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The Kingdom of Tropica
The Flag of Tropica
Location+,- and -,-
Activity level4 (maximum population reached in December 2014)
GovernmentFirst Kingdom (September-November 2014)

Socialist Republic (November-December 2014)

Second Kingdom (February-March 2015)
• Queen of Tropica
• Lord of Tropica
Foundation dateJanuary 27, 2014
Dissolution: March 25, 2015

Tropica (formally "The Kingdom of Tropica") was an island nation located in the deep +,- and -,- of Civcraft 2.0. As a small country, Tropica was mostly known for its isolation, jungle-themed architecture, and ties to regional alliances.


Author's Note

Many events are not cited due to them being either simply undocumented or documented on private subreddits, such as r/Tropica or r/CivAvalon. Hopefully you can trust the eternal Queen of Tropica to accurately recount events she experienced first-hand.

Early Tropica

Tropica was founded on January 27, 2014 by Des23 and her two friends. The three were newfriends who joined Civcraft just a few days earlier with the aim to establish their own nation for their own personal reasons. After a bit of searching, Des found the island of Rosia, which became the main island of the nation that housed the government and most of the residents.

The first map of Tropica
The first map of Tropica, compiled by Des during the first week of its existence using in-game maps before she had installed JourneyMap.

Confused by RealisticBiomes and thus unable to grow their own food, the Tropicans spent the first few days of their existence plundering nearby abandoned cities, such as Solis, for food. In their free time, they worked on small builds and decided not to establish a formal government.

On February 24th, Tropica expanded after they annexed a large plains island west of Rosia. This island allowed them to grow wheat and potatoes, crops they were unable to grow before in their jungle home. The island would remain officially unnamed until August 2014 when Des named it after one of the co-founders of Tropica who went inactive.

On March 15th, Tropica was discovered by Shamrock_Jones, revealing it to the greater Civcraft world.[1]Shamrock, along with Dukestonezy, Superbuilder229, and the neighboring theocracy of Lux Dei, had recently founded the Kingdom of Avalon, which, as it was discovered, bordered Tropica.[2] Looking to create a stronger regional alliance and to gain access to Tropican lands, Shamrock invited Tropica to join Avalon. After a lengthy discussion with Des, Tropica joined the Kingdom of Avalon on March 18th.

Soon after, inactivity swept both Tropica and Avalon. Two of Tropica's co-founders lost interest in Civcraft and went inactive, leaving Des as the only resident. Avalon also lost citizens to inactivity, meeting only once and cancelling a second meeting due to there not being enough to talk about.

The map of Avalon
A map of the Kingdom of Avalon after Tropica joined, created by one of the Avalonians sometime in late March 2014.

Feeling as though she would stay a newfriend and not get the full Civcraft experience until she joined an already-established city, Des announced her intention to abandon Tropica on April 20th. After a week of preparing and being sent off by the remaining citizens of Avalon, Des left Tropica on April 27, 2014. With no more remaining citizens, Tropica was now officially dead.

Revival and the First Kingdom of Tropica

On August 7, 2014, Des, now a citizen and incumbent City Manager of New Danzilona returned to Tropica as part of her world tour with JPEGz. Wanting to clean up grief and spruce up some buildings, Des decided to stay in Tropica while JPEGz left to fight griefers. Overcome with nostalgia, Des planned to revive Tropica and live there as a dual citizen with NDZ. This time, Des decided that Tropica needed a government, and wrote up the constitution for the Kingdom of Tropica, which proclaimed her as eternal Queen of Tropica.

On September 14th, in an effort to keep NDZ from falling apart in the wake of the Riverford War, Des decided to abandon NDZ and live solely in Tropica. With her came White_n_Pasty, who had big dreams of getting rich off of selling XP produced in farms in the jungle of Tropica. Des named Pasty Lord of Tropica, who essentially governed the land.

The next few months of Tropican history were marked by the construction of large XP farms as the Tropicans worked to make Pasty's dreams come true. In October, Danzilonans Lowtuff and vldmort became citizens of Tropica.

Griefer Attacks and the Socialist Republic of Tropica

On November 7th, Tropica was hit by a massive griefer attack. The griefers looted and destroyed Des's home and burned down much of Tropica's jungle. Extremely disheartened by the loss of a huge amount of resources, Des took a break for a week. During this week, she decided that the government of Tropica needed to be reformed in order to allow for more economic cooperation and resource sharing between the Tropicans. On November 15th, the Kingdom of Tropica was dissolved and replaced by the Socialist Republic of Tropica. The structure of the government remained mostly the same, but gave full control of the economy to the government and gave Des a new title: the Premier.

On December 13th, Tropica became public, opening itself up to visitors and new citizens.[3] Having peaked the interest of the Eastern Bloc for having a socialistic government, Hjaltland government officials were some of the first new visitors.

However, Tropica failed to attract any new citizens. Soon after going public, Des yet again became the only active citizen in Tropica. On December 23rd, Des suspended the constitution and effectively made all of Tropica her personal property. For the next few months, Tropica remained dormant, as Des primarily resided in Mt. Augusta and only came to Tropica to clean up grief or to collect clay.

The Rise and Fall of the Second Kingdom of Tropica

In February 2015, Pasty returned to Civcraft, and with him returned his dreams of making money from XP. As Des no longer had an alt, she decided to make Tropica her primary residence while maintaining a dual citizenship with Mt Augusta. To accompany Tropica's revival, Des reinstituted the constitution of the Kingdom of Tropica that ruled Tropica before it was a Socialist Republic. With this, Tropica resumed creating XP farms, along with making money from selling clay and cocoa.

On March 6th, the Great Northern Alliance, an economic and military alliance between various states in the deep -,-, was created, and Tropica was a founding member.[4] Trade between Tropica and its neighbors increased as foreign shops were built in Rosia.

In the coming weeks, Pasty would become inactive, leaving Des as, yet again, the only active citizen of Tropica. As Des was unable to attend its meetings, the relationship between the GNA and Tropica became stale.

After spending time in NDZ, Des decided to abandon Tropica for the last time and make NDZ her only permanent residence. On March 25th, the constitution was suspended, never to be reinstated again. On July 25th, Tropica was given to Senntisten, ending Des's personal rule over the territory.[5]