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Notice I'm missing my hat.
Personal Info
Main ResidenceNew Leningrad
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Spanish
Languages I wish I spoke
  • German
  • Russian
Political IdeologyCommunist
ProfessionsPremier of New Leningrad, semi-retired
Civ Servers
Iterations played on

Geckos017 is a Canadian player who began playing in about midsummer 2013. He quickly rose through the ranks in NL, and was handed over power in August 2014. He also was the driving force behind organizing and created The Eastern Bloc, or as it is now known, the FSR.



Worked for the KGB for a long time before rising to power.


Nice guy, but will fuck you up if you cross him, although this is pretty hard to do in the land of e-legos. Doesn't put up with shit, and carries a big stick.

Combat Record

Served as an a field commander during the battle, but mainly as an artilleryman and a sniper in the Cuban War, as well as a sapper in the Bohr War. Participated in the Bread Riots of Carbon. Is a rather good shot with a bow.

Other Hobbies