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People's Republic of Centauri
Part ofFederal Socialist Republics
Server IterationCivcraft 2.0
LeadersSandFalls, BattleDog249, Zeriah
Population10-11 at one point
Coordinates7800, -3500
Local LanguageEnglish
Foundation DateNovember 11th, 2013

Centauri was a Socialist town founded by SandFalls and BattleDog249 in mid-November 2013 on Civcraft 2.0. Centauri was at first a Diarchy, headed by SandFalls and BattleDog249 as equals. In May, it became part of the (later collapsed) UIA (United Imperial Assembly). In early June, following much drama between the UIA and the NEA (North Eastern Alliance), Centauri was dropped from the UIA. In September 2014, Centauri joined New Leningrad, Hjaltland, and Arstotzka in the formation of the Eastern Bloc. In April 2015, Centauri joined New Leningrad and Montarnis in the founding of the Federal Socialist Republics.

Notable Aspects

  • Home of a fully functional Olympic District.
  • Home of the FSR Colosseum
  • Initial founding state of the Eastern Bloc and Federal Socialist Republics
  • Centaurs with lever phalluses

Politics of Centauri

Centauri is one of the initial founders of the Eastern Bloc and FSR and is now an inactive town inside the Federal Socialist Republics.


On November 11, 2013, Centauri was founded by SandFalls, BattleDog249, and mellowhype64.

In January 2014, pantostado/cunextautumn joined Centauri and started what Battle and Sand call the Pantos Age, where Centauri saw a massive increase in size.

In early June 2014, Zeriah joined Centauri and quickly rose to a new position of Triarch, and has since helped the city become much larger than it was ever before.

In June-July 2014, tensions rose between the Fellowship District LBC and Centauri after the founding of a small colony Aztec on the Centauri-Brimstone Border. LBC was shown to have snitches on Centauri land, and the disputes ended shortly afterwards.

At the beginning of August 2014, Centauri's biggest project - the Colosseum - was finished after much work.

On September 29, 2014, the Eastern Bloc was founded after months of discussion on the topic.

On October 12, 2014, a group of people from the 4chan boards /pol/ and /mlp/ which were headed by Wolfdevon declared war on the Eastern Bloc. Shortly afterward their group fell apart. We technically never ended the war.

In December 2014, tensions rose between the Eastern Bloc and Fellowship over the desert surround New Leningrad.

In January 2015, tensions rose between Centauri and Fellowship after what was initially a joke turned into murder.

In January 2015, Sand actually decided to update this page for the first time in literally months.


On April 23, 2015, Centauri ceases to exist due to a merger with New Leningrad and Montarnis to form the Federal Socialist Republics.

A very long time after the last time Sand updated this page, he came back.