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Tambovian Federation
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MottoIf it's messed up. It's probably Tambov
Capital CityTambov City
Government TypeChaotic Dictatorship
Founding/Refounding9 April 2015/4 April 2018
Political IdeologyTambovian Social Utilitarianism
CurrencyDiamond Standard
Website[To Be Added]

Tambov is a small nation located in the southwest corner, just north of Airhaven, and across the Northern sea from Yoahtl. Tambov is a small, politically corrupt, chaotic nation with noticably bad architecture and a failure to conduct smart diplomacy.


Civcraft 2.0: Tambov

Tambov was founded in early March 2015. A group of lonely settlers, TwistTheCat, Cantrell1, doncantrell, and Destroyer7430 set off for the edge of the map, hoping for a land they could settle in peace. They found their perfect home, a large empty wasteland South of Aeon and North of Chanos. Buildings were laid and walls constructed around the city. The constructions were a crude and primitive design, unreinforced and made of the cheapest materials. These settlers learned the ways of this world and built a life for themselves in the waste. Life was hard, fires were common, and food was scarce.

Led by TwistTheCat, a government formed that organized the nation. Nearby settlements were invited in as towns, and the nation of Tambov became the Tambovian Federation. The city would dominate the area, as absolutely no one came to see the amazing people of the western wastelands.

Shortly after, Destroyer7430 was found to have raided and stolen from numerous Aeon outposts. He was pearled by Tambovian military police and handed off to Aeon authorities. After his release, he was permanently banned from the nation of Tambov, and has not logged into Minecraft since.

The city came to national attention following a major griefing by etDeathSword. The city was destroyed, and about 600 diamonds were xray'd from under the leader's home. The massive amount of posts by immature citizens in its wake would lead the city to its nickname, "Spambov."

The last major important event in Tambovian history was The Turkey War. In mid-November 2015, Cantrell1 publicly insulted the architecture of the city of Nipplerock. In a response, Gantoe of Nipplerock entered the city during off hours on Thanksgiving Night and proceeded to use TNT to destroy many un-reinforced structures. Other Nipplerock soldiers destroyed the bastions protecting the skybase, and it was broken into. Cantrell1 logged into the midst of the combat and was pearled. While fleeing the city, TwistTheCat was pearled as welll. At this point, Nipplerock issued a public Declaration of War and TwistTheCat released a plea for international aid shortly after. Xavter and soldiers of Aeon came to the aid of the people of Tambov. TwistTheCat's pearl was left in a chest, and Cantrell1 (the causer of the conflict) was held as the hostiles tried to escape. The pearl coordinate updates would come in handy, allowing Xavter to catch and pearl Gantoe.

In memory of the poor wood/cobble buildings and minemen lives lost, the people of Tambov memorialize The Turkey War every Thanksgiving.

The end of Tambov would come with the death of the server. Civcraft 3.0 began, and the Tambovians went their separate ways.

Devoted: Novus Tambovium

Following the death of Civcraft 2.0 and a brief period of inactivity. The crew from Tambov rejoined on the 3rd Iteration of Devoted. Moving to the very far southeast corner, the group constructed a significantly sized city, notable for its massive trench to bedrock. The city spent a period as a vassal of various Persian states, before regaining its independence as New Tambov, or Novus Tambovium.

During the major conflict between the world powers, the city was extensively griefed and became in a state of disrepair. It would remain in such as state until the death of the server.

Realms: Vega

The Tambov crew briefly joined together on TheRealmsMC to make the nation of Vega. It was run by Cantrell1 and Doncantrell. The nation was a major mediator in several international conflicts, and was known for its wise advice and stabilizing hand on the area.

Early CivClassic: Oxford

At the beginning of CivClassic, the Tambovians briefly came and attempted to build a city in the Southeast. Due to college beginning for the Cantrell's and a busy schedule for Twist, it died after a few weeks of inactivity.

Refounding: Tambov

On August 4th, 2018, TwistTheCat was sailing about from his home in Yoahtl and stumbled upon a lush flat island to the south. Scouting the area, he found it uninhabited and in good condition to house a city. With a spark of old light, he took out a cellphone and messaged the Tambov crew, "Eyy boys, New New Tambov?"

After a brief discussion, the dream was revived. Plans were laid for a new settlement on the island, a glorious new city to restore the old glory. The temporary name of New New Tambov was scrapped for a return to the old name of Tambov. This would be the beginning of a new era for the Tambovian Federation, a grand rebirth.

The future is yet to be written!


What the land is like

Biome and Climate

Tambov consists of one large island. Half is home to a temperate forest with tall roof like trees and many bushes. The other half is a range of tall mountains that tower over the surrounding area. The weather is warm and humid. Oceans surround the island, separating it from the rest of the world.

Politics and Government

Tambov is ruled by The Chancellor, an unelected dictator who controls the entire nation. However, Tambovians are idiots who never listen to the Chancellor and do whatever they want. The Chancellor really only controls foreign policy and interaction with other nations. Things rarely get done efficiently, but they get done.

The position of Chancellor is handed down to a person of the old Chancellor's choosing upon their resignation.

Cantrell1 is the Defense Secretary.