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Constitutional Empire of Sussex
The Empire of Sussex
Empire of Sussex
Location6750, -2415
Capital cityAntietam
National Colors
  Sexy Blue Color
GovernmentConstitutional Empire
• Emperor
Foundation date23 June 2021
Foundation documentReddit Post

The Sussex Empire (used to be Ch1pR Empire) is a sovereign nation formed on the 24th of June 2021.[1] It borders Lambat to the north, and New Sovia to the East, and is located in the +,- quadrant. The Sussex Empire Encompasses lands the used to belong to Appomattox, which became inactive. The user Ch1pR, leader of the Empire, has vowed to preserve the great and historic cities of old Appomattox. The Sussex Empire is also referred to as the “Most Depressing Nation on Civ” due to recent drama.

United States of Sussex

On August 27th, Ch1pR announced on discord that LIQUID STEREO would be temporary emperor of Sussex and subsequently announced he had been pearled by BennyZ. The next day however, Liquid announced his leadership was unfortunately no longer temporary after speaking with Ch1pR in private and him deciding to leave Civ for personal reasons.

The next day, Liquid made his last executive order as Emperor and ordered the immediate passing of the Reconstruction Act, which gave way to the creation of the United States of Sussex. The USS used a representative democracy as a form of government and made a heavy emphasis on states rights.

This government lasted until September 19th, when Liquid quietly gave Sussex back to Ch1pR after hearing that he would be freed the following week. After being unpearled, Ch1pR took back over Sussex completely and dissolved the USS for good, a move which was semi-controversial and was met with talks of a coup by certain citizens. This coup would never come to fruition however, and the people associated with the coup had their citizenship in Sussex revoked.

Liquid after this change willing moved back into his position as Cheif Advisor to Ch1pR. This is a position he proudly serves to this day.