East Lambat

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Democratic People's Republic of Lambat
East Lambat
Flag of East Lambat
Location8700, -800
Activity levelHigh
Capital cityNew Lambat City
SettlementsNew Lambat City
CurrencyIron, Diamond
GovernmentFederal one-party Democratic Republic
• Marshall
Foundation date
  • September 3rd, 2021
Foundation document[1]
LanguageEnglish, Filipino, Turtle-speak
ReligionTurtlism (unoffical)
Motto"pagong" (officalist of officaling offical things)

The Democratic People's Republic of Lambat, or basically just East Lambat is a Northeastern nation waterlocked on a mesa island on all sides by it's neighbors on Nuevo Luzon. To the east is of course The Republic of Lambat and Vuoto, while to the west and south is Iria and Caledonia to name a few. East Lambat is run by a one-party democratic system that elects positions up to Marshall. Due to the island East Lambat claims it is blocked on all sides and can't expand it's mainland.