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Official Flag of Augsburg
Capital CityEssen
Proconsular GovenorMuffinMan125
FoundedAugust 2018

Augsburg was the furthest most Eastern province of SPQR and resided in a forest biome in the +,- and -,- of CivClassics. It included the original claims of the second Kingdom of Kaltsburg and cherished its German heritage through its architecture and preservation of historic landmarks.


Entrance into Essen

The Kaltsburg Era

Until August 2018, the region was mostly made up of a large uninhabited forest when the colony of Niederburg was founded by Kaltsburg and became home to a port and fortification. After a devastating attack on the Kaltsburg motherland, citizens fled to the region and established the town of Bonn along with the new capital city of Die Hauptstadt. In the following months the nation expanded rapidly by building factories and farms. In October, MuffinMan125 joined the nation with the Providence of Aureus but by November of 2018 the population of Kaltsburg had declined so much that King Deyan agreed to join SPQR by signing the Treaty of Ravenna.

The Roman Era

After joining SPQR, NovaCeasar appointed MuffinMan125 as the Proconsular Governor and Senator. The region was then renamed to Augsburg to commemorate its new Roman allegiance and Die Hauptstadt changed to Essen. Afterwards, Augsburg began to industrialize with farms greatly expanded, new factories created, and a rail system that connected to Roma.


Eastern star fort


  • Essen contained multiple buildings, monuments, farms, and rail access.
  • Niederburg had buildings for storage, defense, and sea travel.


Augsburg was home to two fortifications with a third planned. A small one protected the region's southern border in Niederburg and a larger star fort protected the Eastern coast.


Augsburg maintained a small economy that showed growth after joining SPQR.


Much of the land was reserved for farm use. Wheat, beets, carrots, cane, lumber, melon, and pumpkin were all grown.

EXP Production

The means to produce its own source of experience had been planned.[when?]


The Essen Trading Company specialized in producing natural resources for food, construction, and EXP production. The ETC had also had some influence in the rail and mapping industries.