centauri, Montarnis and Luxem. The current Premier of the FSR was planned to be decided near the start of Civcraft 3.0.


The Federal Socialist Republics was formed in April 2015 through the unification of the socialist states of New Leningrad, Centauri, and Montarnis.


New Leningrad was founded in the very beginning of Civcraft 2.0. by ZombieLenin. In November 2013 to the west of New Leningrad the village of Centauri was founded by a small group of IRL friends. The new settlement was in chat range of New Leningrad and New Leningrad shared her factories with the new settlers, a close friendship developed between the two cities. New Leningrad convinced Centauri to become socialist and so a red disc was added to the flag of Centauri. Centauri eventually grew to become a large and prosperous city in its own right. In September 2014 the Eastern Bloc alliance was founded by New Leningrad, Centauri, and various other left-leaning states. The city of Olympia had become a socialist republic under the enlightened leadership of Roguex7 and joined the Eastern Bloc a month later. Some Olympia residents later moved to the +,- quadrant and began construction on the new city of Montarnis. Hjatland later left the Eastern Bloc after an influx of rightwingers from Orion and other capitalist cities led to a shift to the right.

In February 2015 the leader of Centauri, Sandfalls suggested that Centauri and New Leningrad, which were nearly a single city at this point, unify. This became the jumping off point for discussions on the formation of a larger leftist union. On April 23rd 2015 the Federal Socialist Republics was formed through the unification of the socialist states of New Leningrad, Centauri, and Montarnis. Each Republic in the FSR would be lead by a Governor and represent their nation at the FSR council. New Leningrad would be the capital of the new state.

ZombieLenin Era

Every four months, the citizens of the FSR elect the Premier, who is the head of the Federal Executive branch. The famous founder of New Leningrad and Civcraft icon ZombieLenin made a sudden return to Civcraft and announced his intention to run in the election to decide the first Premier of the newly-formed FSR. The election was a decisive victory for ZombieLenin, he was in power again after a nearly two-year hiatus. Lenin began his term by vowing to restore the FSR capital and settling the long-running dispute with Lightbarrow Co-op. This was achieved through the creation of a neutral zone in the southern desert in the disputed region. Lenin wrote a weekly periodical during his time as Premier called "Hello Premier."

The critical period of Lenin's term came during the Savion Crisis. An island in the eastern lands of the FSR had been ceded to a group of players by the state. Scouts from the FSR were in the region when the inhabitants of Savion warned the scouting team they were trespassing, even though the FSR personnel weren't actually on the territory ceded to Savion. It was quickly uncovered that Savion had torn up FSR snitches and placed their own in their place. The island was blockaded and the rail routes were sealed. Ostrov Observation Post was built on the sandbank beside Savion to maintain the territorial integrity of the FSR and let the squatters know they were being watched. This was the situation within the FSR when ZombieLenin suddenly called for early elections.

Megralew Era

There were two candidates nominated for the Premier election: Sandfalls, Governor of Centauri, and Megralew, Head of Militia. Although Megralew was a relative newcomer to the FSR a clear economic policy and security plan gave him enough momentum to have a single vote lead over Sandfalls. However Sandfalls dropped out of the race and announced his intention to quit Civcraft for reasons unrelated to the election. Megralew was elected Premier of the FSR. The FSR showed a strong presence at the NEA meeting in Iria that July, with seven FSR citizens in attendance. In this same period the FSR and Hjatland made the ill-fated decision to join the Grand Northern Alliance (GNA). The construction of the FSR vault began at Modern Vale and progress on the excavation of the great crater intensified. Negotiations started on the Aurora-FSR Right of Access Treaty. Aurora wanted access to the eastern jungle for the purpose of growing cocoa. Sintralin's party in Augusta was attended by some FSR representatives and they returned home with many trophies and mementos.

At the end of July the left-leaning Chancellor of Aurora Pantostado1066 announced that Aurora would be joining the Federal Socialist Republics. This was a ruse designed to give a casus belli for a mock "Farley War" on Bohr Island, which had already seen a ruse cruise there the previous year. Bohr Island declared it would not bow to a communist Aurora and seceded. -,- kingdom Balkania took over the new anti-communist enclave in a friendly annexation. The communist south of the island then declared independence. The ruse was complete and the stage was set for a mock war with a capitalist side and a communist side. Aurora resident and fervent anti-communist Pooch12, who had been rused before by the FSR, thought the Federal Socialist Republics takeover was real and seceded from "communist" Aurora. The Federal Socialist Republic contributed the most soldiers out of all the nations on the communist side. FSR citizen Jon2600 killed the King of Balkania in a tunnel and the capitalists were driven out of their base. The battle eventually deteriorated to a 1 VS 2 situation and the communists lost. Returning from the battle in high spirits some FSR troops invaded and looted Pooch12's little independent enclave. His sheer obnoxiousness and refusal to begin arbitration or accept reparations (hypocritical considering his own history of griefing) lost what little sympathy there was for him. Pooch12 had been excommunicated, exiled from Aurora and moved to Icenia. There he was pearled for stealing spruce and his pearl was handed over to the Federal Socialist Republic.

That August the FSR was drawn into the Goten Secession Crisis. Goten, a suburb of New Detroit, a city of Gensokyo, had illegally seceded and was nearly immediately afterwards annexed by the neighbouring city of Mount Augusta. Gensokyo is a member of the Holy Krautchan Empire, with whom the FSR had recently renewed their Mutual Defence Pact. The FSR came out in support of their longtime allies. The FSR sent comrades to New Detroit and Goten to support the territorial integrity of the Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo and help defend it from Augustan imperialism. A coalition was formed of the HKE and her allies including Hjatland who had joined the FSR in defending Gensokyo following the signing of a Mutual Defence Pact. A panicked Augustan government hurriedly signed a security pact with Nox and the coalition was forced to withdraw. An FSR comrade died dismantling Her Superior Majesty Screenname's statue, the only casualty on either side. The FSR agreed along with her coalition partners to recognise the land claims of Augusta. The crisis increased tensions between the FSR and SPQR, who had sided with Augusta and Nox. The FSR and Hjatland left the GNA immediately after the coalition withdrawal from Western Gensokyo.

The day before the final confrontation in New Detroit the FSR attended the Leftist Internationale in the Cove commune. After the conclusion of the Goten Crisis the FSR finalised the Aurora-FSR Right of Access Treaty. This successful display of diplomacy helped Tambien_Sinclair be elected the new Auroran chancellor.

The Federal Socialist Republic built an embassy in the Foofed Memorial Tenement Memorial Tenement in Augusta, remembering how New Leningrad built an embassy in the original Foofed Memorial Tenement in Aytos in 2013.

Bolledeboll Era

New Leningrad governor, former Premier of New Leningrad and longtime player (he was a resident of 1.0 Leningrad and previous incarnations of Leningrad on the Golden Creeper server) was elected Premier of the FSR on the 26th of August 2015. September and October saw the re-igniting of tensions between the FSR and Savion. A Savion resident was pearled after a falling out with the leadership of the corporate enclave in a debacle involving forged chat logs and gratuitous personal insults. The FSR and other concerned parties protested the sentence of the pearled dissident, alizoza, and she was released after a military confrontation outside the walls of Savion. After a few weeks of relative calm an incident in Fellowship led to the situation escalating to the point where an FSR citizen was pearled and the FSR was threatened with annihilation. The leadership of BolleDeBoll saw the signing of a new Charter on September 23 and Luxem joining the FSR on the 14th of October 2015. Not long after Savion affiliate Olivay violated an agreement with Grundeswald so that he could begin building a new city a mere 500 blocks from Luxem's suburbs. The Federal Socialist Republics considered this completely unacceptable and made it clear that this new settlement, built without warning and within chat range of Luxem, had to go. The situation became even more precarious after it was discovered that for a while Savion now had been collaborating with a member of the North Eastern Alliance, Iria, on a new vault. This revelation shocked the leadership of the FSR and led to the souring of FSR-Iria relations. The Savion situation was finally resolved after Olivay led an ill-fated occupation of an artificial island the FSR had constructed. A counter-attack resulted in Olivay's pearling. Because of this and the imminent threat of an invasion a frightened lower-ranking Savion associate panicked and freed the only FSR prisoner Savion had acquired during their invasion. With their only competent fighter pearled and their only bargaining chip lost Savion completely surrendered and began evacuating the island under the supervision of FSR officials. It was discovered after Savion had withdrawn from the region that they had been secretly excavating large areas underground, in some places directly underneath FSR settlements and facilities.

End of 2.0 and Beginning of 3.0

Uncertainty lies ahead, comrades.

Foreign Relations

The Federal Socialist Republics' closest ally is the Holy Krautchan Empire. New Leningrad and founding HKE member Grundeswald both had to face the threat of Bryn during the Bryn-New Leningrad Conflict and since then have been close comrades, coming to each other's aid in times of crisis. New Leningrad also had good relations historically with the Kingdom of Prussia. ZombieLenin had planned to hand over the city of New Leningrad to their administration if the city died following his departure in 2013, which it very nearly did. New Leningrad also sent representatives to the coronation of King Ludwig I of Prussia. The FSR has signed a Mutual Defence Pact with the Holy Krautchan Empire. The FSR sent comrades to New Detroit and Goten to support the territorial integrity of the Heavenly Kingdom of Gensokyo and help defend it from Augustan imperialism.

Although relations between Hjatland and the FSR's predecessor states weren't without some tensions (and a falling out) there has been a marked increase in cooperation between the FSR and Hjatland. The FSR signed a Mutual Defence Pact proposed by Hjatland and there are plans for significant economic cooperation in the eastern jungle. Hjatland joined the FSR in defending Gensokyo following the signing of the Mutual Defence Pact. Hjatland's return to its socialist roots has led to a close relationship between the two nations.

The tensions of 2013 between Aurora and New Leningrad have been overcome. The revived Aurora spearheaded by founder Pantstado1066 has seen a new spirit of friendship form. The Bohr War was widely hailed as a success and it was the FSR who contributed the most soldiers to the communist side. Cocoa-fertile farmland has been opened to Aurora in the east thanks to the Aurora-FSR Right of Access Treaty. In August 2015 Tambien_Sinclair was elected Auroran chancellor. Having lived briefly in New Leningrad in 2013 he was of great assistance in formatting and signing the Aurora-FSR Right of Access Treaty.

There is no enmity between Fellowship and the FSR, although tensions were raised during the dispute with the LBC.

Iria have had an embassy in New Leningrad since the early days of 2.0 and relations have always been amicable. The FSR attended the NEA meeting held there in July 2015.

The FSR has an embassy in Bryn. Relations have improved greatly since the early days of 2.0. when Bryn and New Leningrad were at war.

Brimstone borders the FSR, relations are warm and could be described as friendly.

Prior to joining the FSR, Luxem was its southern neighbor and a fellow member of the Eastern Bloc.

Although the FSR has an embassy in Mount Augusta and New Leningrad assisted Augusta in its early days in 2014, there has been a deterioration in relations following the annexation of Goten, Gensokyojin territory. The FSR is friendly with The Cove commune in the city and attended the Leftist Internationale there in August 2015.

The FSR has an extensive embassy in Carbon but there is very little, if any, contact with them.


The Federal Socialist Republic is a union of the formerly independent socialist states of New Leningrad, Centauri, and Montarnis. Each state has a governor leading them that are also a member of the FSR council. The current governors are New Leningrad: Bolledeboll, Montarnis (and Centauri): Langly. The current Premier of the FSR is Bolledeboll. Federal Socialist Republics Premier elections are scheduled for the 21st of August 2015.


Flag of the Federal Socialist Republics

"The Hammer, Sickle, and Sheaf"

National flag of the FSR, flown above all FSR republics, the Soviet flag may have also been used instead similar to the Flag of New Leningrad below.[1] A simplified red flag with a yellow disc is used to represent the flag in game.
Flag of the Eastern Bloc

"The Eagle, Star and Sheaf"

Flag of the Eastern Bloc
Flag of New Leningrad

"The Hammer and Sickle"

National flag of New Leningrad, flown in New Leningrad. A simplified red flag with a yellow square in the top left-hand corner is used in game.
Flag of Centauri

"The Defaced Orange and White"

National flag of the former Centauri Socialist Republic, flown in Centauri. An orange flag with a white stripe running along the centre, the red disc representing socialism is a later addition
Flag of Tanicgrad

"The Golden Cross"

Flag of the New Leningrad satellite city Tanicgrad, flown in Tanicgrad. A yellow cross with a disc in the centre on a gradient red background
Flag of Luxem

"The Maltese Cross"

Flag of the Luxem Soviet Socialist Republic, flown in Luxem. A red flag with two gold bars and a left-aligned golden Maltese cross.


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