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The Socialist Federal Republic of Nyasaland
The Sociawist Fedewaw Repubwic of Nyasawand
Flag of Nyasaland
Nyasan Coat of Arms
Capital CityPalgrave
GovernmentFederal socialist direct democratic benevolent dictatorship
Day of the Revolution22 May 2019
Motto"Catgirls of the world, unite!"
Preceeded by Commonwealth Of Nyasaland

The Socialist Federal Republic of Nyasaland or Nyasaland is a nation located in the Northeast (+,-). It is a successor state to the Commonwealth of Nyasaland, formed after a revolution in 22 May 2019.

Nyasaland was formerly part of the UNC before its collapse and now are currently part of the Entente, with Gensokyo, Hjaltland, and Varkonia.


Nyasan Revolution

The Nyasan Revolution occurred on 22 May 2019 in response to a failed coup d'etat by Syurii Palgrave, former queen of Nyasaland. Following Syurii's failed coup, the remaining members of the triumvirate declared a workers revolution, in which all fascist and monarchist monuments were torn down and replaced with socialist imagery. The triumvirate was reorganized in to a Vanguard Commissariat led by BennyZ and cat_alunya in order to safeguard the revolution. During the revolution, monarchist agents fled Nyasaland, looted the Nyasashop in Bloom and Gabon, and attempted to form a government in exile to no avail due to lack of support. Most Nyasans either stayed with the new regime, or went inactive. Nearly all civ-nations opted to recognize the new Nyasan government.