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The Senate and People of Rome
Senātus Populusque Rōmānus (Latin)
Alliance Elysian Pact
Capital cityRoma
SettlementsRoma, Solis, Lugdunum, Septentria, Memphis
GovernmentTransitioning Republic
• Consul
• Consul
Foundation date2 of June, 2022
LanguageEnglish, Latin
ReligionRoman Pantheon
MottoNo friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.

The S.P.Q.R. (Senate and People of Rome) is a nation located in the South West of Impendia, in the midst of the +,- quadrant and surrounded by the ocean to the west, and the nations of Moloka an New Jersey to the south and England and Jorvik to the east and north. Centered around its capital city of Roma established on the first day of the server, but the group's history stretches back much further than that. The S.P.Q.R. is a Roman themed build and trading civ Roma, the capital.

The S.P.Q.R. as a civ can trace its roots back to a small factions server some eight years ago and formally established itself on Civcraft 1.0 in January of 2013 at the end of the HCF Invasion and remained throughout the end of 1.0, through the entirety of 2.0 and 3.0, and Civclassics and CivRealms before being continued onto CivMC.


SPQR, an abbreviation for Senātus Populusque Rōmānus (Classical Latin: [sɛˈnaːtʊs pɔpʊˈlʊskʷɛ roː'maːnʊs ]; English: "The Roman Senate and People"; or more freely "The Senate and People of Rome"), is an emblematic abbreviated phrase referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic. It appears on Roman currency, at the end of documents made public by an inscription in stone or metal, and in dedications of monuments and public works.

The full phrase appears in Roman political, legal, and historical literature, such as the speeches of Cicero and Ab Urbe Condita Libri ("Books from the Founding of the City") of Livy.



The city of Roma was founded on June 2, 2022 by four Patricians: Alberlb96, Jerven1, Mark_Antony, and NovaCeasar. The spot for settling was chosen by Princeps Mark_Antony as it was a good place to build a city and had good biomes to grow enought food like wheat and carrots; it was also chosen as it was close to Jorvik, a long lasting ally and friend of S.P.Q.R dating from back in Civcraft 2.0.

First Steps

The four founders initially lived underground, placing their personal belongings in a cave and setting up the firsts factories. The first task was to gather food for everyone and survey the land for a good spot to build the city of Rome, initially it was chosen what today constitutes Solis as the place, but it was later decided to move it to its actual location and dedicate that land for farming.

The first weeks were spent cementing the claims, Novaceasar and Jerven started the building of huge bot farms of wheat and carrots, dedicated to the production of XP, and smaller ones for food; they also built storages and warehouses where to keep all agricultural products. Alberlb96 found and constructed a small colony in the north called Germania, dedicated to the farming of taiga products like potatoes, beetroots and pumpkins. it was also at this time that the first temple in the city of Rome was constructed by Mark_Antony, and was used to safeguard the Sacred Spider by granted Ahri[1].
First Temple, used to safeguard the Sacred Spider

In early August, 2022 the design for the initial draft forum made by Alberlb96. The Forum would be formed by a huge central plaza surrounded by a Basilica to be used as market, the Senate House, and various other Temples, dedicated to the different roman deities. All of them would be constructed using quartz, an expensive material, as a show of the wealth generated by the roman people; to prevent the usage of this material for other things, a law was passed preventing the use of it in any building outside the Forum.

Building was started shortly after the approval of the design, by laying out the ground work, erecting the columns and setting up the Bassilica, where the furutre market will be located.

Roman Forum in early September, with the Basilica still under construction

On the international front, SPQR became one of the founding members of the Impendian Assembly, a forum for all the countries of Impendia to resolve their conflicts with diplomacy rather than with war and foster cooperation between them. As first decision, the Impendian Assembly voted on the name of their continent and made a joint claims post[2], another proposal passed by the assembly, though it was non binding, urged the nations of Impendia to not invite outsiders to conflicts withing the continent.

S.P.Q.R also forged military alliances with the nations of Cordoba and KOEL[3], in an effort to build an international third block in contraposition of the ones created by the powers of Estalia and Rhode Island. Ultimately this efforts failed first by the crisis in Cordoba[4], where Grumpywalnut snitched and raided their land and was later given sanctuary by Rhode Island, bullying Cordoba into semiactivity and making. The twice insding of KOEL[5] and subsequent raidings by Rhodesia that forced their leader ErrorL and most of the active player base to leave.

Propaganda by Zer0TheNumber urging every citizen to work digging for the Praetorium

After the failed attempt to build a block of nations separate from the two big powers of the world, and the ever growing menace of Rhode Island, S.P.Q.R along with the nations of Pavia and Jorvik sought to form an alliance with Estalia, and thus founding the Elysian Pact on the 15th of July[6]. Immediatelly after the signing, the romans started building defensive infrastructure like ice roads, and a vault called "Preatorium".

With the work of most citizens digging and the help of Jorvik, the whole for the Praetorium was dug in barely two weeks and work on the ground and sky bunker along with the rings was started.

Rhodesian War

When the war first started the 24th of July, Estalia did not invoke the mutual defense article of the alliance so they wouldn't drag any of the other three nations from the Elysian Pact to the war and mark them as target for bombing and raiding by Rhode Island.

Initially S.P.Q.R was kept out of the war, thanks to being far away from the fighting and not sending anyone to battle. After GThomas made a coup and took over Rhode Island[7], and a failed attempt to skybridge their vault by Estalia and S.P.Q.R being accused to have participated in it without any basis or proof whatsoever[8], the war still not hit the roman nation, as the current leader of Rhode Island wanted to de-escalate the conflict and reach a peace agreement.

Despite the words of GThomas, Rhode Island scouted and attempted to attack the Praetorium, which still was under construction, on the 15th of July. The attack was successfully repelled thanks to the allied forces of Estalia and Titan, with one casualty and pearl on the side of Rhode Island, DiorSuite. Zer0TheNumber was appointed as foreign representative and started talks with GThomas to prevent any more fighting spilling into roman lands.

Peace negotiations were to not to last long, as GThomas met his end as leader of Rhode Island and replace with DaniRague, that threw diplomacy out the window and declared war on all the Elysian Pact and Titan[9], draging S.P.Q.R into the war in the 17th of August. Mark_Antony was appointed dictator until the war was over and named alberlb96 his Magister Equitum to serve as his right hand and have all his powers when he wasn't present; the call to arms by Pavia[10] was also answered with a unanimous vote by the roman people.

On the night of the 21st of August, a group of Rhode Islanders stealth broke with a tnt cannon one of the unfinished snitches of the curtain, and skybridged the Preatorium. When romans and allied forces took notice of this it was already too late, and Rhode island had broken several bastions and bombed both the ground and skybunker; luckily no pearled or loot was lost on the attack.

The losing of the Praetorium made the roman leadership send non combatants to flee to other nations for the duration of the war, for S.P.Q.R was no longer save having lost it's defense infrastructure.

Patrician Novaceasar was pearled the 28th of August[11] while she was working on the Danzilona nether by TwigBranch, and her pearl was transported to the Rhode Island nether bunker.

The war continued for another month with only minor fighting until the powers at be banished most of the antagonists in Rhode Island, effectively ending the war on September 17th. Fighting continued in Blockchainistan for several more days and Romans were involved in coalition operations on the 19th, which continued until most of the area was annexed by Titan, soon to be Gang Shi. The S.P.Q.R. officially declared a cessation of hostilities on the 22nd of November marking the end of its official involvement in the so called Generic War and the beginning of a transitionary period.

Transitionary Period

Following the Generic War, Mark_Antony's last act as dictator with war time powers was to elevate Alberlb96 to the rank of co-Princeps and to rename the position to Consul to begin the process of restoring the republic as the civ transitioned back into a peace-time economy focused on farming and building. One of the first peacetime acts was to annex Avalon to the far north, an area controlled by defeated enemy Gbs during the war that conflicted with Memphis; Avalon was formally dissolved and incorporated into Memphis with GhostBuster3016 as prefect of the area he had helped found as a secluded safe spot for non combatants during the war.


Mountains and rivers

Climate and biomes

Fauna and flora


All Roman citizens participate directly in the Assembly to propose and debate motions and vote them into law. The Princeps remains as the reigning autocrat to direct the Assembly and represent the Roman People until such a time their powers are planned to be transitioned to elected magistrates.


Princeps civitatis

The office of Princeps or "First citizen" was the highest one in S.P.Q.R and hold all the power. It existed since the start of the server on the 2nd of June until it was dissolved the 5th of October

Portrait Name Reign Reign highlights
Mark Antony.png Mark_Antony 2nd of June 2022 - 5th of October 2022

(4 months and 3 days)

  • First Princeps
  • Reigned over the first steps of the creation of the country
  • Led the nation through the Rhodesian war
  • Transformed the office of Princeps into the one of Consul to transition into a republican system
Alberlb96.png Alberlb96 5th of October

(1 day as Co-Princeps)

  • Named Co-Princeps of Mark_Antony for 1 day
  • Transformed the office of Princeps into the one of Consul to transition into a republican system

Provinces of the S.P.Q.R




Foreign relations and agreements


15th of July; Elysian Pact Treaty


Month Citizens (Active)
June 2022 8 8
August 2022 13 13
September 2022 18 14
October 2022 21 17