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The Commune of Girane
The flag of anarcho-communism, which was used as the de-facto flag of Girane
Activity level3
GovernmentGeneral consensus
Foundation dateAugust 26, 2016

Girane was a small anarchist commune located in the snowy hills of Volans in Civcraft 3.0. After the LSIF failed to return for 3.0, Girane became one of the few communes to carry on the spirit of the organization.


Girane was founded on August 26, 2016 by LSIF member, Nova Danzilona citizen, and anarcho-communist Des23. After having her proposal to create a revolutionary government in Endeavor mostly ignored, Des sought out to create an authentic anarchist community of her own. She found a secluded spot in the mountains of Volans, planted an anarchist flag, and began working on farms, gathering supplies, and mining. The commune was located entirely within the borders of Nova Danzilona, making it technically an illegal squat. However, since Des was a citizen of NDZ and friends with all of its citizens, the city treated Girane more as Des's own personal project and didn't attempt to remove it.

On September 1st, Civcraft revolutionary and syndicalist Seye joined the commune. Pearled by Mt. Augusta, the city decided to give her pearl to Des, who had previously convinced her to join Girane.[1] After Seye joined, the commune began amping up its security, getting better reinforcements and expanding its snitch network. For increased security, the residents of Girane all shared one home, which was located down a hatch in a carved-out hill. The only visible signs of Girane on the surface were a couple tree and wheat farms.

On September 19th, Darkflame826 left his home city of Endeavor and joined Girane.

On September 29th, after a week or so of outreach, the Girane communists announced the formation of the International Workers of Civcraft.[2]Envisioned to be the formal successor to the LSIF, members of the IWC included individual communists, socialists, and anarchists, as well as entire nations and parties founded on such ideologies. Unfortunately for them, the end of Civcraft 3.0 was announced just a couple days later on October 1, 2016, leading to the end of both the IWC and Girane.



Being an anarchist community, Girane had no formal government. Its citizens collectively made decisions through general consensus.


Girane was unique for being one of the only places on Civcraft that was authentically anarchist. There was no roleplaying, most citizens were actual anarchists, and if they weren't, they were at least expected to live by anarchist principles.

Foreign Relations

Girane had strong ties to NDZ, of which two if its members were citizens. The two communities collectively managed the Tinklepunk Woods situated between them.


Girane's economy was powered by mutual aid and voluntary associations. Supplies were shared communally, citizens gifted goods to each other, and projects were decided upon and worked on collectively.