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Blackwell, officially The Kingdom of Blackwell, was a constitutional monarchy in the +,+ (southeastern) quadrant of the CivClassic 2.0 map. Run by its King dBeatzx absolutely (with a constitution "under construction"), the nation was founded on "trade and immigration, being somewhere for all", and was at the time of dissolution constructing the foundations of its town. It bordered with Adina to the east and CCCP Dithmarschen Oblast to the north. It is currently held under stewardship by Caledonia.

Flag of Blackwell
Alliance CES
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Governing documentConstitution
• King
Foundation dateFebruary 16 2021



Blackwell was divided into four duchies: Redwater, Blackwell Duchy, Stoneridge, and Whitefield.


Redwater was Blackwell's northernmost duchy. It consisted of the Mesa biome which made up the northernmost part of Blackwell's claim and bordered Ashelor. It was never settled.

Blackwell Duchy

Blackwell Duchy's borders were those of Blackwell's original claim, which were also the borders of Ashelor's original location before the nation moved north (dBeatzx deliberately chose these borders as he was once Ashelorian). The duchy was situated on the north side of Blackwell's dominant Roofed Forest biome. It contained Blackwell's only settlement, which is as yet unnamed.


Stoneridge played host to all of the Roofed Forest biome which Blackwell Duchy does not. It contains the most conspicuous prior development, and was thus never settled.


Whitefield was Blackwell's southernmost and smallest duchy. It was over a savanna biome which made up the south of Blackwell's claim, as well as most of South Kaga. Geographically, it is an isthmus, and mainly operated as a buffer between Blackwell proper and the DUMP zone of South Kaga. It was never unsettled.

Politics and Government

Public Infrastructure




Adinan Settlement

Beginning during the summer of 2021, the fertile biome of Blackwell's Roofed Forest was sought after by Adinan farmers. Notably, KingOfTheMochas constructed a massive oak farm, via Mocha Farms (a subsidiary of MochaMart), in Blackwell Duchy. KingOfTheMochas has claimed it is one of the largest tree farms on the server, possibly the largest. The sheer size of the farm makes it tedious to harvest, and as a result it is often left unharvested for significant lengths of time.