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Location-7100, -200
Activity levelModerate as of 5/24/21
Capital cityKallos City
GovernmentSemi-Democratic Oligarchic Republic
Governing documentN/A
• Chairman
• Regionary Council
• Jazz Committee
Foundation dateMarch 2021
MottoWe do a moderate amount of trolling.

Kallos is a nation in CivClassics situated in the Northwest (-,-) quadrant of the map around -7100, -200. It is an oligarchic republic with characteristics of democracy.[1] Kallos characterizes itself as a chill nation, and is known for its citizens who like to do "a moderate amount of trolling".

Etymology and pronunciation

"Kallos" is a made-up word for a Minecraft nation. It is pronounced "Kale - oh - s". Despite its similarities, it is not related to the Pokémon region of Kalos.


Founding and Prior History

After the Collapse of Eddie Murphy and a brief hiatus, Kayla and Kicky, who was pearled at the time, decided to make a buildfriend nation called Kallos. They settled in a biome seen as "non-ideal" as a meme. August joined shortly after as a founding member, followed by Coldboy000 and ChickenWingGeek after randomly messaging Kicky to join one day.

Initial relations were quickly established with the nation of Camiseo, north-west of Kallos, when leader Troll_Bebek wanted to dig a rail into Kallos. This spawned an ongoing reciprocal friendship that continues to last.

Rapid Expansion

Seeing a need for expansion as a nation if Kallos were to avoid the fate of many lame two-person grinder nations, CWG decided to pull some of his acquaintances to join, mostly wholesome refugees from the recently-dead Civ server CivUniverse. Notably, this included Egi and KingOfTheMochas, who quickly proved themselves as hard-working and loyal members of Kallos.

Kallos City at night, captured in May 18, 2021. The iconic lighthouse and original windmill occupy the foreground, seen in the background is Coldboy's weird tower and Kali's Ashahari Temple, among other builds.
Distinctive border markers help identify the border between Kallos & JCCS land to the south.

With the increased manpower, Kallos began a quick ascension into advanced XP manufacturing.

Due to this rapid expansion, a need for City-Bastions was heavily required. Due to Kallos's policy on being self sufficient, buying City-Bastions was simply not an option. So Kayla attempted to acquire the numerous materials required to create a Bastion Factory as well as the City-Bastions required for Kallos. One of these materials, slimeballs was very rare and could only be found in vault holes. This spawned some mildly controversial events.


Location and Borders

Kallos claims a largely continuous landmass bordering the sea in the East, JCC controlled land around Pinkertwo Vault in the South, Armenia in the North-West, and former HJE and Tierra de Conciencia lands in the west and north-east respectively.

Administrative Divisions

As a partially zoomer-led nation with an initial emphasis on becoming self-sufficient, Kallos currently has one populated settlement, Kallos City. Outlying regions are treated as an extension of national control, especially depending on access to EXP infrastructure. Kallos has an open-door policy for any newfriends that wish to form a town within its borders as long as they do not disturb the peace.

Government and Politics

Kallos is led by a trust-based government that consists of a chairperson, a Regionary Council, and the Jazz Committee.

Foreign relations

Due to prior history with "World Police" oriented alliances and nations such as the UDF, Mir, and Entente,[clarification needed] Kallos has maintained a cautious stance. This is notable due to the pearling of Kicky_ by Yoahtl after the fall of Cascadia in February 2021, and the subsequent holding of their pearl until May of the same year. As well as the problematic history pertaining to the fall of Cascadia[clarification needed], which also includes the tense relations between Regionary Council member Kayla, and numerous WP aligned individuals.

A large amount of effort has been put in by the Kallos Jazz Committee and Regionary Council to attempt to mend and resolve any conflicts pertaining to WP. Which has resulted in numerous potentially inflammatory incidents being resolved diplomatically. For example, the Best Western Slime Incident, and the Kaliningrad City Restoration Incident.

At this point in time, Kallos aims to maintain peaceful relations with all nations on the server, and avoids conflict at all costs.


The idealized Kallosian furthers the notion of "Work hard, play hard", with the "play" being the trolling that is so embedded in the nation's culture. KingOfTheMochas is one example, developing numerous XP farms and constantly botting numerous grinders, but also taking the time to piss off Icenians and World Police with his constant discord E-lawyering and anti-perma crusades.[citation needed] Further examples by Kallos citizens include pearling a member of WP in his own vault and building a hut with two vault-bastioned rings in MTS property.[citation needed]

In terms of aesthetics, the color purple is predominant in Kallosian culture, as exemplified in their national flag.

Notable cultural quirks include the ever-active Public VC in Kallos discord and the End of Evangelion song that Kayla plays and sings a lot.