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Empire of Vzis
Flag of Vzis
Location-6080, 7200
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
• Chancellor
Foundation dateStart of Server
Succeeded by
The Empire of Vzis was a secluded nation ruled by emperor DroidJoe the First and chancellor Bluedillydilly in the early days of civclassics. The nation would be dissolved following a territorial conflict with Yoahtl, with many of Vzis's citizens quitting the nation in the aftermath and the remaining splitting the territory between the short lived nations of Vallera and Candria. Although founded by Civcraft 2.0 Icenians, it is not in cannon with present day Icenia.



Vzis can trace back its origins to late Civcraft 2.0 in the short-lived and unfortunate nation of Icenia, which despite a promising start was eventually torn apart by tensions both internal and external, being ultimately dissolved and absorbed by the neighbouring Volteran Empire during the final days of the world.

However in spite of being destroyed in large part due to inner conflict, months after the end of Civcraft 2.0 there still remained a strong sentiment of unity and nostalgia among many of its former players, as a result DroidJoe, together with several other former Icenians would go on to lead several attempts to reunite the group under a new state: first on Civcraft: Worlds as Astanna and a second time on CivEx 3.0 as the Kingdom of Icenia, it is this later group that would migrate to CivClassic to establish the nation of Vzis.

Due to the common origin of many of its players Icenian culture, memes[1] and history is considered an important part of the nation's identity with Icenia's original declaration of independence from Kaiserin being celebrated as a national holiday, a holiday also celebrated in modern day Icenia.

Establishment on CivClassic

The location of Vzis was chosen by emperor DroidJoe on the server's first day for its resources and strategic location.

The town's population was originally constituted by the same group that inhabited Icenia on CivEx 3.0 but would go on to attract new players during the following weeks.

Vzis early-server strategy was to remain isolated from much of the outside world and to instead focused on internal growth and economic development, as such its location and many of its other details were not immediately made public[2]

Conflict with Yoahtl and Dissolution of Vzis

By the 18th of July it was found that New Yoahtl City had been settled on the island that was then known as Gapplar, located within Vzis's claims, a decision that had not been previously known due to a miscommunication between the two parties and Vzis's decision to keep its claims private up until that point. This dispute quickly escalated into a short lived conflict on July 18th between Vzis and Yoahtl (with the support of Nudist Beach)[3], which ended with the defeat of Vzis and the acknowledgment of Yoahtl's land claims[4].

The aftermath of this conflict and the poor management and leadership that led to it shook the player base of Vzis and ignited eternal divisions, ultimately leading to its fragmentation into the nations of Vallera[5] and Candria[6].

Vzis was thus disbanded on the 19th of July 2017.


Vzis was ruled by an emperor with an elected chancellor who handled much of countries internal and foreign policy and elected under a 4 month term.

1st Chancellor Election

Vzis first and only chancellor elections took place on June 16th 2017, the winner was Bluedillydilly[7] aka OGTardigrade.

1st Vzis Chancellor Election
Candidate Campain Motto Party Final Vote Count
Bluedillydilly A vote for me, is a vote for Sloth Independent 4
Smal Tommorow's memes today Independent 3
Spartinpastic - Independent 1