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Capital CityIshtar
CitiesIshtar, Beetown, Isle of Man, Charcoal Town
Government TypeMonarchy


Wayrest was a town located at 1277,145. Wayrest was a monarchy under its queen, Elithys. It's capital Ishtar had mesoamerican architecture and was mostly contained within the large central temple, with several shrines and smaller temples surrounding it. The main temple has 4 floors. The bottom floor is a rail station with rails to 0,0, Yoahtl, Gensokyo, the end portal, Hjaltland, and Verda. The main floor is divided into four rooms that branch off a central atrium, the party room, two rooms for storage, and one for basic factories. The second floor is the Wayrest Mall, which has several shops and stalls like Eli's Anime Cafe and Travelers Brew Brewing Company. The third floor is the Wayrest Library, which features several books as well as an enchanting table. The fourth floor is still a work in progress with holes to facilitate the minecart elevators and also contains a sugarcane farm.


Beginnings of Wayrest

Wayrest was originally created by iOminous, who owned Wayrest's lands and worked on a city, at the time named "Wayrest" in the current Isle of Man. Due to one reason or another he decided to abandon the nation and live in Yoahtl. When Elithys re-joined the server in the end of January, he was invited to live in Yoahtl. However, due to some misunderstanding he was denied to homestead and instead offered to live in NYC. After some consideration, he decided to go find and unclaimed land and start a new nation, when iOminous offered him to start a new nation together, offering his land. Thus began the new Wayrest, under the diarchy of Elithys and iOminous.

Early days

Wayrest soon gained new members, friends of Elithys and some friends of iOminous. The nation was growing steadily, both in people and infrastructure. However, tensions between the citizens of Wayrest and the King iOminous were raising as well. The King would represent Wayrest in unfavorable ways and make promises to other nations he couldn't keep, and the citizens had to pay for all of that. It soon became clear that a discussion about leadership was in order. iOminous refused to listen to anyone and said he would not step down. The Queen had a private conversation with him, trying to figure out what to do in this situation, but iOminous left without having anything resolved. Due to growing lack of trust in their relationship, Elithys held a vote in the council, and unanimously a decision was made to demote iOminous from government groups and only leave him in citizen groups for the night, until they could talk again.

The next morning the citizens of Wayrest woke up to find their bunker broken into and all of their valuables stolen. A private snitch of one of Wayrest's citizens showed that iOminous and Geoanchoxmas were responsible. Thus, iOminous and Geo were exiled from Wayrest for an act of treason. After this event, iOminous threatened to take back his nation by force, sending fighters like al_musab_patawe to pearl Wayrest's citizens and raid. After a few weeks, Geo decided to turn himself in and is currently serving out his sentence. iOminous is and will continue to hide in Mount Augusta. After this event, Wayrest has been peaceful, even hosting parties for the whole server.

Current Wayrest

Currently the citizens of Wayrest have gone on to work on a second city, named Beetown. It consists of a large hive built into the side of the mountain and giant flowers on top of the mountain. On april 11, Charcoal Town joined Wayrest.