New Thoria

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The Kingdom of New Thoria
Flag of New Thoria
Flag of New Thoria
Flag of New Thoria
New Thorian Coat of Arms
Location-6400 -1500
Activity levelActive
AllianceNone Currently
Capital cityKhenarthi's Roost
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• Basileus
• Prime Minister
• Legislator
• Human Resources
Foundation dateOctober 17th 2021
Preceded by Tierra de Conciencia


Old Thoria
ReligionThorian Hellenism
IdeologyMonarchism and Democracy
Mottothekiu’reth gehk’tuo jelsv’s

New Thoria, or The Kingdom of New Thoria, is a fully sovereign nation in the Northwestern-Quadrant by the Medi Sea. It is lead by Basileus MrCoCo_Cola and his close second in command Prime Minister CJtheking12345. Its built around rich ancient Greek and some Roman culture. It's capital is Khenarthi's Roost located in the savanahs.



New Thoria's government is a Monarchy with the monarch being the Basileus but also has an elected second in command the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is elected every 3 moths and holds close power to the Basileus but can be overrun. Under that are the Legislators. Elected every month and a half they vote on political things and new laws. Thoria's government currently focuses on infrastructure, agriculture and military.


Ancient Thoria

Ancient Thoria was founded in Nro'meagh sometime in 2018. Thoria was created from the 3 clans Threlkeld, Boria, and Forta'Are. These clans were all part of Nro'meagh and worked together throughout there days before the formation of Thoria.


Threlkeld started when a Jevoghnyan deserter fleeing eastward to create a society based on fairness and freedom. Quickly getting nomads and farmers to join him in creating the ideal society. The societies religion formed based on the 4 great gods. Industriae Dei the center god of work and labor that blesses growth of Threlkeld. Deus Residentialibus the god of unity and home. Deus Harenae the god of peace. and Deus Sanguine the god of war and strength. Industriae Dei blessed the Industrial district, Deus Residentialibus blessed the Residential district and Deus Haranae blessed the Luxor District.

Early on many people joined including current Basileus MrCoCo_Cola. They built up a city divided into a few districts and made many farms including some for xp production. Mining trips with the whole clan were common and Threlkeld militarized to the best of its ability. Unfortunately all the citizens were dirt poor due to Socialist hording majority of the wealth. Laziness and lack of laws caused an unwanted system of anarchy to be implemented.

Threlkeld had Friendships with Alexandria until conflicts between the two broke out, and were also close to Jevo before it fell to Caesar's Legion. Throughout this time period not much happened but a few conflicts and mainly just building.

Battle of Alexandria

Sometime in 2019 when everyone but SocialistRuler was offline Man_Page and his friend Firestone22 walked into the Threlkeld city and placed iron reinforced obsidian busted into multiple homes and stole many items. Right after this happened socrul showed up to the town seeing them covering his screen in snitch hits. Once he arrived he saw the grief and immediately knew it was them. Using Logsnitches and a replay mod Threlkeld had 100% obvious proof it happened. Man_page and Firestone22 were both alexandrian citizens and government.

It was reported to the leaders yet they did nothing. When addressed both raiders denied and even with the proof the government of Alexandria did nothing. Eventually after much arguing the two nations decided to have a peaceful meeting in game between only 2-3 people on each side. SocialistRuler, MrCoCo_Cola, and BurntxMatch got prot and armed with pots headed over. Gordona22, WNS2, and Memeneme were there. the two nations talked but eventually more and more alexandrians kept popping up. soon the 3 Threlkeldians were out numbered by a lot. Out of no where one of the Alexandrians attacked Threlkeld's Supreme Leader Socialistruler and the fight begin.

Realizing they were outnumbered the threlkeldians attempted to escape but MrCoCo_Cola was pearled while the others made it out. After this the Alexandrians apologized for it was a misunderstanding and freed coocoo. They punished Firestone22 for both the obby and the other grief but still let man_page go even though it was proved he did it. Threlkeld stored the pearl in Icenia and the situation was resolved. Eventually man_page would admit to doing the obsidian grief but justice was never served.

City of Threlkeld in 2019
Annexation of Topha'nya

Nro'meagh at this time was being slowly taken over by Caesar's Legion. During this time two Threlkeldian leaders ChiefDarx and SocialistRuler were walking past the city of Topha'nya where they were discussing how they needed to take land in the west in order to gain an upper hand on there biggest threat.

They decided Topha'nya would be great town to do this while they looked at it. But in order to do it they needed one more aye from a Inner Circle member. they asked MrCoCo_Cola saying it was "a unowned empty clan that would be good for farming" CoCo said yes and they went on with the annexation. at this time the owner Topher3001 and his friend ChocChips logged in. Topher being pearled by Hjaltland for unrelated reasons could not fight and Choc did not care (based). They killed Topher resetting his spawn while Choc made a cross and asked threlkeld to crucify topher (also based).

Threlkeld annexed Topha'nya but this caused everyone else in Nro to be angered and with finding out MrCoCo_Cola was unaware and lied to about the situation making his vote invalid forced Threlkeld to back off with there claims.

Jevoghnyan Influence

Threlkeld despite being independent was unknowingly under strong influence from Jevoghnya. BurntxMatch a founding member of Threlkeld was also a key member in Jevo and was hence able to heavily and easily push his influence.

Jevoghnya was a free independent communist clan of Nro'meagh but eventually Jevoghnya fell to Caesar's Legion, after being invaded by Caesar and ChampionEmperor. At the time Avo was in-charge and he was anti-legion occupation. But BurntxMatch, Avo's second in command, was secretly pro-legion and one of Caesar's closest advisors. Burnt took his chance and rallied up Threlkeldrians convincing them he was anti-legion and Avo was pro-legion which lead them to help Burnt. SocialistRuler, MrCoCo_Cola, and BurntxMatch geared up and headed into Jevo to kill Avo. Avo hid but burnt was able to trap then kill him. After burnt seized power he worked with Caesar to inside Threlkeld and prepare for war.

Threlkeld residental district

Throughout Threlkeld burnt spied and filled Threlkeld with his ideas causing them to be tricked but also tried to turn Threlkeldians away from there leader as he attempted to crumble Threlkeld from inside. Burnt swayed high ranked Threlkeldians such as ChiefDarx and MrCoCo_Cola to side against Socrul and attempt to coup him to establish a democratic state. Even though intense planning was put in the plan was never carried through.

Fall to The Legion

After the server died all activity left Nro which included Threlkeld. However Caesar decided he would continue his plans to conquer Nro'meagh which he did. After Alexandria publically left its lands were left to Threlkeld, Tophanya also left leaving its land to Boria. Forta'are however never left the server but was claimed by Caesar and they did not care enough at the time to stop him. This left 3 clans Caesar's Legion, Threlkeld, and Boria. Boria and Threlkeld were closely allied and controlled majority of the east while the Legion controled the west. A fight was expected but never came when Threlkelds leader sold away all the land without talking to a single person. Boria left to stand alone refused to join peacefully but MrCoCo_Cola while peacefully visiting Jevo without armor was murdered in cold blood by Caesar. All of Nro fell even though Caesar had to do virtually nothing.

The Great Grief
Threlkeld City with water grief

Threlkeld had lost 2 high ranking members Rat_Dictator who had left for no reason stole items on his way out then fled to Caledonia and Iamveryskilled who left because he was bored but remained friendly. Iamveryskilled was still on name layers as mod and was able to one day add Rat_Dictator and another unknown at the time 500_miles. the 3 of them came to the city during a time of inactivity and griefed Threlkeld. Threlkeld was awfully griefed and destroyed everything on the Threlkeld name-layer was destroyed or stolen, all houses broken in to, reinforced blocks and obsidian placed, water poured onto the city, roads and infrastructure destroyed, farms greifed, bunkers broken into, etc. the situation was awful and took all hope away from the Threlkeldians.


to bee continued..