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DemonymParty Animals
Activity levelMedium (as of 10/13/21)
AllianceNDI, Tomfoolery Pact
Foundation dateAugust 23, 2021
Preceded byCarpathia, Provincia
National anthemParty Rock Anthem (by LMFAO)
MascotLe Troll

Partyland (formerly Party Island) is an nation with a heavy emphasis on shitposting and memes. LIQUID STEREO founded Partyland for the sole reason of, "because he felt like it." It's well-known for certain events, like it's occupation of the former Carpathian city, Traugersbridge, which was subsequently renamed Cringebridge. It's also well-known for the The Schizophrenia War.

Partyland-Binchyland War

On September 8th of 2021, LIQUID STEREO declared war on the established nation of Binchyland (run by his frenemy and dad, Binchymonkey) for quite literally no reason. No fighting ever took place beyond the minor amount of trolling. The most significant thing to happen was when LIQUID STEREO showed up at a remote part of Binchyland and proceeded to draw diamond reinforced dirt penis statues there (a signature attack of Partyland, dubbed "Partybombing"). The war finally concluded 3 days after it started when it was announced that Binchyland had been removed from the map. Partyland and a few other nations considered this war legitimate, with all unanimously agreeing that Partyland won, until October 4th, when Binchy challenged Liquid to a duel in at Party Island to decide who truly won the war. Liquid accepted and proceeded to get absolutely wrecked by Binchy. After the encounter, Liquid declared Binchyland the ultimate winner of the war.

The Creation of NDI

On September 28th, LIQUIDSTEREO announced on the Partyland discord of the creation of SUS (Section of Unified States). This alliance was made with the intention of memes and just for the sake of trolling, however after inviting a number of people, he realized it could become a newfriend friendly alliance. Afterwards the alliance became a military and economic pact between a selected bunch of newfriend-led nations, with the intention of helping them grow and develop together. The alliance was officialized on September 30th.

On October 11th, SUS officially changed it's name to NDI (Newfriend Development Initiative).

Dissolution of Partyland

On November 17th, LIQUID STEREO announced he was leaving CivClassics to play on a different Civ server, and thus was dissolving Partyland before leaving. However, he has hinted that Partyland as an concept will return again someday, whether in the form of a return to CivClassics or an new server.

Other Events

In early October 2021, the original territory for Hell's Kitchen was sold to Asahigoaka for 5 diamonds. The territory was then moved to a different Hell Island further East.

In late October 2021, Party Island, Partyland's original territory, was turned into a joint controlled region for all members of NDI and now serves as a Hub for trade and transportation amongst the nations in the alliance.

On November 9th, LIQUID STEREO's girlfriend, LivingFungi, tragically killed herself in real life, to the devastation of Liquid. In response, he announced an hiatus from Civ and put his trusted friend Gruebleen in charge for the time being.

Partyland Etymology

Many terms and names used in Partyland are either references to pop culture or simply shitposts. Heres the full list:

• Hell's Kitchen, a hell island territory, is named after the british cooking show, Hell's Kitchen[1].

• Cringebridge, the capital city, is an revamped version of the city's old name under Carpathia, Traugersbridge.

• GrasshopperlanD, a territory near Mir, is an reference to the short youtube animation of the same name made by Hotdiggedydemon.