Federation of Rhodesia

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Not to be confused with Rhodesia

Federation of Rhodesia
Flag of Rhodesia
Rhodesian Coat of Arms
Capital CityFort Salisbury
Prime MinisterGuineapigplays
ProvincesMashonaland, Matabeleland
Founded26th June 2019
Motto"Sit Nomine Digna."
National Anthem"Rhodesians Never Die"
Succeeded by German Empire

The Federation of Rhodesia was a nation that was created on 26th June 2019. The capital was Fort Salisbury. As of the 26th July 2019, it was renamed to the German Empire as many people continued to confuse it with Rhodesia.

Flags of Rhodesia

Flag Represents Explanation
War Flag of Rhodesia A white saltire on a green field and the Rhodesian Coat of Arms in the centre. The War Flag represents the Rhodesian Armed Forces, being flown on all military installations even in times of peace. In times of conflict, the War Flag may supplant usage of the national flag. However, as Rhodesia has never been in a war, this has never happened.
Salisbury An orange-white-blue horizontal tricolour with a slightly modified Rhodesian Coat of Arms in the centre.
Mashonaland A red-white-green horizontal tricolour, with a black band towards the hoist and the Rhodesian bird in the canton.
Matabeleland A vertical green-white-green tricolour with the British South Africa Company lion in the centre.