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Crowned Republic of Volterra
Flag of Volterra
Flag of Volterra
AllianceElysian Pact
Capital cityVolterra Prime
SettlementsVolterra Prime, Shockton, Jorvik
GovernmentCrowned Republic
Governing documentThe Volterran Constituion
• Arbiter
• Lord Paramount
• Senate



Preceded byJorvik
ReligionFeet Pics / The Cult of Zaros
Motto"No Questions Asked"/"Sucks to Suck"

Volterra is a nation on CivMC built by the migrants from Jorvik after the Rhode Island war.

The nation is a successor to the Volterra of previous iterations: historic Volterra




Volterra's predecessor state, Jorvik, was settled at start of the world around June 2, 2022. The city of Jorvik remains the oldest settlement within greater Volterra.

Generic War

As a member of the Elysian Pact, many Volterrans were involved with the coalition against Rhode Island in the Generic War.

Jungle Migration and the era of the Bone Regime

After a time in hiatus and recovery from the aftermath of the Generic War, On November 11, 2022 the return of Volterra was announced officially and the southern migration began.

Volterran Involvement in the Four Hour War

Upon the violation of Pavian sovereignty by Arnen, Volterra immediately voiced support for Pavia. During the resulting meetings within the Elysian Pact (EP), Volterran leadership stated that Arnen had become dangerously brazen and that an adequate response was necessary to demonstrate the importance of respecting the sovereignty of EP members. It was generally agreed that allowing this violation of Pavian sovereignty to go unanswered would signal weakness on the alliances behalf. The general mood within the alliance was initially relatively lenient, with the general consensus being that an apology and reps being paid would be a sufficient consequence. However, the attitude of Arnen's leadership demonstrating a lack of a desire to negotiate. The attitude of Arnen's leadership resulted in a server-wide attitude of weariness towards to continued antics of Arnen and its leaders.

Once global condemnation of Arnen's action was clear, it was generally agreed within the EP that the present political and military context allowed for a more drastic response. Even Arnen's closest allies had signaled to the EP that they would not interfere in any action taken against Arnen, some even lent support to the idea of eliminating Arnen's military capabilities. In the late hours of December 20 EU time, the decision was made that the EP and numerous other states would take military action against Arnen. Volterran forces comprised of ItzHoover and _Highboy_ massed in Pavia before joining allied forces in the trip towards Arnen. Volterran forces demonstrated bravery and skill during the attack on Arnen's vault. ItzHoover and _Highboy_ were some of the first allied fighters to breach the ground vault and played a role in the pearling of dredd_kiji. Less than 14 hours after Docker claimed that "Pavia won't do shit", the Arnen vault was entirely disabled and Arnen leadership was in Pavian custody. Overall, Voltera played a vital role in the operation and Volterran forces' involvement signified Volterra's continued support to their allies within the Elysian Pact and the nations dedication to peace and good order across the server.

Purple War

Volterra was a party in the Purple War as a member of the Elysian Pact.

Cookie Mania

The Inhabitants of Shockton woke up the morning of January 8th to find the Red Duke in a state of insanity. Having spent days pleading for stone with which to build Volterra, the Red Duke decreed Bone Block to be the answer to their prayers. Desiring a city of bone, Beyond the insanity of the proposal itself, the near starving population of Shockton rose up in protest based on the absurdity of the concept. Rebuffing the rebels, the Red Duke appealed to his allies in Pavia for bonemeal or compost materials, where there were none in the quantities to meet his demands, before appealing more broadly.

Approaching the Romans, the Lord Regent appealed to his allies to turn their entire wheat production to the purpose of supplying bonemeal for Volterra. Taking the proposal as a joke, the Romans offered to supply limited quantities of bonemeal on a regular basis to help the efforts, but stopped short of committing to full mobilization, instead proposing alternative materials to meet demand. Disgusted by the prospect of compromising on materials, the Red Duke took the deal and returned back to Volterra.

Dejected, the Red Duke redoubled his thoughts to achieve his goals, ultimately settling on a planned bake-off of industrial proportions to make six thousand stacks of cookies to be immediately composted into bonemeal. The populace, already reliant on food imports just to meet demands, were understandably scandalized by the proposition and abhorred at the prospect of an impending famine, the workers struck, bringing construction to a halt.

As months past, bone imports have managed to satisfy demand without upending the Volterran food supply, but the Red Duke remains fixated on the idea of cookies.

Potato Aid Scandal

Upon settling in the new Jungle biome, the Volterrans quickly realized that no food sources grow naturally in the jungle. As a result, Volterra was entirely dependent on importing food. While some food was imported from the farms of Jorvik, foreign imports became necessary to maintain the hungry population of labourers. The largest provider of food aid by far was S.P.Q.R as Mark_Antony consistently shipped large volumes of baked potatoes to the new settlements in the Volterran jungle. The distribution of this aid was largely un-organized and as a result, large amounts of potatoes would go missing. A potential reason for this lost aid was discovered in early February, 2023 when Mark_Antony was made aware of communication between Highboy, an entrepreneur in Shockton, and the leaders of the newfriend nation, Warmia. The enterprising business person was found to have been selling large quantities of potatoes to the Warmians as they had the same troubles producing food as did Volterra. Mark_Antony was overheard making the following comments during one of his visits to the Volterran settlements;
"I cant believe all the humanitarian aid I've dropped off in Volterra is being sold for cash. This is actually a third world state." - Mark_Antony, February 12, 2023
Further investigation found that Highboy was closely connected to the highest levels of Volterran leadership, indicating some level of complicity by the Lord Regent in the alleged sale of food aid. Some speculated that the sale of food aid was occurring to fund what had become known as 'the bone regime', established during cookie mania to construct the monumental architecture Volterra is now known for. Defenders of the trade deals claimed that the exchange occurred to solidify relations with a Kallosian successor state, potentially allowing Volterrans access to territories infrastructure and resources. It was also claimed that significant quantities of potatoes had been seized during the fall of the Kallos vault, meaning that it was actually war loot being sold to the Warmians. Highboy proclaimed that the deal was necessary to provide jobs to the Volterran population. The veracity of this claim is unclear given that the potatos were grown, harvested, and transported by exclusively Romans. Highboy would later call for Volterra to covertly impede Warmian efforts to grow potato's themselves claiming;
"Shockton's economy is dependent on the 64 iron ingots/week from potato sales. If Warmia becomes food independent, good Volterrans will certainly lose their jobs" - Highboy, February 18, 2023.
The fallout of the food aid scandal is widely debated. At the time, much agitation occurred within the Volterran working class and foreign observers critiqued the perceived corruption. Despite threats to end the transfer of food, SPQR potato shipments continued well into June of 2023 when the Volterran beef industry became established. Warmia would later join the Elysian Pact, suggesting that the food deals contributed to the creation of a new ally for Volterra. The actual role of Warmia as a helpful ally is debated as the nation was removed from the alliance later that year. Some still reference the scandal and its legacy follows the involved figures. Regardless, the bone block pillars of the Volterran factory building and other noted buildings in the city are very nice to look at.

Establishment of the Crown Republic

On September 30, 2023 the citizens of Volterra voted to adopt a new democratic constitution, putting to end the autocratic regency of the Red Duke, Mickale. While the former regime claimed otherwise, the referendum on democracy was the result of widespread agitation and unrest cause by pro-democracy activists across the nation. This agitation culminated when pro-democracy activists announced a bounty on Mickale, seized control of the senate buildings in Volterra Prime, and repelled an attack by state-backed forces in the early hours of September 30. Noted Micakle supporter Hoover was killed during the battle for control the senate. Later the same day, a clash between the Volterran factions erupted in the Pavian rail station when pro-democracy activists were ambushed by the Red Dukes secret police during a trade mission. At 11:59PM on September 30, Mickale announced the results of the referendum on democracy and the start of democracy in Volterra. A central figure of the new republic was the position of Arbiter. The Arbiter is the primary owner of all Volterran groups and Discord while fulfilling all the responsibilities of Arbiter as outlined in the constitution. Any citizen was eligible to be voted in as the Arbiter and each citizen gets 1 vote during the election. Mickale was elected to the position of Arbiter on October 8, 2023.

Christmas Bombing

Numerous Volterrans were killed in the 2023 Pavia Christmas Bombing


Government Structure

As of September 30, 2023 Volterra is a republic with an elected head of state. The specific details of the government are outlined in the Volterran Constitution. The preamble to the constitution is as follows;

"The citizens of Volterra who make up the community are the most important part of the civilization. It is therefore important that sovereign power is vested in the people and that those chosen to govern, as trustees of such power, exercise it in conformity with the general will. The citizens should be represented by an elected head of state, and by elected legislators who can make important decisions on short notice and serve justice. At the same time, we must acknowledge that there is no mechanism to guarantee a secure transfer of power in terms of group and discord ownership. With that in mind, there should be a caretaker whose primary duty is to be a stable and just warden of the civilization’s groups and discord. With such responsibility, and in order to uphold the spirit of popular sovereignty enshrined in this constitution, this caretaker position will also be elected, but shall not expire except by abdication for the sake of stability. Further, it is important for every citizen to have a true belonging in the civilization, whether that is by participation in the government as an elected official, as an appointed delegate executing policy, as a member of a guild driving the engine of prosperity, or by finding purpose otherwise through interacting with the community. It is one of the most important responsibilities of the government to always try to foster that belonging among the citizens of the civilization." - Page 1 of the Volterran Constitution

The Arbiter

The elected constitutional monarch who serves as caretaker. The Arbiter is the primary owner of groups and discord, may veto constitutional amendments within 24 hours, safeguards the State Treasury, and may approve or deny the Lord Paramount's requests for funds exceeding 50% of what was generated under the Lord Paramount’s term. The Arbiter is responsible for overseeing public elections in Discord without secret ballots. The Arbiter may not directly propose legislation, but may petition the Lord Paramount to propose items of legislation to the Senate. The Arbiter is also responsible for managing and paying out a Universal Basic Income to Active Guild Members.

The Arbiter was specially elected by public vote of all citizens at the time of passage of the Constitution, to serve until abdication, triggering another special election for a replacement. The First and only Arbiter of the Crowned Republic of Volterra is Mickale.

The Lord Paramount

The official head of state of Volterra who serves as the central figure for internal and external affairs. Negotiates foreign treaties, leads the senate by setting the agenda and presiding over affairs, and appoints delegates. The Lord Paramount unilaterally controls 50% of state revenue generated under their term and can petition the Arbiter for control of state revenue above 50%. Can declare projects, veto and revoke citizenships, and bestow official honours. Must document all laws by the Senate in two books, one of which is displayed in the senate archives and one of which is kept in the Senate Vault for safekeeping. Must have an office within the Senate building where citizens can petition and leave in-game mail in a collection box

The Lord Paramount is elected to a one-month term of office as the eligible senator with the highest number of votes. If there is a tie between eligible senators for the office of Lord Paramount, a runoff election will be held between the tied candidates where each citizen gets 1 vote. Eligibility for the position is defined as the requirements to be a senator and excludes the prior month's Lord Paramount such that the terms of office are non-consecutive, with at least 28 days between terms of office. The Lord Paramount can be removed from office by 4/5 majority vote of the Senate, triggering an immediate special election within the Senate for a new Lord Paramount. An Acting Lord Paramount, who retains all the powers of Lord Paramount, is chosen on a rotating daily basis starting in alphabetical order of in-game usernames of sitting Senators until a new Lord Paramount is chosen or until the one month Senate term expires. If a sitting Senator wins the special election to replace the Lord Paramount, a special general election will be called to elect one more citizen to the Senate so that there shall be a total of 5 Senators, including the Lord Paramount.

The Senate

Composed of five senators of Volterra, elected as the five candidates with the highest number of votes. The Senate must meet in the Senate Chambers in an open-door meeting at least once per session while sensitive topics may be discussed in a secondary closed-door session. The Senate is responsible for drafting, discussing, and passing laws by majority vote. They may approve citizenships, levy new taxes or duties, and modify or nullify existing taxes by majority vote. The Senate can enact constitutional amendments by 4/5 majority vote. Declarations of peace, war, and the ratification of treaties must be passed by 4/5 majority vote. The Senate collectively determines guilt and sentences guilty parties by simple majority vote of unaffiliated members (as verified by the Arbiter) either by tribunal or by trial under the code of laws, at the discretion of the Lord Paramount. Senators are elected to one-month terms without term limits. The Arbiter may not be a member of the Senate. The Senate can grant emergency powers to the Arbiter by simple majority vote, suspending the constitution in part or in whole for a definite period of time determined by the Senate.

Senators must be citizens of Volterra and have a residence within Volterra Prime (verified by the Arbiter). Citizens of Volterra are defined as players who have been granted or have inherited citizenship. All citizens have access to public factories and may vote in elections. Citizens can also petition the Senate to propose items of legislation and join the Guild.


Delegates are appointed by the Lord Paramount to serve until no later than the end of the Lord Paramount's term to act on behalf of the Lord Paramount to manage and organize specific projects or liaise with specific foreign entities. Only citizens may be delegates.

The Guild

The Guild is a state-sponsored company that employs citizens in the production of resources in order to enable both private revenue for guild members and public revenue for the state. The main venture of the Guild is the production of XP. All XP farms are the property of the state and managed by the Guild. Citizens may join the Guild to engage in the economy and accumulate personal wealth. Guild proceeds are taxed by the state at a level of 20%. Active members of The Guild are defined as those who contribute at least 5% (30 stacks) of any XP Advanced Recipe 2 material within a month. Guild members keep track of how much material they have contributed to the Guild each month, those who contribute material towards an XP run receive fair compensation according to the Guild Leader’s system. Active members receive a state-sponsored Universal Basic Income in diamonds from the Arbiter of at least 5 diamonds a month.

Active members can call for an election for a new Guild Leader. The Guild Leader maintains and runs the Guild by devising a "fair" system of compensation for participating Guild Members. The Leader also is responsible for running completed XP runs. The Guild Leader receives 10% of proceeds as paid compensation for the effort of running and maintaining the Guild and is entitled to attend closed-door Senate Meetings in the event they are not a Senator.

After the state tax and payment to the Guild Leader, the remaining 70% of the proceeds is distributed to Guild Members according to the system determined by the Guild Leader. This system is approved by the Arbiter who can insist that the system be reorganized if the Arbiter is dissatisfied. In the event that the Guild Leader fails to establish a fair system, the Guild Leader can be removed from office by the Arbiter and loses eligibility to run for the position of Guild Leader for 28 days.

Public Election Records in The Crowned Republic of Volterra

September Referendum on Democracy
AYE 21 55%
NAY 1 3%
Totals 38 100%
Official graphic
The official graphic announcing the outcome of the election for the position of arbiter.

First Election for Arbiter

A central figure of the new republic was the position of Arbiter. The Arbiter is the primary owner of all Volterran groups and Discord while fulfilling all the responsibilities of Arbiter as outlined in the constitution. Any citizen was eligible to be voted in as the Arbiter and each citizen gets 1 vote during the election. The election of the Arbiter ran October 1-7th with polls being closed at 6:00 PM on October 7th. The election had a turnout of 70%. At noon on October 8, the results of the vote were announced. The former Lord Regent, Mickale was voted into the position with an absolute majority. Given that the position is a lifelong appointment, there will be no other elections for the position unless Mickale abdicates the role.[1]

First Election of the Arbiter
Candidate Vote Count Proportion Ranking
Mickale 21 75% 1st
Cicero 5 17% 2nd
Mark_Antony 1 4% 3rd
Parasitic 1 4% 3rd
First Senatorial Election of the Crowned Republic of Volterra
Candidate Vote Count Proportion Ranking
Highboy 17 16.7% 1st
Seldomshock 15 14.7% 2nd
What777 15 14.7% 2nd
S4NTA 15 14.7% 2nd
ItzHoover 13 12.7% 5th
Zygon 12 11.8% 6th
Cicero 7 6.9% 7th
Mark_Antony 5 4.9% 8th
Flushy 1 1% 9th
theJKH 1 1% 9th
Tabby 1 1% 9th

The first senatorial election in the Crowned republic of Volterra saw voting occur from October 8, 2023 to October 11, 2023. The election saw a voter turnout rate of 55%. Highboy, Seldomshock, What777, S4NTA, and itzHoover were the five candidates with the most votes and formed the first senate of the Crowned Republic of Volterra. Highboy received the most votes granting him the position of Lord Paramount and became the first democratically elected head of Volterran state on CivMC.[2]

Second Senatorial Election of the Crowned Republic of Volterra
Candidate Vote Count Proportion Ranking
What777 23 19% 1st
S4NTA 19 15.7% 2nd
ItzHoover 18 14.9% 3rd
Seldomshock 15 12.4% 4th
Falconhaya7 13 10.7% 5th
Highboy 11 9.1% 6th
Cicero 9 6.6% 7th
Zygon 5 4.1% 8th
JKH 2 1.7% 9th
Mark_Antony 2 1.7% 9th
ShadySauce 2 1.7% 9th
Acuhdemic 1 0.8% 10th
Tabby 1 0.8% 10th
tankbuster44 1 0.8% 10th

The November election of 2023 saw a voter turnout of 50%. This election saw a record 126 votes cast. Previous Lord Paramount Highboy requested that people not cast their vote for him due to a lack of time to commit to Volterra during that month, resulting in him not being elected to the Senate.

Third Senatorial Election of the Crowned Republic of Volterra
Candidate Vote Count Proportion Ranking
What777 11 20.4% 1st
ItzHoover 10 18.5% 2nd
Highboy 10 18.5% 2nd
Seldomshock 10 18.5% 2nd
ElGranJefe 10 18.5% 2nd
S4NTA 2 3.7% 3rd
JKH 1 1.9% 4th

The December election of 2023 saw a voter turnout of 61.11%. The limited amount of candidates and decreased total votes cast are because of legislation passed by the Second senate. The First Amendment to the Volterran Constitution reconfigured citizenship in Volterra in order to ensure that only those who are active in Volterra were able to run and vote. The candidates in this election were all primarily active in Volterra rather than other states. Another note in this election is that despite having received the most votes, What777 did not become the Lord Paramount due to section 1.14 of the constitution which has been interpreted to prohibit consecutive terms. Given that What777 was the previous Lord Paramount, a runoff election was had between the four eligible candidates. The two main contenders of this runoff were Seldomshock and Hoover, both members of the Shockton Party. Previous Lord Paramount What777 endorsed Seldomshock. Despite being an active candidate in the election, Highboy endorsed Seldomshock. Ultimately, ItzHoover won the runoff election and became the third Lord Paramount of Volterra. Hoover won with 6 votes (including an endorsement from the Arbiter Mickale), Seldomshock had 5 votes, and Jefe had 2 votes.

Lord Paramount's of the Volterran Republic

Lord Paramount's of the Volterran Republic
Name Portrait No. Term Senate Notable Events
1 October 13, 2023 - November 9, 2023 Seldomshock




Friendship and Transportation Treaty Signed with Pavia

Passage of the Warmian Stewardship Act Annexation of Aeros

1 November 10, 2023 - December 11, 2023 Seldomshock




Significant Population Growth

Volterra Prime Building Boom

Enhanced Ties with Estalia

Commencement of Security Projects

1 December 12, 2023 Seldomshock




Senatorial Voting Record of the Crowned Republic of Volterra

1st Senate of the Crowned Republic of Volterra
Legislation Name Date Proposed Sponsor Details Voting Result

(Aye - Nay- Abstained)

Volterra Foundation Act of 2023 15 October, 2023 Hoover Reorganizes the nations Discord Passed 5-0-0
Pavia Declaration of Friendship and Coinciding Funding Agreement Act 17 October, 2023 Highboy This bill exists in order to approve a declaration of Friendship with Pavia and a coinciding funding agreement. Pavia has offered Volterra a declaration of friendship that includes a number of terms including the creation of a direct rail, the deepening of economic relations between the nations, and the establishment of embassies. This requirement will require the following from Volterra: Constructing a line rail line to connect to another rail line constructed by Pavia, the construction of an embassy in Pavia, the provision of space in Volterra Prime for Pavia to build a branch of the monument bank, an embassy, and a discounted shop space in Volterra prime. Passed 5-0-0
Act to Approve Pavia-IF Rail 17 October, 2023 Highboy Approval of a rail from Pavia to the Imperial Federation that passes through Volterra. Includes a direct line from Pavia to Volterra Prime Passed 5-0-0
Warmian Stewardship Bill 17 October, 2023 Highboy Volterra would designate the Island territory of Warmia North of Volterra as a protectorate. We would prevent any outside interference or settlement in the territory. If Warmia returns, a conversation will be had to return control of the region to the Warmian. Bill passage announced on October 22, 2023.[3] Passed 5-0-0
Volterran Annexation of Aeros Act 17 October, 2023 Hoover The Realm of Aeros is  annexed by the Crowned Republic of Volterra, with the former becoming a sub-autonomous region within the larger governmental structure of the latter.

The regional government of Aeros may engage in limited foreign diplomacy; but may not unilaterally enter defense treaties; cannot declare war, may not enter or maintain foreign alliances, and must not participate in offensive conflicts without approval from the Regency.

Aeros citizens become citizens should they qualify, with equal requirements as other citizens

Passed 5-0-0
Aeros Security Subsidy Bill 17 October, 2023 what777 The Volterran Government will provide Aeros with 320 diamonds to turn into jukeboxes and reinforce said jukeboxes with in return for Senators to be made MODS on the group the jukeboxes are reinforced on and a relay in the Volterra discord will be setup to help secure the area. Passed 5-0-2

Geography and Surroundings

Carved out of the dense jungles in the shallow -,- Volterra was settled along the banks of great river near where it empties into the great lake. Further to the southwest the town of Shockton was established prior to the breaking ground in Volterra as a barracks for Jorvik laborers, but has since taken on a life of its own along the shores of the western sea.


Volterra is a city built on a foundation of cookies.

Notable Players in Volterran History


Event Log