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Flag of Vinland
Great Seal of Vinland
Location500, 6600
Capital cityHvalsey
SettlementsMannerheim, Garðar
GovernmentDirect Democracy
• King
Foundation date30 Jan 2018
Map of Vinland

Vinland, formally The Kingdom of Vinland, was a socialist constitutional monarchy on CivClassic located on the edge of the (-,+) and (+,+), bordering Okashima and Yoahtl to the east and Hjaltland to the south. The nation is built on a principal of collectivism, with citizens having access to a shared resource pool which they are allowed to use from freely. In return citizens are expected to contribute resources to this pool as well as help out with public projects when called upon.

Guide to Newfriends

Hvalsey, Vinland in April 2018

When arriving in Vinland contact one of the citizens and let them know you wish to become a resident. You will be given resident status as well as a temporary apartment in one of several buildings in Hvalsey. As resident you are allowed to vote, and can build in Hvalsey although doing so requires a building permit which can be acquired by building in creative and submitting it in the Discord, having contributed to the community beforehand is recommended and will increase your changes both of getting a building permit and eventual citizenship.

Working your way towards citizenship is greatly recommended as it will give you several perks. You will be allowed to build in Hvalsey without a permit (However do try to stick to the building style) you can propose votes and you will get full access to the shared resource pool which you won't have as a resident (although residents can ask citizens for resources)

A resident can attain citizenship by having a current citizen call for a vote on their behalf. Being active for a week or two and contributing to resource gathering/public works and other activities of benefit to the community, will greatly increase a resident's chance of becoming a citizen.


All people permanently residing in Vinland fall into two categories, the most common being residents; those granted the right to reside in Vinland on a permanent basis but don't contribute to the state, or have access to public services nor suffrage. Citizens; residents who have lived in Vinland for a significant amount of time and contribute to the upkeep of the nation and are therefore entitled to public services and participate in elections.

Residents can put themselves forward to have a vote for them to become citizen.

Vinland is a constitutional monarchy with Auctorus serving as the current King. The role of the King is purely ceremonial. Both internal and external affairs are handled collectively by inhabitants of Vinland. The typical way this is done is that a Citizens puts forward a proposal wereafter both Citizens and Residents debate and vote on that proposal. Vinland emphasises direct democracy and has no official representatives, citizens are appointed by their peers to fulfill certain roles when needed, such as foreign affairs or head of the millitary.


Vinland directory connects to the rail between Gensokyo and Hjaltland, has both overground and underground rails to Okashima.

As well as this, it has a direct line west to Yujotlan and the GOR close to Yoahtl, and a line into the deep +,+ from Vinland to Terastai (Dithmarschen)

It also inclues a line to the deep +,+.


Vinland currently exports vines, XP and Ice. and has an XP pact with the NCA where XP resources are pooled and XP shared fairly.

It also imports wood.

Foreign Relations

Vinland is a member of the North Coast Alliance (NCA) with Okashima, Maltovia and Odresh.

The nation is also a South Axis Treaty Organization (SATO) member and participated in the 2018 Nox conflict.

It generally enjoys good relations between all NCA and SATO nations and has traded with Mir and Icenia.


Somber War

Vinland was one of the nine nations officially involved in the Lexington vault break.[1]

Chanseatic State Raids

A citizen in Vinland, a citizen known as Quinn was looking in Chanseatic State (CS from now on) chats. She noticed "bob namg is a self avowed nazi".

She decided to raid CS. Their intention was to kill and pearl Bob_Namg.

Falvyu disagreed and said "I don't really see anything that would justify a raid there.". He didn't get involved in the matter and later left Vinland for this reason.

NeoTide, F1sh98 (both allied citizens from Okashima), Okx, Auctorus, Amerikkalainen, Quinn (citizens of Vinland) and RavenMC entered the CS capital and started to destroy shop chests. At this point, CS started noticing them. They mined into a bunker but a member of the CS removed most of the valuables. Once Vinland broke it, they saw a huge number of chests. The few they broke were empty. They eventually left and set off back for Vinland.

The Chanseatic State Response

Vinland started to get word of a Chanseatic State retaliation against Vinland by spotting "channers" (civ players from 4chan, from CS). Vinland immediately started to dropchest valuables and appeal to their defensive alliance, SATO for help but were refused on the grounds that this is not a defensive war; Chanseatic State offered an ultimatum [2] demanding the surrender of the pearls of all those involved and public denounce themselves.

The Vinland Citadel in April 2018

Vinland denied the ultimatum and found leaked chat of the time of a raid on the Vinland citadel. They had two and a half hours to prepare for this attack. Vinland had everything dropchested and started to gear up in defense. The CS attacked with Vitelia to no defenders from Vinland. They destroyed all factories in the citadel and Hvalsey, and crippled Vinland's infrastructure.

Okx found political asylum in Southshire. Chanseatic State put bounties of 64d-160d on the original attackers. Essentially, Vinland was abandoned for a few days. CS offered another ultimatum[3] which was ultimately negotiated down to around 200d. Mir offered Vinland to join them for defense and they accepted, if only for a short while. For the months following the conflict, Vinland was at its lowest point for activity in its history. Since then, its activity has started to rise from around February 2019.

Contemporary Vinland

Between July to October 2019 Maltovia was a protectorate of Vinland.[4][5]

In May 2020, Vinland elected Moderaattori/DeeDee as their King and voted to leave Yoahtl and join the Nro'meagh'ev community. Activity in Vinland is very low and some of their claims have been ceded to new nations such as Krondonia and Kaga in June 2020.