Edens Island

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The Union of Edens Island
Flag of Edens Island
Location8000, 6000
DemonymEden Islander/Pegger
Capital cityVinny Ville
CurrencyDiamonds, Iron
Area.15 km² (as of June 11 2021)
Governing documentSoon™
• Head of the Council
Ieatmykidz773 (Humbugg)
• Council Members

Grumpy_Aphid The_Umlaut

(some have yet to join the server)
Foundation date10 June 2021
Foundation documentSoon™
ReligionVarious sects of the Eden Faith
Motto"Desmond Best Boy"
FoundersShibeKing_ Ieatmykidz773 (Humbugg)

The Union of Edens Island, Commonly known as Edens Island, was a small island nation located within the +,+ Quadrant of CivClassics, just 40 blocks off the eastern coast of the Maltovian Oblast of the CCCP and also quite close to Cortesia Del Mar. Edens Island size largely consisted of its Namesake, Eden's Island , with 8 islands and islets within its claims, the largest of these lesser islands being New Failaka.

Eden's Island was led by a council of 6 members led by Ieatmykidz773 (also known as The_Humbugg), who came together on June 10th to establish their own nation on the server, with the first to reach the island being Ieatmykidz773 and ShibeKing_. The main settlement on the island, Vinny Ville is based on an abandoned settlement the two came across and subsequently claimed.

Eden's island for the most part was a pacifistic country, with an emphasis on forging strong relations with its neighbours and other countries, though they do maintain a small army for defense purposes. Currently, the population of the island is 6, however it is expected that around 2 more will join the country (as of writing this).

Eden, as a new nation has yet to properly establish itself, however the leader of Edens island intends to establish its reputation and economy on the trade of Cartography, general services, and map art.


Edens Island came into existence while the members of the council were in a voice chat, and Humbugg brought up CivClassic. The group decided to join and form their own nation, however they initially planned to settle some of the nether islands further into the quadrant, however ShibeKing_ and Humbugg decided they were too difficult to settle and as such decided to search for a different island and annex the nether islands later, where they would stumble upon Edens island, and claim it as their own. The island was fortunately equipped with a village and massive farm, despite not being claimed by any nation.

Immediately after being established, Humbugg would begin building ties with other nations as well as posting about the nation to the subreddit, to positive reception in part due to the Flag being well made. As of late, Edens island has begun establishing firendly relations with several nations, including its neighbours in the Maltovian Oblast.

Government and Culture

Eden's island was governed by a council of 6 people (4 currently on the server, 2 to join soon),[needs update] led by Ieatmykidz773 (Humbugg). Each of the governors laid a claim onto one of the nether islands. Eden's island primarily followed the Edenism faith, though each member worships different deities (such as Kuwait, Desmond Hall, Helltaker, etc.). The members of the council each lay claim to an island from a section of the Nether Archipelago.

Eden's island is based on an abandoned settlement and as such is generally supplied with food and farms. As such, the nation has made moves to base its economy on cartographical trade.