Brotherhood of Steel

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The Brotherhood of Steel, was a nation in the +,+ that was founded by YourAverageRick at some point in 2019. It was located where Freedonia was.


The Brotherhood of Steel
The symbol of the Brotherhood of Steel
Location6700, 400
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityFreedonia (Current Varen City)
SettlementsBuena Vista, near 6611 3873 (New Moon) Is believed to no longer exist in any form.
TerritoriesWest of Caledonia's heartland
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• High Elder
Foundation dateUnknown, likely late 2018 or early 2019?
Preceded byFreedonia, Tierran Freedonia
Succeeded byVuoto/Plagadonia

After the Gantoe Incident,[1] YourAverageRick left, as he had no nation left to call home, and became the server pariah. Joshua_Graham left a month or two before he did. When YourAverageRick came back next year[2], he decided to repent for the many atrocities that he committed in the name of TdC's communist regime as their High Inquisitor. And so, the Brotherhood was born.

As of late[3], the Brotherhood has been making strides to become more economically sound. Rick recently started a chain of bookstores known as Barnaky and Noble. A Freedonia store is in progress with plans to expand to Appomattox, Constantinople, Mount Augusta, and Gabon. They are also able to sell certain ingredients for XP.

Hyperion Corporation

On May 14th, 2019 the Hyperion Corporation formally gave its land to the Brotherhood of Steel.[4]

Time under Caledonia

As of June 10th, 2019, the Brotherhood of Steel was an autonomous region of the Republic of Caledonia.

On September 15th of 2019, Caledonia unclaimed the old land so that newfriends could colonize it.[5]


The Brotherhood of Steel was located in the +,+ quadrant at 6700 400. It was connected by rail to Mir, Pripyat, Aznazia, Carpathia, and Caledonia. It bordered Pripyat, Aznazia, Carpathia, and Caledonia.

District 1 was named Old Town, and has all the old Freedonian buildings, and the Brotherhood's stadium, the Trog Pit formerly known as The Comrade Dome, District 2 was the Eastern Campus, which houses all of the Order of Saint Marcus' buildings.

The Brotherhood recently annexed the Hyperion Corporation, a former corporate state (similar to Corvus) owned by Vend3tta__. It is now called "Buena Vista" because the view is killer.[6]

Notable Landmarks

The Trog Pit, formerly the Comrade Dome - Originally a spleef arena, was later turned into a fighting ring for prisoners.

Freedonia Mall - A mall in the second floor of Freedonia's rail station.

The Wall of Brians - Fossil Head display.

Order of St. Marcus Guildhall - Guildhall in the southeast side of town.

Brotherhood Settlements

Freedonia - The capital, originally an anarcho-communist commune. YourAverageRick left the name Freedonia out of respect for Joshua_Graham. It is currently named Varen City by Plagadonia.

Buena Vista - Small settlement west of Asiro, (Modern day Monterrey) once known as Hyperion Corporation.[7]

Unamed Nether Biome - The Brotherhood's nether biome, originally claimed by Freedonia. It was never named.[8]


YourAverageRick was the sole leader of the Brotherhood.

Citizenship in the Brotherhood was quite hard to achieve compared to other nations. One must have actively contributed to public works projects around the nation, must have had a residence, and must have had no criminal record in Brotherhood territory. Even then, citizenship was not guaranteed; after submitting an application, members of the Brotherhood voted on whether or not you would make a good addition to their ranks. After that, you were given time to select one of three tracks (Knight-Paladin track, Scribe track, or Inquisitor track) at which point you began actively serving in the Brotherhood. Citizens were required to contribute to at least one public works project every three months, lest their citizenship be revoked. Members of the Order of Saint Marcus were exempt from this because they were always building stuff for the benefit of others.

The Brotherhood was divided into three branches; the knights/paladins, the nation's military, the scribes, their architects, engineers, librarians, and the inquisitors, who handle the justice system.

Notable members:

YourAverageRick - Formerly from Tierra de Conciencia. He was the leader of the Brotherhood of Steel

Hockey328 - 2.0 Oldfriend, elder, governor of Buena Vista. Currently in Caledonia.

Renrits1 - He ran the LSIF commune in Mt Augusta and was their de facto ambassador to the nation. Quit civ due to being pearled by Mir[9] for an unknown reason[10].

Foreign Relations


Due to Kaltsburg’s friendliness with their ally, Tierra de Conciencia, and since both nations were largely build oriented, the Brotherhood and Kaltsburg quickly became close friends.

Tierra de Conciencia

After hearing that njordomir was working on reviving Tierra de Conciencia, the two were swift to ally.


While relations between the Brotherhood and Icenia were initially good, after YourAverageRick came to the defense of The Hobbyist amidst the CP drama,[11] and the ClintHorris666 incident where ChrisChrispie attempted to spy on the Brotherhood, the two became bitter enemies. This hatred increased due to Icenians having constantly made fun of YourAverageRick behind his back and shitslinging in the Brotherhood’s discord.


After having contacted YourAverageRick on the first day of the Brotherhood’s existence, Brennau and the Brotherhood soon became allies. The two were major trade partners for one another.

New Sovia

YourAverageRick and Pirater put aside their past differences when New Sovia was formed and the two nations quickly became friends.


Caledonia and the Brotherhood had been working closely since their inception, with the first major project started by the Brotherhood being a rail line to Aberdeen.