Socialist Unity Coalition

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Socialist Unity Coalition (SUC)
FoundedFebruary 20, 2023 (2023-02-20)
DissolvedMarch 5, 2023 (2023-03-05)
Merger of Socialist Party of Danzilona (Bonapartist)
 The Workers' Party
Headquarters Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona
Militant wingDanzilonan Internal Liberation Front (DILF)
IdeologyState Socialism

Left-wing populism

Political positionFar left

The Socialist Unity Coalition (SUC) was an alliance of two political parties- the Socialist Party of Danzilona (Bonapartist) and The Workers' Party- found within the Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona on CivMC. The SUC was founded on February 20, 2023 for the purpose of establishing a junta over FWC Danzilona, which they carried out on March 5th in an action dubbed Operation Resurgo.[1] The SUC imposed many changes on Danzilona, including a new citizenship system, the creation of a new executive office, and the expulsion of the Danzilonan territory of New Swisston from the country, which would now be its own independent nation. The SUC was dissolved in the immediate aftermath of the coup after failing to generate sufficient public support for it.


On January 9, 2023, the republican system of governance of the Free Danzilonan Republic was officially abolished and replaced with a coalition of worker cooperatives that would govern executively.[2][3] This new system would come to be dubbed the Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona, which the FDR was officially renamed to on February 4, 2023.[4] Despite its support by a supermajority of the voting public, the cooperative system remained unpopular among leaders of the Church of Ranubis, who were capitalist in nature and likened the new system of government to forcing communism upon Danzilona. The Church's most active leader, Lone22wolf, refused to join any cooperatives and used his own private companies to compete against them, such as the newly formed Danzilonan Census Bureau.[5]

Danzilona attempted to officially change its name on January 21, 2023, but with a high turnout of both active and inactive citizens, the subreddit-held vote ended in a tie.[6] Lone challenged the legitimacy of the referendum outright, but had his arguments shot down by Danzilona's legal cooperative. On February 4th, the vote's runoff was instead held in-game, resulting in mostly active citizens participating and a 7-3 victory for the name change to FWC Danzilona.[7] In response to this, Lone began discussing independence for the Danzilonan territory of New Swisston, which he was a leader of.[8]

Fatigued by the Church's obstructionism, as well as the continued influence that inactive citizens had on the Danzilonan democratic process, leaders from the Socialist Party of Danzilona (Bonapartist) and The Workers' Party got together on February 20th to form the Socialist Unity Coalition. The SUC would carry out a coup, dubbed Operation Resurgo (after the Danzilonan motto "Post Fata Resurgo," meaning "After death, I rise), that would end the Church of Ranubis' special legal status, end the Danzilonan concept of "permanent citizenship", and otherwise "unilaterally update, correct, or abolish archaic laws and policies holding [FWC Danzilona] back from a brighter, more egalitarian future."[9] After it was reported that Danzilonan citizens were unable to access some farms in New Swisston, the SUC alleged that Lone had privately reinforced them in a leadup to a potential unilateral secession, leading the SUC to launch their operation on March 5, 2023.


With a combination of The Workers' Party's ideology of "anarcho-Stalinism" and the Socialist Party of Danzilona (Bonapartist)'s left-wing authoritarianism, the SUC could be broadly described as state socialist. The SUC was somewhat isolationist but still aimed to maintain cordial relations with Danzilona's immediate neighbours, such as Nara and Cortesia Del Mar.