South Augusta

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South Augusta
The Merchant Republic of South Augusta
Coat of Arms
DemonymSouth Augustan
Capital citySouth Augusta Walled City
• Patrician
• Interim State Council
Foundation dateMarch, 2020
Preceded byMount Augusta

The Merchant Republic of South Augusta (SA) is a sovereign state occupying the central region of the southern peninsula in the pan-augustan continent. SA declared independence from Mount Augusta following the Augustan community's decision to move to CivRealms.

South Augusta is ruled by the Patrician TheOrangeWizard and the state council of citizens.



As part of Mount Augusta the region was the site of Francis Point, Mount Augusta's most southern suburb. It was initially developed by Camo and contained a grid of streets with an assortment of small buildings. A few structures from this development remain including Romec's railroad house, the old Bloom embassy, a private ranch style dwelling and the Buy Local billboard.

The region was also home to an abandoned vault project involving OLivay and Rakwal. The partially dug vault hole is now home to South Augusta Walled City.

Before the dissolution of Mount Augusta, Dr_Oracle and TheOrangeWizard identified the abandoned vault hole as a location for a possible project. Dr Oracle secured ownership of the site and works began on what was initially branded as 'Tophloon Walled City'. The project evolved into South Augusta as Mount Augusta declined.

Controversy and Conflicts

The HD Incident

Henry Draton, one of the few people left active in Mount Augusta, did not recognise South Augusta's declaration of independence. Henry recruited people who had raided Mount Augusta previously, and offered to drop his claims against them in exchange for disabling South Augustan infrastructure. Several small skirmishes were fought with South Augusta emerging victorious and Henry rescinding his demands.

Border Disputes

South Augusta is involved in several ongoing border disputes. Disagreements with the Confederation of Socialist Augusta (CSA) are focused on the northern land border, which is presently the site of a large border wall. South Augusta has repeatedly claimed the Palace of the Union was built on stolen grounds and that the most recent border position agreement was wholly unfair and made under duress.

Another area of disagreement is Spratly Island, which is claimed by both South Augusta and Mount September.

Awards and Decorations

South Augusta has one quasi-official award, the South Augusta Service Medal (SASM). The recipients to date are noted below.

South Augusta Service Medal
Recipient Portrait Award Date Awarded For
Jyn 2020 Services to Excavation
Ahrimanne 2020 Services to State Security (The HD incident)


Included is the HD Incident of 2020, a re-enactment of the events of that day.

Image shows the Henry Draton "incident of 2019". It is believed that it actually occurred in 2020 with the issue of HenryDraton hiring thugs (one of who is now very nice) to attack the nation of South Augusta. They were beaten back.