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Duchy of Nevrast
Flag of Nevrast
Location-4812, -4000
Activity levelUnknown
Capital cityNevrast City
SettlementsVinyamar, Lothengriol, Fort Ghorrock
GovernmentDuchy of the Grand Dutchy of Varkonia
• Iron Duke
Foundation dateAfter fall of Impasse, pre-Corvus
Preceded byImpasse

Nevrast was a Duchy in the -,- of CivClassics located north of Varkonia, east of Corvus, and south of Coventhia.


The Lands Before Nevrast

Nevrast was founded on the "Eastern Hub" of the former lands of Impasse. It was the former terminus for all eastern rails coming from Impasse. A single rail went east from Impasse, arriving in the eastern hub before splitting into a Nether, 0,0, and a desert rail. Nevrast also featured an even older canal that was once used by Impassionates to boat from Impasse to their desert biome for xp materials during the early days of the server. This canal was prominently featured in the center of Nevrast.

The lands of Nevrast played host to both of the major military engagements of Impasse, the Alpoko raid, and the Rixxlon Vault attack.

The Alpoko Attack

During the Alpoko attack on Impasse the Alpokans attacked the eastern desert farm of Impasse, which now resides in Nevrast. The Impassionates that responded to the attack used the canal system to respond to the attack.

The Rixxlon Vault Attack

The most prominent of the two engagements, this event happened shortly before (and in some ways was a prelude to) the Somber war. Several players from Lexington ventured down into the Eastern Impassian swamp and began to dig a large hole in a short amount of time through use of a beacon. Luckily this hole was found due to being 10 blocks away from Seldomshock's underground mushroom farm, and on top of the nether rail. Impasse's allies in Faldstadt (Hjaltland), and Coventhia were called and an attack planned. Before this however, a member of Rixxlon's crew tried breaking Seldomshock's build chests near the mushroom farm while he was away. Seldomshock logged on in time to see this and engage the raider. He was pearled, and pearl ran to Faldstadt (there were barely any rails on the map at the time). The attack commenced shortly after, and Rixxlon's group ran back to Lexington after griefing their vault hole, which now featured a single bastioned wall and a DRO pyramid. They later returned to grief the hole stating that they didn't want the hole to be used by Impasse.

Nevrast's Founding

The founding of Nevrast was a somber moment. After a small group of Impasse government officials founded New Impasse in an attempt to revitalize the community, the city flourished for some time with old Impasse players. After a bit over a month, the player base dropped again. After this failure, Seldomshock moved back into the farming area at the Impasse Eastern Hub and started building another city. Around this time, the areas around Impasse were sprouting with new Nations such as Gabon, Bloom, and Varkonia. In an attempt to keep the area active, Seldomshock gave away some of the swamp lands at the brim of Impasse's borders and announced a plan to give some of these growing nations access to Impasse's lands, farms, and factories in order to help them prosper. At this time, Seldomshock spun off Impasse's eastern land into Nevrast, so that he could start something anew, disconnected from rest of Impasse. Some time later the remaining lands of Impasse would rebrand into Corvus.

Relations with Varkonia