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This page is currently in progress to include Pacem's new introduction to CivMC.

The Free-City of Pacem
Pacem Flag
Flag of Pacem
Pacem Flag
Map of the Greater Pacem Territory on CivMC
LocationCivMC: -5200, -1080 CivClassics: -666, 9720
Capital cityPacem
TerritoriesPacem Overseas Territories
Area1.76 km²
• Head of Government
  • Chancellor Shtim
  • Council Member Rambete
  • Council Member Wheaties
  • Council Member Great_Shamalow
  • Council Member Peyt1212
Foundation dateJune 12th, 2017
Independence from YoahtlFebuary 23rd, 2020
IdeologyClassic Liberal
Motto"Where the great need not fear the small"

The Free City of Pacem, also known as Pacem, is a city-state in the North-Western quadrant of the CivMC map. The city was founded on June 12th, 2017 as an independent nation on CivClassics, briefly joining greater Yoahtl as an autonomous town in May, 2019, and departing on February 23rd, 2020. To this day, Pacem remains an independent state. Since its founding, Pacem has focused on commerce, culture, and diplomacy - the city is a major trading hub within the quadrant. In previous iterations Pacem was widely known for its architecture, museums, and opera house. Today, the citizens of Pacem are working to build a new city greater than before.

In addition to Fortuna, Pacem was the official capital of the Pacem Overseas Territories on CivClassics.

Pacem’s population is composed of a strong community of players, having played together on several other civilisation servers including CivEx, Civcraft and SovAsc, concentrating on architecture, culture and diplomacy.

The city is built around early 20th Century urban architecture including a skyscraper filled skyline and various examples of Art Deco, Beaux Arts and Neo-Classical styles.

Pacem can be easily reached by minecart from the centre of the map. From the southern rails at Wayrest station (1277,145), just look for the Pacem tunnel and type /dest Pacem.

For more information on Pacem’s commercial establishments, please visit the Commerce in Pacem page


Pacem, in its current form, was founded on CivClassics in mid June 2017. However, Pacem had already existed on CivCraft3.0 as a small town in the Drakontas (swamp) shard. The player base that forms Pacem is even older; having originally met on CivEx2.0, the Pacem population has played on CivCraft3.0, Sovereignty Ascending, CivEx3.0, and CivEx First Light.

Although originally founded as an independent city state, Pacem joined greater Yoahtl as an autonomous town in early May, 2019. Through joining Yoahtl, Pacem greatly improved trading relations and communication networks, benefitting from the extensive Yoahtlan infrastructure on both the server and discord. However, in February, 2020, the Pacem Executive Council voted to submit articles of separation, officially separating amicably from Yoahtl on the 23rd of February 2020.

From its founding, Pacem has been adamantly anti-government. State power is severely limited, and architectural restrictions are the only regulations present within the city state besides a basic guarantee of individual and property rights. As stated on the Pacem welcome board, "Here, the great need not fear the small!".


  • Pacem Council of State

The Council of State forms the executive and legislative branch of Pacem government. Comprised of three members, 2 elected council members and the unelected Chancellor of State, the Council is responsible for the day-to-day running of Pacem and maintenance of foreign relations. In addition, the Pacem Council of State is responsible for the approval of builds, and overall architectural foundations of the city. As set out in Council Bill 0.0 [HERE] the Council's elected office will require re-election every two months.

The unelected Chancellor, representing the minority of votes within the Council, ensures that parliamentary procedures, resources, and traditions continue from one Council of State to the next. The Chancellor also maintains Pacem legislative archives, discords, and e-mail addresses.

For a full list of legislative bills, and past council members, please see our Council Bills archive [HERE].

File:Pacem05-06-21.png|left|250x250px|The morning sun rises over Pacem - CivClassics (05/06/2021)

  • Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee of Pacem is comprised of a variety of players nominated by the Council of State. The Committee will serve at the pleasure of the State Council, providing architectural aid and feedback to individuals wanting to build in Pacem. While the Council has final authority over buildings constructed in Pacem, the Architectural Committee provides a direct advisory role regarding all matters related to construction.

Citizens are appointed to the Architectural Committee by a legislative majority in the Pacem Council of State.


  • The Grand Pacem Hotel

The hotel, which is the second largest within Pacem, was one of the first structures to be built within the city and carries the famous “PACEM” sign facing the Frederic Bastiat bridge. The hotel contains a simple reception area downstairs, followed by 4 floors of hotel rooms. In total, the hotel can house 24 guests.

  • Emperor Enterprises Tower

The Emperor Enterprises Tower serves as the headquarters of Emperor Enterprises, one of Pacem’s largest construction companies owned by Shtim and Rambete. The tower, although always under redevelopment, contains several floors full of offices, meeting rooms and reception desks.

  • Herbert Spencer Tower

Formerly known as the “Pacem Executive Tower”, Herbert Spencer tower is the tallest structure within the city. Built in the neo-gothic style, the tower provides visitors with unobstructed 360 degree views of Pacem.

The tower’s namesake, Herbert Spencer, was an English classic liberal economist and philosopher.

  • Frederic Bastiat Bridge

The Bastiat bridge, originally named 'Le Gendre Bridge', provides a connection between Pacem proper and the wider city. The classic suspension bridge, stylised after the Brooklyn Bridge, was designed by Ral6011 and Shtim and has become an icon for the city of Pacem.

The bridge’s namesake, Frederic Bastiat, was a French classic liberal economist.

  • Ayn Rand Pacem Opera House

The Ayn Rand opera house, also known as the Pacem Grand Hall, is the largest structure outside of Pacem proper. The opera house is home to a ballroom, the Fountainhead restaurant and bar, a ticket office, several lounges and the main theatre; which can house up to 80 players spread over the stalls, balconies and private boxes.

The opera house’s namesake, Ayn Rand, was a Russian-American objectivist philosopher and author.

City Districts

  • Pacem Proper

Pacem proper contains both Liberty Avenue, Park Lane and Freedom Square; it forms the beating heart of Pacem. The district is the oldest in the city, containing several important buildings including Pacem Central Station, the Grand Hotel, the Factory Building and Herbert Spencer Tower.

  • Hayek Market District

Hayek Market, also known as the 'Brooklyn of Pacem', is the main residential and commercial zone within Pacem. The district contains several tenement buildings for both New Friends and Old Friends alike, as well as multiple shops and the Pacem post office. Hayek Market is named after Friedrich von Hayek, an Anglo-Austrian Classic Liberal Economist, and is connected to Pacem proper via Hayek bridge.

  • Pacem Industrial Zone

The Pacem Industrial zone is the agricultural and production zone of Pacem. The wheat, carrot and beetroot fields are connected to Pacem proper by the northern bridge and provide the city with sustenance and productive capacity. The Industrial zone is home to both the Pacem Production Company (PPC) and the Pacem Delivery Centre. The zone also contains stables and a park.



Due to the small and concentrated nature of the city state, Pacem’s road network is highly developed. With most buildings, if not all, within walking distance of one another, Pacem has been able to develop its internal road system to a great extent.

The city is also well connected internationally. The underground rail station is connected directly to Hjaltland, Vinland, and Wayrest; allowing individuals to change to other international rail lines from there. Pacem is also connected to the Great Overland Railway, allowing for quick travel to Yoahtl, Mt. Augusta, and beyond.

A stylised map of the Pacem road network, created by Shtim.


  • Emperor Enterprises (est. June 2017)

As the premier architectural firm within Pacem, Emperor Enterprises has built a variety of public works as well as private buildings, including, but not limited to, Herbert Spender Tower and the Old Exchange Building.

  • Grand Pacem Hotel (est. June 2017)

Located in the first building to be completed in Pacem, the Grand Hotel has housed a great number of guests since it’s inception. While Pacem is a quasi-libertarian city state, the hotel was setup with no profit motive in mind. Since its first day of operation, the Pacem hotel has never charged for use of its facilities. To this day, the hotel remains as a place to stay for visitors, free of charge.

  • Pacem Produce Company (est. Jan 2018)

The PPC, as it is locally known, is responsibly for most of Pacem’s agricultural production ability. The PPC building acts not only as a storage centre, but also as a meeting place for employees and mushroom production site.

  • Pacem Cactus Co. (est. June 2019)

Early in Pacem's development, one of its core players, ArtemisFowl, initiated the construction of a large southern cactus plantation. However, following the decline of Pacem's activity towards the end of 2017, the project was abandoned. With the full revival of Pacem in May of 2019, several members of the city rejuvenated the project, completing the plantation, and starting the Pacem Cactus Company. Pacem is now one of the largest producers of cacti in the region.

  • RockHard Industries (est. September 2019)

RockHard Industries, jointly owned by Mb3player and Lolalily, undertakes mining activities within Greater Pacem. The company offers customers cobblestone, smooth stone, coal and access to cheap diamond tools. The company aims to expand their activities further in the future.

  • Pacem Logging Co. (est. September 2019)

The Pacem Logging Company is owned by Andwaf and supplies the city with a variety of wood products. Leaves, logs and charcoal are all supplied through the extensive supply chain set up by Andwaf. As the city continues to diversify its builds, the wide variety of wood available at Andwaf's wood stores fuel progress.

  • The Liberty Gazette (est. February 2020)

The Liberty Gazette is Pacem's premium newspaper. While the paper mainly exists on the subreddit, the Gazette covers both international and local news. Contributors have included RAL6011 (Former Editor-In-Chief ), Shtim (Editor-In-Chief), Rambete, Gordona22, DanielX9X, TigerAce826, and Monderd22.

Notable (Ex-)Citizens

Player Name Known For Current Status
Shtim Founder & Chancellor of Pacem, Co-Founder of Emperor Enterprises, Editor-In-Chief of the Liberty Gazette Citizen
Rambete Founder & Council Member of Pacem, Ex-Vice Chancellor of Pacem, Co-Founder of Emperor Enterprises Citizen
TigerAce826 Founder & Council Member of Pacem Citizen
Naglafer Prominent Icenian politician, Ex-Council Member of Pacem, CEO of Titan Industries Citizen
PacGaming Minister Of Fun in Icenia, Residential Cool guy of Pacem Citizen
Peyt1212 Head Archivist of Pacem, founder of the Pacem Archives, notable historian and writer Citizen
Mushroomfly Long-term citizen of Pacem Citizen
Koentinius Prominent Prussian politician, CEO of Prussian Aesthetic Imports Shop in Pacem Citizen
Commrade Potatoe Chief Justice of the Lambatan Supreme Court, Prominent Pacem merchant Citizen
CharlieSeeese Prominent Icenian and Pacem citizen Citizen
Bionic_Renegade Former Pacem New-Friend Ambassador Citizen
Sniper_X_3 Prominent Pacem citizen, Master Constructor of the Ayn Rand Opera House, CEO of the Pacem Produce Co. Citizen, inactive
Mb3player Ex-Council Member of Pacem, CEO of HardRock Industries Citizen, inactive
DankMemesTopKek Leader of Caesar's Legion, Nro'Meagh Ex-Citizen
SortByNode Prominent CivClassics & CivCraft Archivist and Maester Citizen, inactive
Jriles Former Governor of the Pacem Overseas Territory of Fortuna Citizen, inactive
RAL6011 Prominent Pacem architect, Former Editor-In-Chief of the Liberty Gazette, Former leader of Green Faction Ex-Citizen