Pinegarden Commonwealth

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Pinegarden Commonwealth
Location7060, -8860
Alliance NWO
Capital cityPinegarden
GovernmentCommonwealth with a Parliamentary Democracy
• Lord-Protector
Foundation date30 July 2021
Preceded by Bibelebonse Berg

The Pinegarden Commonwealth, or simply Pinegarden, was a small nation located in the deeper sections of the Northeast. It bordered the Islamic Caliphate and Sussex (via the Avalon Empire), though it was largely separated from the rest of the world due to its geography and placement. It was founded on the 30th of July, 2021, and was a “one-man-nation” ruled and populated only by founder MemeMan0. The Commonwealth was built on top of the original Pinegarden settlement, which was created by Romec in July of 2017 as part of the long-since defunct Bibelebonse Berg. Pinegarden maintained friendly diplomatic relations with Magna Soria, its former closest neighbor, and was a founding member of the NWO. The nearly-perfectly intact ruins of the original settlement are presented as an attraction, alongside a small museum which describes a broad history of the quadrant, while displaying multiple items of significance.

Unfortunately, the country would be de facto dissolved on November 5th, 2021, after MemeMan0 suddenly left CivClassic. Currently, the Avalon Empire is attempting to claim the former territory.