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The Twenty Third Mirian Star Empire
Location11273, -128
Capital cityCharon

Mir, officially The Lands of Mir, was a nation on CivClassic located in the far east of the map with several smaller claims elsewhere such as fortresses in Hallow, HJE and Rhodesia. It is renowned for being isolationist. Mir was formed on Civcraft 2.0 and had three founding members: Jakemeister123, Lysika_Lantariel and Snorriandgotrekt. Lysika announced Mir in april 2015 and that Mir was taking over the former lands of the Forsaken.[1]


Started the Mir-Chanada war because Mir spent several months building in an isolated part of Chanada before they were discovered. Chanada, Nox, SPQR all tried to remove Mir's town. Lysika_Lantariel admitted to starting the war purely to rekindle interest in Civcraft amongst the members of Mir.[2]

Introduction of Mir on CivClassic. Click to enlarge


After a hiatus following the end of Civcraft 2.0 Mir reformed and took a cautious approach using alts, settling down and founding Charon by the second day. After securing the world border they learned they had neighbours to the north, Anguish, when one of their leaders Daffney also laid claim to the world border. Mir did not want to give up one of the main reasons for settling there so they constructed a town, solidified the border and talked to Anguish to the point that Daffney retracted the Anguish claim and went back north. This interation would foreshadow the gradual tension between the two groups which ulitmately would end in war. Once Mir had finished building infrastructure and trenches Lysika announced Mir's existence on CivClassics to the subreddit in August 2017.[3]

Elsewhere on the server tensions began to rise between Lexington, The Commonwealth and Hjaltland. Anguish would eventually side with Lexington and in preparation for this both Mir and Anguish built massive fortifications in case of conflict. At this point Mir had constructed a 1.6km bedrock moat around their entire xp infrastructure and it was fully bastioned. Anguish began construction of their own Grand Moat. Planned to encompass their entire nation it would have been similarly massive though they only ended up digging 300m of the south side - and not bastioning it. Instead they focused on their vault situated north of their town along the diagonal world border. Aware of this growing vault Mir finally invested heavily in its own cardinal world border site. Bringing with them several years of vault building knowledge, Mir constructed a WB vault of fairly ridiculous proportions. Most top tier vaults have around 15 effective rings. Mir's had 30 (later expanded to 50+) along with a further 1km of perimeter bedrock moat dug some distance around it. In addition to these larger fortifications multitudes of sky bunkers were built around Mir.

After The Commonwealth was obby bombed with obsidian obtained by misleading the admins, some of Anguish were identified as taking part on alts they thought were secret. Mir and Hjaltland launched an attack the next day on anguish's vault, using a skybridge to break it before a ground attack on the town of Anguish, Mir announced the defeat of anguish and that they'd be annexing their lands.[4] After several months of war elsewhere in the world (mostly Lexington city) various members of Anguish and Lexington moved into the ruined vault and reactivated the defences. Over a period of a month or two they launched daily attacks on northern Mir. One fortification opposed them - the outermost moat. Despite months of early morning attacks against this they were never able to break it. During this people like Coni_S2, Shapha2002 and many others the moat grew stronger - advancing north towards the Anguish vault chunk by chunk. Eventually key members of the Anguish/Lexington attack force were pearled in their attacks on the moat.[who?] Then advances in vault breaking technology, originating in Hjatland, allowed a second attack on the Anguish vault which defeated Anguish in half a day - for a second and final time. The war continued far away in the northern world border vault of Lexington for another quarter of a year but the Anguish part was over. Some members of Anguish betrayed their town handing over groups to Mir in exchange for leniency/condemnation of Anguish's actions against The Commonwealth. Much later an official and legitimate passing of groups to Mir would occur as part of the reparations process. The war ended long ago - the members of Anguish who took part have served their time and moved on, living elsewhere. The land that was once Anguish is now Mir, albeit littered with the scars of war.