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Neukaltsburg, Vassallenstaat von Icenien
Neukaltsburg, Vassal State of Icenia
Flag of Neukaltsburg
Banner of Neukaltsburg
Location-5659, -1370
Capital cityKaltstadt
GovernmentVassal State, Constitutional Autocracy
Governing documentProvisional Constitution & Code of Laws of Neukaltsburg
• Vassallin (Vassal)
Foundation dateMarch 4th, 2021
Foundation documentRedditPost
Preceded by Old Kaltsburg
Succeeded by Kaltsburg
LanguageEnglish & German
Motto"Dekret der Vassallin sei beiderlei Ordnung und Unsinn"
DiscordSubchannel in Icenia

Neukaltsburg (nɔɪ̯ːkalt͡s:bʊʁk), was a dependent vassal state of the Republic of Icenia in the Northwestern continent. It was located on the small unincorporated peninsula west of Verona of Varkonia at approximately -5600, -1300 which included the towns of former Kaltstadt & Hafenstadt, as well as the small mushroom island to the immediate southwest, at approximately -5900, -1000. Neukaltsburg had a very low active population, partly due to the fact that it was undergoing renovations and is was suitable for residency for a majority of its existence. The territory of Kaltsburg was reclaimed by Deyan in June of 2021.


Founder and Establishment

Founder BeanQuee joined CivClassic on February 27th, 2021 and was warmly received by Icenia. After a Newfriend tour given by President ChrisChrispie, she established residency in Icenia City, built a small homestead on a private island, and made a great and troubling journey in the West to Kaliningrad before visiting the abandoned settlement of Kaltsburg on the way back to Icenia. Germany and the German language hold a dear place in BeanQuee's heart and for that reason, she was inspired to revive this quaint, yet lifeless, nation as a personal project. On March 4th, she took the initiative to contact the former King Deyan and made an inquiry to his thoughts on transferring ownership. He quickly responded that would be "very fine" and indicated that the many empty buildings would make for a great start[1].


According to the founding document, Vassallin BeanQuee's intention is to "modernize and renovate, while honoring the cultural background of this nation." Existing buildings will be preserved as designated historical sites and previous residents, should they accept Neukaltsburg authority, are invited to return and keep their builds. Plans for the region include a mining outpost with a quarry and various farms.

Change in Leadership

Neukaltsburg was incorporated into Icenia March 17th, 2021[2]. Only a week later, there was an exchange[3] on the Icenian Discord BeanQuee found misogynistic and inappropriate; having voiced that opinion and been met with a lack of support, she renounced her citizenship and resigned her post as Vassallin, and left to play in Mount September. Neukaltsburg had no leadership while it remained a territory of Icenia. With Icenia's permission[4], Deyan reclaimed the territory of Kaltsburg as well as extra territory more to the north of it in June of 2021, forming modern day Kaltsburg and ending Neukaltsburg.[5]