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Christopia is a nation created by Robblefest on August 17th, 2021 in the shallow -,- located North of Icenia in the "Badlands".

Pre-Christopia History

Before Christopia, "The Badlands", land north of Icenia known for its hostile environment consisting of desert "floating" taiga islands, was owned by Bloom. The land was not heavily developed due to its general inability to be mined due to the fact that there is no solid ground. The islands "float" on a layer of water making it so you can swim under them.

After Bloom disbanded, the land was inherited by the Republic of Icenia, but no use was seen in it and it was declaimed within a week of the signing of the Bank of Icenia bill which established Bloom City and Hyperion under one state. Shortly after this it was declared that the land would be set aside for "new nation development" under Icenian supervision-preventing large landowners and established players from creating nations directly North of Icenia.

During this time a GOR spur was built out to Columbia that ran through the area.

The Creation of Christopia

On August 16th 2021, a new player by the name of Robblefest "claimed" a new nation on the main island of Icenia about 200 blocks from Icenia City called "New America". ChrisChrispie and MrJeremyFarmer went to investigate this breach of claims and informed Robblefest that he could either stay under Icenian rule, or establish his own nation on unclaimed land. Robblefest agreed to become a citizen of Icenia, however, concerns in the Icenian government began to mount due to previous attempts at settling newfriends in Icenian claims separate from Icenia utterly failing (West Isle, Nexton). Robblefest was then given another option-move to unclaimed land North of Icenia or move to Icenia City. He chose to create his own nation.

Christopia was plotted out directly North of Bloom City along the GOR spur and named after ChrisChrispie or Chris Chan depending on who you ask. It's capital city, suggested by ChrisChrispie, was named Chandlerville.