German Empire

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German Empire
Deutsches Kaiserreich
Coat of Arms
Capital CityAllenstein
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
Royal HouseHouse of Hohenzollern
Founded26th July 2019
Motto"Gott Mit Uns"
National Anthem"Preußens Gloria"
Preceded by Federation of Rhodesia
Borders of the German Empire in black, with the capital, Allenstein, in red.

The German Empire was a nation that existed in the former Federation of Rhodesia.


The Federation of Rhodesia was created in June 2019 by Guineapigplays. However, due to the nation being continuously confused with the original Rhodesia, the name was changed to the German Empire, and the capital's name to Allenstein. The old parliamentary republic system was replaced with a new semi-constitutional monarchy with Guinea being styled as Kaiser of the German Empire, King of Brandenburg and Count of Hohenzollern.