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New Federal Republic of Pripyat
Flag of The New Republic of Pripyat
DemonymPripyatin, Pripyatski, Communist
Capital cityPripyat
GovernmentSocialist Republic
Preceded byLenin Isle Independent Pripyat The Republic of Provincia
Succeeded byCCCP
LanguageEnglish, Mutant

Founded relatively early in the history of Civclassics 2.0 the city of Pripyat would go on to form a successful and powerful socialist republic which for a time dominated the shallow ++ before the EVENT. On October 9th, 2019 the New Federal Republic of Pripyat merged with the People's Federal Republic of Maltovia to form the Communist Cities Caretaker Protectorate.

Little is recorded about the history of the city, its inhabitants, or the society they created following the devastation wrought by the EVENT. What is recorded below is primarily sourced from archaeological, necrological, and scientific analysis of what the Pripyatski left behind, as well as interviews conducted with the survivors of the EVENT.

The New Federal Republic of Pripyat

Pripyat's Republic in their Own Words

Pripyat is a controlled-democracy.

To put it simply, there are three branches of government (Executive, Judicial, Legislative), of which the National Assembly and Judiciary are elected. The Executive Planning Committee is staffed by members of the FAGSCOM (Fully Automated Gay Space Communist) Party, which subsequently is not able to field candidates in elections. A candidate must be endorsed by a party in order to run for office. Both citizens and non-citizen residents are able to vote, however only citizens are allowed to run for office or found parties.[1]

To put it even more simply, we stole Cuba's constitution and made some adaptations to suit our needs.

- IAmASimpleBastard - Chairman of the FAGSCOM Party.

Pripyat's History as Known Today

Beginning as a resource extraction base for the city of Lenin Isle, the settlement that would become Pripyat began in late 2017. Becoming a fully devoloped and independent entity in 2018 following the influx of settlers from other servers and especially the now ancient city of Sidon.

Pripyat quickly became a highly developed civilization with extensive infrastructural projects which still to this day are vital in the region. The FAGSCOM Party would assist in the development of a flowering of socialist republics in the ++ region and would take a leading role in the short lived South East Socialist Union.

During the rise and fall of the Vitellian Kingdom the NFRP would take a stand of principled neutrality. During the course of the conflict the Republic would expand, incorporating the formerly independent republics of Leninya and Provincia, as well as developing advancements in nuclear, brewing, and botting technologies.

These achievements would lead to the crowning glory of both Pripyat and all Plus Plus socialists when FAGSCOM Party launched the first space station on Civclassics, winning a scientific victory unmatched before or since. This prodigious achievement must have incurred the wrath of the gods, for it was not long after that the EVENT would occur.

Early Pripyat (OLD Republic of Pripyat)

The NEW Federal Republic of Pripyat


Not much is known about why or how it occurred but at some point in 2019 a critical malfunction in the containment shield surrounding reactor 4 of the Peoples Power Station led to its catastrophic failure. Known as the EVENT, this disaster would be the death of the Republic. While the rest of the map would be consumed by the Infinity War the shallow Plus Plus instead was forced to deal with the permanent consequences of the folly of Pripyat's scientists.

The population of the region has never truly recovered, with those who did not become hideous abominations fleeing to Provincia Isle or across the map to the CSA. The last act of the FAGSCOM party was to unite with the People's Republic of Maltovia and form the Communist Cities Caretaker Protectorate.

The City of Pripyat and the Pripyatski

City of Pripyat and its Sites of Interest

People's Power Station

International Socialism Space Station

Birdwingz Auto-Felatio Memorial Drive

Pripyat Wendy's

Notable Pripyatski and Residents of Pripyat

Romec - Builder extraordinaire

SimpleBastard - Chairman of the FAGSCOM Party

Fishywa - Step Family enthusiast

Oinksterina - Prominent Politician of the FAGSCOM Party