Eon Empire

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Eon Empire
Capital cityEon
• Tsar and Kamarád of Eon
Tsar Iosif
• Prime minister
Foundation date18th of July, 2021

The First Eon Empire (formerly known as the Syndicalist Brewers Republic) was a nation in the +,- of CivClassic. It was created on July 18th, 2021 after FE_FLAGS left Acadia looking for a break and a new start. The main goal of this nation was to sell brews, pots and xp across the map and help other nations in the +,- quadrant. The Eon Empire gave up its sovereignty on September 12th, 2021, deciding to become a dominion of Imperial Truidence, while still retaining home rule and local laws, as well as its own constitution. The Dominion of Eon was dissolved on the 23th of November 2021 and thus The Second Eon Empire was born.

Clans of Eon

Eon Empire is a Federal Monarchy comprised of Clans each having sovereignty over given territory from the Tsar.

Clan Name Leader Description Territory Banner
Red Dragon FE_Flags "The Red Dragon cCan is a clan based in the New territory of New Nexton and the capital of our nation. We mainly focus on farms, brews, infrastructure, and trade. We made the rails that connect the nation from east to west and to north to south."

- Flags, 20th Sept. 2021

  • New Nexton
  • Eon
True Order Grumpywalnut96 "Are you a newfriend who just joined Eon and is looking for money or any sort of valuables? Lucky for you! The True Order has many jobs for their citizens that can be paid with whatever valuable you want. We focus mainly on Bezism, trading, mining, and building. We currently own the Plains of Eon and we are focusing on placing bastions for our main city along with creating community storage buildings."

- Grumpy, 20th Sept. 2021

  • Plains of Eon
Samno Aqueon Hylian Gamer "Samno Aquëon (pronounced sam-no ak-way-on) is a clan focused on the construction of aesthetically pleasing buildings. Based in Andeon on the southwest peninsula, our goals are to create community storerooms for building materials, construct buildings, and create city-bastions to protect the cities of Eon. Our secondary goal is to turn these cities into centers of trade for the +,- quadrant."

- Hylian, 18th Sept. 2021

  • Yara Andeon
  • Lower Andeon
Limbo Clan Ravenist "Limbo is a clan, and that’s about it. If you feel like you fall under multiple or none of the other clans then Limbo is right for you. Our goals are to promote friendly interaction with and between other clans through fair trade, barter and collaborative projects, and to help individuals pursue personal growth."

- Ravenist, 21st Sept. 2021

  • Sanctum
Frost Clan Gb223s13 N/A
  • Avalon

Early days

After the alt raids by The druid and JayTeeR, Flags felt responsible for not keeping a close eye on their party members and allowing this to happen. They originally requested exile from Acadia, being allowed to leave with his island in the Lewis Islands. This was denied by a unanimous vote by the Acadia National Assembly. After it was shot down, they began looking for a new hom,e and they found one in the ruins of what was Kickassia, a state formerly part of Eddie Murphy. At first, it was called the Brewers Republic, with the idea being to encourage brewing among new friends and having it be a place where brewers could get together. However, the idea that the republic should be in the hands of individual brewers or small groups and not corporations trying to make a profit came up, so the name and ideology changed having it become the Syndicalist Brewers Republic or SBR. Around the same time, the SBR joined the NWO. However, the idea of the republic would soon be killed, as former members of WAP would flee to the SBR as the Acadian-No State Commune War conflict was heating up. Soon after former WAP members rejoined, with the idea that perhaps a monarchy should be put in place for the time being. This soon came to be, and the nation's name changed about 5 times until it became the Eon Empire.

1st Eon Empire

Olympian raids

About a month following the foundation of Eon, a new force came to be known as the Olympians. From what is known they spawned in Sussex, eventually going north on the rail, and raiding Eon and killing the beloved Tsar Ivan. After a few days of discussion, the regency left the NWO and declared war on the Olympians. Soon after war was declared, Olympia was glass bombed, raided, snitched, and occupied. While the war still technically continues, it seems to be an Eonian victory. It was described as "beating a dead horse," as there was no Olympian pushback. The regency believes that it was either an alt raid or new friends bullied off the server.

The Dominion of Eon

Alternative flag of Eon proposed by Zeldronix

The Dominion of Eon (as it was officially known as in certain Truidencian documents) or more commonly referred to as The Eon Empire was founded on the 12th of September. It was a dominion of Imperial Truidence with two senators from Eon are representing the dominion at all times. After the signing of the union, a few projects sponsored by Truidence were started, one of which being a skybunker built to protect against newly found threat of Minemaster933.

The Kickassian Insurrection

On the 27th of September 2021, Minemaster933 declared the formation of the Free Republic of Kickassia, a nation free from "the evil forces of Imperial Truidence" whose borders encompassed almost the entirety of mainland Eon. In reality, Kickassia was confined within the walls of Minemaster933's house, which was promptly removed by combined IT-Eon forces. The war was largely put to an end on the 1st of October with the pearling of Minemaster933.

Too long the evil forces of Imperial Truidence have tried to steal my house from me, TOO LONG. well today all of that changes. The Free Republic of Kickassia (also known as the sovereign nation of don’t touch my house) will defend her borders from all evil evil gross nasty odious putrid disgusting rotten Truidences. -Minemaster

The Second Eonian Empire

By the passing and signing of The Eonian Independence Bill on the 23rd of November, Eon was once again a sovereign nation while retaining bonds and friendly relations with Imperial Truidence.

Cession of Avalon

On the 2nd of December, Gb223s13, the Emperor of Avalon announced the disbandment of Avalon due to personal reasons. On the City of England's discord server, Gb223s13 asked FE_Flags if Avalon could be taken in by Eon, which Flags accepted. Gb223s13 soon after established the Frost Clan.