New Danzilonan Civil War

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New Danzilonan Civil War

Socialist leader Des23 (left) seen cooperating with Monarchist leader neondan99 (right) during a brief truce
DateFirst phase:

January 22, 2014 - September 22, 2015
Second phase:

January 16, 2016

First phase:
NDZ Socialists Victory

  • Large socialistic programme enacted, markey economy formally abolished

Second phase:
NDZ Monarchists Pyrrhic Victory

  • neondan99 becomes King of New Danzilona for the last day of Civcraft 2.0
NDZ Socialists

NDZ Monarchists
Supported by:

Commanders and leaders




2-3 2
Casualties and losses
0 0

The New Danzilonan Civil War, or New Danzilona Monarchist-Socialist Conflict, was a cold war between socialist and monarchist citizens of New Danzilona on Civcraft 2.0. As both sides were still Danzilonan nationalists and close friends despite their political differences, no actual fighting took place and there were no casualties. The war primarily took form in acts of sabotage and propaganda, which both sides engaged in against each other. The first phase began when the NDZ Monarchists leader, neondan99, attempted to establish a town within the DZF that was an absolute monarchy, with himself as king.[1]After this was rejected by the Danzilonans, the two sides engaged in propaganist subreddit PVP until the NDZ Socialists formally enacted "full communism" on September 22, 2015, which included the abolition of NDZ's market district and upgrades to communal resources.[2]The second phase took place on the last day of Civcraft 2.0 and resulted in a final victory for the Monarchists after they planted a gold throne in the middle of town that the Socialists were unable to break.[3]Ultimiately, the civil war was all in good fun, and the governmental structure of the city was mostly unaffected by it.


In Civcraft 1.0, New Danzilona's predecessor, Danzilona, had no formal government and was described by residents as "agrarian, socialist, and democratic," which was reinforced by its unofficial alliance with Communa, a more explicitly socialist society.[4]This largely carried over to New Danzilona on 2.0, which remained agrarian and a direct democracy with no governmental positions for the first 8 months following its foundation.

On July 28, 2013, newfriends Lowtuff and neondan99 made their way to NDZ and, upon joining, built a shack for their first primary residence.[5]Though the two were IRL friends and remained so throughout the civil war, they had completely different political leanings that led to them settling into their roles as leaders on opposite sides of the conflict.[6]

In early January 2014, NDZ citizens were debating on what kind of government they wanted to implement, or if they wished to have a government at all. neondan99 was a strong advocate for setting up a government, emphasing the city's natural departure from its traditions.[7] He specifically advised against NDZ voting on a specific government type, as he himself hoped NDZ would move away from its democratic form and towards a monarchistic one. Eventually, however, NDZ implemented a direct democratic form of government, much to the dismay of Dan. Dan attempted to set up a new town within the Danzilonan Federation that would be an absolute monarchy later that month, with himself as king, but was stopped by other Danzilonan citizens who determined it would be too conflicting to have a non-democratic government within an otherwise democratic system. Thus, the cold war began.

First Phase

In March 2014, the first Socialist revolt against the Monarchist threat took place, led by Lowtuff and fellow Danzilonan Gant2000. Dan then began a counter-revolt, declared himself temporarily Lord of NDZ, and exiled the Socialists to the NDZ territory of Hogham. After a brief internal dispute, the Socialists took control of Melonwood, eventually returning to NDZ and bringing stability back to the city, resulting in status quo ante bellum.[8]

Since he joined NDZ, Dan was a strong supporter of the DPNCCR, which was able to use its status as a holy site to establish the absolute monarchy that Dan could only pine for. At times, Dan would align himself with wingnut, the leader of the DPNCCR, as he saw it as the most practical way to bring monarchy to New Danzilona. In April, this alliance was solidified after Dan set up the coronation of wingnut as official King of the DPNCCR.[9]Just a few weeks later, Dan tried to sneak monarchism into NDZ by setting up the coronation of peakman2 as King of New Danzilona, but failed when peak rejected the crown.[10]

In May 2014, newfriend Des23 joined NDZ and set up a niche of selling pufferfish to fellow Danzilonans as a drug. Dan took a staunch stance against the emerging drug trade, exposing shopkeepers who smoked the puff.[11][12]This opposition led to Des settling in as an opposition Socialist leader.

After the Riverford War in early September 2014, NDZ was left in domestic turmoil caused by the collapse of its federal government and self-exile of many of its leaders. To stabilise the situation, the Phoenix Council was created to act as a temporary, all-powerful government to fill the vacuum.[13] Dan and Lowtuff were both members of the council, leading to a short truce between the two sides. They used their powers to end the Aeginan independence movement and shore up their support there.[14]A Farley War was proposed by wingnut in another attempt to bring monarchy to NDZ, but wasn't taken seriously by the rest of the residents.[15]

In November 2014, following the return of Des and stability to NDZ, Socialists occupied the welcome centre and formed the Socialist Party of NDZ.[16]The party would go on to win the City Manager election for January 2015, but Des would resign from this position just 2 weeks into the month.[17]

Over the course of most of 2015, the Monarchists and Socialists would be at peace, setting aside their differences for the good of the city and working together on collective projects such as Project Phoenix. After taking a short break from Civcraft in September 2015, Des would come back and introduce a bill that would bring "full communism" to New Danzilona once and for all.[18]Danzilonans passed the bill unanimously, bringing an end to the first and longest phase of the civil war.

Second Phase

On the last day of Civcraft 2.0, tensions flared up again. Taking advantage of the chaos that ran rampant through the server's final days, neondan99 usurped the now nonexistent NDZ goverment and declared himself king. Lowtuff and Des23 mobilised to stage their own counter-revolution, but it was too late. Dan took up arms and built a fortress made out of pure gold and watermelons, which he reinforced in the middle of town with diamonds. With no time left, the Socialists could not break down the fortress and surrendered. Henceforth, Dan was finally King of New Danzilona, but lost all his possessions less than a day later when 2.0 was sentenced to the annals of history.


Green74 (previously neondan99) converts to anarcho-communism
Pythius converts Green74 (previously neondan99) to anarcho-communism

After 2.0 ended, Dan largely abandoned his monarchist ways and voted for Nova Danzilona to be a constitutional democracy. Des, Lowtuff, and Dan were all founders of the new city on Civcraft 3.0, with Des also founding the neighbouring anarcho-communist settlement Girane. Some time after the end of 3.0, Dan would similarly be convinced to adopt the ancom creed.