The Collective

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The Collective
The Icon of The Collective
Activity levelPlanned (as of May 22, 2022)
National Colors
• Chief of Administration
• Deputies
Foundation dateApril 28th, 2022
LanguageAmerican English

The Collective was a nation that takes inspiration from the collaborative work, theory, and philosophy of French post-structuralists Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari (D&G).



Before settling on the name and national aesthetic, The Collective was originally the Great People's Republic until having gone through a rebranding.


The Collective settled in the +,- near the Lyrean Community, just southwest of Djani'hweh. On July 10th, the Lambat Post reported that The Collective had largely gone inactive and ceased to exist as a polity.[1] The Collective subsequently left or was removed from the COMRADES alliance.


The political structure of The Collective followed anarchist principles of organization. It consisted of a Council of Deputies and the Chief of Administration. Deputies were elected by majority vote through proposed slates. These deputies had individualized tasks assigned during an election. The membership had the ability to add and subtract delegationial positions as needed through a majority vote.

Chief of Administration Name
Premier Exozz
Council of Deputies
Deputy of Economy N/A
Deputy of Infrastructure N/A
Deputy of the Interior N/A
Deputy of Foreign Relations N/A
Deputy of Defense N/A


Below is listed a few of the nation's mission statement, as outlined by the nation's leader, Exozz.

"We resist the repressive and anti-productive notion of state power - favoring horizontal relations among our members and in our composition.

We vehemently oppose fascism in all its forms; the micro-fascisms practiced in everyday life and the macro-fascisms of totalitarian rule and world police.

On the international scene, we advocate for the self-determination and free-association of all peoples and an end to colonial/imperialist conquest.

Exclusion of groups or persons regardless of any minority background on any basis is not tolerated by The Collective.

The Collective hopes to be a bastion of freedom on the server and to embody a renewed confidence in the human capacity for solidarity, cooperation, and collective action."

-Exqzz, Chief of Administration of The Collective

Foreign Relations

The Collective were members of the COMRADES and New World Alliance, along with having had formal pacts with aurellia and KOEL.