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Kingdom of Verda
Flag of Verda
Map of Verda
Location3250, -1500
Capital cityCrowsroost
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Governing documentConstitution
• Monarch
Queen Magmus
Foundation date23 June 2017[1]
Foundation documentRedditPost
ReligionThe Gods of Light
IdeologyAbsolute Monarchism

Founded on June 23rd 2017, The Kingdom of Verda was a monarchy in the +,- quadrant, founded after the union of the Greenmarsh and Pinnacle. It consisted of four populated regions, The Pinnacle, Elwen, Stormmire and the Greenmarsh, home to the capital city of the Crowsroost . Comprised mostly of builders and farmers, Verda was quite a peaceful nation. With several varied biomes falling within the territories of Verda, climate ranges from temperate swamps to frigid mountaintops to arid mesa flats. On November 16th 2018, Verda became the Oligarchy of Sovia-Verda led by Blackknife43, Oyyster and Pirater after Magmus abdicated.


The Greenmarsh

Main article: Greenmarsh

Greenmarsh-era map of the lands that would soon be consolidated into the Kingdom of Verda.

A day after CivClassic 2.0 was launched, Magmus sailed down a river until she eventually found a small islet in a lake. She began constructing a tower house upon this island, naming it the Crowsroost, and by the end of the day had finished it. She also began cultivating the lands on the shores of the lake for food, and began constructing a boardwalk on the eastern shores of the lake, and began constructing the temple known as the Oaken Hall of Light. She dubbed the swampy landmass on the eastern side of the lake the Greenmarsh, and the lightly forested area to the west the Greenlands, and declared herself Lady of the Greenmarsh, laying claim to the region along with a small part of the Greenlands. A group of players settled in the southern Greenlands, known as Versailles, or the "Turtle Fuckers". The mountains south of the Greenmarsh were claimed by Gingechris, founding the city of Pinnacle. Eventually, Knight_Jacob and his sister settled in the Greenmarsh, joining the nation as it's first subjects. Unfortunately, this growth attracted raiders, and the Crowsroost Tower was looted many times.

The Foundation of Verda and Golden Age

Magmus was not satisfied with just being lady of the Greenmarsh, desiring a kingdom, and so when she heard that the lands of the "Turtle Fuckers" had gone inactive, she decided to annex them, along with Pinnacle, forming the Kingdom of Verda. Crowsroost and Pinnacle both grew at a steady pace, with many people joining them. However, raids began to get more organised and severe, as dangerous and heavily armed players believed to be hackers easily butchered the poorly armed and unskilled Verdans. Verda relied on foreign PvPers to fight off these attackers.

Raider Occupation of Crowsroost and Decline

On the 25th of July, three raiders named bananaAndRice, NEPTHIS_ZERO, and Sethrus attacked Crowsroost, pearling everybody who entered the city and imprisoning them in their vault, and covering the city with lava. Danielx9x and John3112 tried to fight them and break the vault, but were driven off, claiming that they were hacking, although many disagreed. Later, PvPers from Lexington arrived but left after communication errors prevented them from finding and breaking the vault. The Verdans remained imprisoned in the vault, with everyone else taking refuge in Pinnacle. After a few days, the raiders released everyone save for Magmus, who remained imprisoned. The bargainings and deceit of Neptun3 eventually got her freed, and the raiders vanished, but the damage had already had been done, with many players leaving for different towns or disappearing entirely. While Verda soon after annexed the former lands of Craiggrad, Polaris and Normandy, but Verda soon entered a steep decline. Magmus left to go on holiday for more than a week, and soon many major citizens left as the summer holidays drew to a close. Soon Magmus was the only active Verdan left, and was told that Verda would never become active again. She decided to move to a more active town, the city of Threepton in Provincia.

The Crowsroost Tower after being lava griefed by raiders.

The Axiomite Regency

Regency-era propaganda poster demonstrating the values of the Axiomite Regency.

Two players, Phantom_Hoxha and _Haecceity_ built a vast, cross-shaped road network over much of Verda's lands, planning to use this as part of their mega-city, the Free City of Axiom. When Magmus found out about this, she was not pleased, as she had planned to build her own city over this land. The Axiomites would not be convinced to demolish or even reduce these roads, although they would accept Verdan rule under Magmus. Dismayed that her plans for a new, grand Verdan capital had been ruined, she returned to Threepton, declaring _Haecceity_ to be the regent of Verda. Magmus was impressed, however, by the Axiomite's enthusiasm for the Verdan religion, and their construction of the town of Obschina outside of Crowsroost. The Axiomite Regency operated under the values of Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality, and Hoxha declared himself Patriarch of the Verdan religion. Eventually, though, even the Axiomites went inactive, with Hoxha quitting and giving his account away.

Return of the Queen

On November 12 2017, Magmus decided to end the regency, returning to Verda. Verda remained mostly inactive, with _Haecceity_ leaving to join Columbia, and most players remaining inactive. Things began to change, however, as 2018 began. Many old players that were once inactive, such as Knight_Jacob and Thalio returned, and Verda began to gain new players again. Magmus began work constructing a new royal castle for herself in Crowsroost, known as Castle Ashdun after the sacred tree that grows in the castle grounds, and Knight_Jacob and Thalio both began constructing grand gardens throughout Crowsroost. Rails to cities like Taozi and Wayrest were also made, connecting Verda with many nations across the world. On April 1st 2018, Verda annexed Firoxus Swamp in the Treaty of Heinlau. In the ruins of the Italian Federation, a player called Blackknife43 returned, founding a new city on the ruins of the old, and named it Elwen. Knight_Jacob and his former raider friend Queen_Kyle founded a new city on a former northern settlement, the canal city of Stormmire. On the 23rd of June, 2018, the kingdom celebrated it's first anniversary with an Irian delegation. Then some raids happened and Firoxus Swamp was lost.

Sovia-Verdan Oligarchy Era

On November 16th 2018, having fallen into severe inactivity, with Magmus having moved to Mount Augusta, the last few residents of Verda (Pirater and Blackknife43) decided to revive the once great nation, however the new monarch Oyyster was inactive - they decided to become an Oligarchy with three leaders. Sovia built a city relatively close to Heinlau, which was possibly the most active settlement currently in Verdan lands. Many of the current Verdans (including Blackknife) left for CivEx, leaving Pirater as the only active member.

The Nyasan-Channer War

Pirater and some channers attacked Palgrave, capital of the Commonwealth of Nyasaland, who retaliated with their allies in Mir and the UNC by destroying Sovia and annexing Verda.

After months of negotiations with Nyasaland, Magmus managed to regain most of Verda's old territory. Despite this, Verda continued to fade into inactivity and obscurity.

Cities and Settlements

Verda was home to many cities and settlements, most of which are now abandoned.

  • Crowsroost
  • Pinnacle
  • Obschina
  • Normandy, a formerly Irian town abandoned due to raiders.
  • Versailles, a village that was home to the Turtle Fuckers.
  • Old Polaris
  • Elwen, a newly-revived settlement led by Blackknife43
  • Craiggrad
  • Heinlau
  • Craigrock
  • Axiom
  • Stormmire, a canal-city led by Knight_Jacob and Queen_Kyle
  • Sovia City (near Heinlau)

Government and Politics

Verda was an absolute monarchy under the reigning monarch. While Verda has a constitution, the monarch had supreme power and could change any part of it as they felt.

The constitution provided for four governmental positions serving under the queen:

  • The Head Vassal: This vassal ruler will replace the monarch if they die or abdicate without an heir. This position has always been held by the ruler of Pinnacle, firstly Gingechris and later Mclovin1524.
  • The Head of Foreign Affairs: This official had the responsibility of organising diplomacy, trade, and warfare. It was held by Bulldog242, but after he quit this position remains vacant, with the Queen deciding to take diplomacy into her own hands.
  • The Head of Aesthetics and Housing: This official enforces building codes and delegates building plots. This position is held by Thalio.
  • The Head of Materials and Production: This official produces items and materials, and helps to repair factories. However, due to oversight nobody has ever been appointed to this position, and in practice the Head of Aesthetics and Housing fulfils this role instead.


The lands of Verda were quite large, and so encompassed multiple biomes. The capital of Crowsroost and the city of Stormmire are situated in the Greenmarsh swamp, while Pinnacle sits atop a mountain range. To the west of the Greenmarsh and Pinnacle, across the river Greenmarsh and the Greenlake is the vast region known as the Greenlands, home to Elwen as well as many ruined cities. This vast wooded field stretches onward west for the rest of Verda's claims. To the south, near the ruins of Normandy, there are many mountains, and at the southernmost part of Verda is a vast, mostly unexplored mesa. In the south-west, there is the Firoxus Swamp and a mesa plateau island.


Religion and Folklore

The Gods of Light and local nature deities

Main article: The Gods of Light

The Verdan state religion was worship of the Gods of Light, a highly syncretic pantheon of many gods. In the south-western most part of Verda, Firoxus Swamp, extra focus was placed on worship of Eretos, and the local figure known as St. Firox.

The Haunting of GoldPlatedZombie

The city of Crowsroost has been haunted by this apparition, said to be the spirit of a former resident of the city who failed to build a home up to code thus being thrown out, filled with sadness she drowned herself within the waters of Crowsroost. However, she usually silently wanders the city's streets, but she does sometimes speak and has been known to attack. There was an attempt to exorcise her, but she continues to be seen to this day.


Verda was one of the biggest bastions of Sovian Activity, with the majority of the active population as Sovians.

An image of GoldPlatedZombie outside the Old Crow Inn.


The Kingdom of Verda prided itself on its aesthetic standards, and as such Crowsroost and Pinnacle are both quite beautiful. Crowsroost's aesthetic was held to a somewhat-strict building code, with all houses being built of primarily wood and stone brick, with commercial buildings having much more relaxed requirements. This produced a very unified yet organic look, all the while being quite pleasant to the eye. Skilled builders such as Knight_Jacob have built immensely detailed structures such as the Old Crow Inn and Queen_Kyle's house.

A lovely view of Crowsroost from a room within the Old Crow Inn

With Pinnacle being headed up by master builder and St.Marcus member Mclovin1524, Pinnacle was really the, well, pinnacle of Verda. With snow-covered streets and immaculate behemoths of buildings, Pinnacle was one of the most impressive yet underrated settlements on the server. Structures like the Diamond Hoe Gentleman's club and the Lodge of St.Marcus sit atop the lumbering cliffs, and houses hang precariously from the sides to make use of the meager flat space on the summit.

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