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Rain's Skin (c. July 2021)
Personal Info
Known ForIWW Founder, Union Leader
Known Spoken LanguagesEnglish
IdeologyAnarchist Communism
Anarchist Syndicalism
Queer Anarchism
Citizenships Past & Present Industrial Workers of the World (Founder)

 The No State Commune (Founder)
 Paris Commune (Founder)
 Jevoghnya (Honorary)
Guthrie Commune

Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivRealms 2.0
Iterations played on

RainOfPain125, also known as Rain or Rainie, is the founder of the  Industrial Workers of the World on CivRealms and the  The No State Commune on CivClassics. Rain is a controversial player due to various events and political stances.


Rain's first sign on CivRealms

Rain began CivRealms wanting to build, make friends, organize, and in his words “unite the server’s leftists”. His goal on the server was try to “ideologically win”,[citation needed] and decided to build a nation to present as a threat on the server.

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

On the January 23rd, 2020 Rain established the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), an organization of anarchist, socialist, and communist countries on the northern continent of Napistan, though the anarchist part is disputed due to later events. Rain chose this area as the northern continent of Napistan was largely unclaimed compared to the rest of the world.

When the IWW was declared on the 23rd of January, Rain recruited players to join the server and began to set up communes in the region. The Commune of Tolstoy, and Commune of Vescau (which was later renamed as Exarchos) were established. At the time, Rain didn’t possess a PC and could only encourage players to move up to the northern continent.

North-East Waterways Organization, which Rain participated in

When Rain was able to play, he moved to Tolstoy. He would gather resources and participated in the excavation of a canal to provide easy travel under the North-East Waterways Organization (NEWO).

The ACA, an anarcho-communist discord server run by Rain

Later, Rain begun a recruitment campaign utilizing the Anarchist Communist Association discord that he ran. Along with Reddit posts, the IWW grew incredibly quickly, with his advertising becoming some of the highest upvoted content on r/CivRealms[1]

The IWW was a very loose and disorganized group as many did not fully understand the mechanics present on CivRealms. This later lead to the easy bombing of Tolstoy by PartyAnimal with Rain and EmDubleYou being pearled during the bombing. IWW allies from Alexandria came, removed the obsidian, and freed both of their pearls, but the city would go into a period of decline.

Greenland was a new nation which threatened the IWW, demanding that they leave its surrounding land in the center-south of Napistan on the coast. However, players who ran Greenland quit[citation needed] and the IWW extended its claims farther south gaining a carrot farm in the south as a result. This would later lead to a small conflict between MCSpenguin and Rain that lead to Rain being pearled for two weeks.

With Rain temporarily pearled the IWW used the free time to introduce a position that would conduct diplomacy, trade, and facilitate organization in the IWW named the "Union Organizer" or UO, a democratically elected position.

Rain was unpearled after his two weeks was up and proceeded to contribute to the IWW. Sometime later some members of the IWW would make calls to have a vote on a new leader. In doing so, the role of complete ownership came to be titled "Server Organizer" or SO. Folks including Rain, Freezor, Ian, Pierre, and Hiduck ran for the new Server Organizer position. Initially, the opposition against Rain was divided. However, a series of events and manipulation lead to an outcome that elected HeyDuckHi.

At the end of the day Rain honored the vote and transferred ownership of the IWW. Ownership was successfully transferred, but Rain was quickly Ducky's biggest critic, highlighting abusive actions she was committing from day one. This ended up with him getting banned from the IWW discord. After which he’d end up making a critique of the "Insurrectionary IWW" as he called it,[2] which was received negatively by the IWW and the server as a whole.
A meme created by RainOfPain125 to criticize the nations that came out of the Duckapore-IWW schism several months after his removal.

Rain would leave Napistan as an exile of his own nation. He left, but was supported by his former IWW comrades ADAM and VeryStrange, of which Strange would note their disapproval of Ducky's attitude and leadership style as hostile.[3] Rain was also soon given support by his associate 1234fireball

Norlund Controversy

A meme created by RainOfPain125 to criticize the Norlund government at the time.

Rain would end up settling in Norlund. This was suggested by Rain's associate 1234fireball who suggested to him that he should create a town and petition to become a municipality within Norlund. He would end up founding the Paris Commune and the Black Internationale while in Norlund, of which his advertising campaign for the Internationale was wildly successful, and would become the top upvoted post of all time on r/CivRealms[4]

When the Paris Commune was accepted into the government on April 29th, 2020, Rain would immediately face opposition from the majority of Norlund. While this caused widespread public outcry, King Terry of Norlund at the time reacted with indifference. When King Terry of Norlund could no longer play CivRealms, a referendum was held in which Shameless_Shamus became the King of Norlund. Shamus would later "visit" the Paris Commune pretending to be friendly, only to unexpectedly pearl an undefended Rain.

This lead to a massive conflict in the Norlund political system, and resulted in the Norlund civil war.

Involvement in the Paris Uprising

A screenshot taken from an unknown user, showcasing two signs with defiant statements.
The aftermath of the Paris Uprising.



Rain saw CivUniverse as an opportunity to begin again. He would end up joining the small building nation of Wyvern with his friend UnknownKarnij. This stint wouldn’t last for long as a user named Prebanned along with a friend decided to travel to Wyvern and kill Rain.

Of course this isn’t the end. He left Rain’s pearl in a random chest in the middle of nowhere and the pearl would proceed to expire the next day. After this to make sure this didn’t happen again the council of Wyvern evicted Rain but gave him time to gather his belongings and demolish his house.

Guthrie Commune

After this he’d move to a jungle with Zombie_Striker where they would both proceed to secretly build an underground commune named after Woody Guthrie. At the same time Rain would join Camertem. Though Rain was very busy with college which prevented him from playing often. He decided to spend some of his precious time to visit the Fempire Union.

He’d join the voice chat of the Fempire Union and hang out while touring the nation, until members of Camertem raided the voice chat and verbally berated Rain for minutes, making tens of accusations and interrogating him randomly in the Fempire voice chat, which made Rain and everyone else there very uncomfortable, with members of Fempire asking them multiple times to leave and take it somewhere else. After a few minutes of screaming and accusing, they ended with saying that Rain and his friends were kicked out of Camertem and not allowed back for no reason provided, with no evidence provided.

Rain got on the nerves of the CivUniverse staff which led to him being frequently muted on both Discord and the CivUniverse global chat. Rain frequently argued with notable player Vespasian who was posting content about race theory among other racist things, resulting him being muted and the eventual removal of the #shitflinging channel on the CivUniverse Discord. Rain also regularly posted and advertised the IWW Discord, however after an investigation by CivUniverse staff in January 2021 they forbade Rain from advertising the IWW, believing that the Discord was not centered around CivUniverse.


Rain joined CivClassics in late June of 2021. He spent all of his time in The No State Commune. Mainly building and having fun with friends. He never joined other nations or did much else.


Rain has been a subject of several controversies in the Civ community and is generally perceived in negative regards at the very least, and at the most majoritarian disdain by the Civ community at large. The first being the events surrounding the IWW election and how he was hesitant to accept the outcome of a vote he claims was rigged.

"RainofPain" and "RainOfPain126"

Sometime on CivRealms, an unknown player would join on an alt named RainofPain pretending to be him except espousing love for capitalism and the free market.[5]

Another incident involved an account named RainOfPain126 joining CivRealms pretending to be Rain again, this time posting racial slurs in the chat. This got the real Rain in some trouble with the CivRealms staff whom thought he was the one on the alt, and for some time people mistakenly thought of Rain as a racist until it was widely understood what happened. Many less observant players were probably fooled because of how similar the usernames were.

MCSpenguin-RainOfPain125 Conflict

The Industrial Workers of the World had recently gained a new territory named "Greenland" in the south of the Napistan continent which hosted a huge carrot farm, after the previous owners gave up on CivRealms and transferred ownership to the IWW. Rain thought it was time to create a new town named Rojava that would unite the IWW together militarily, economically, and politically, with all railways connecting to it. The idea for the town was received well by most members of the IWW, thus Rain went down south to begin. He wanted to create the town next to the new carrot farm for easy access to food, on his way down he found what he thought was the farm and tried to start building but a bastion prevented him from doing so.

Rain would start to break the bastion thinking nothing of it, because the land was unclaimed on the CivRealms claims map and he IWW was well aware that previous nations tried to survive on the continent yet withered away. Members of the IWW would periodically find abandoned bastions, so Rain thought no different in this situation. It turned out that the bastion belonged to MCSpenguin and the farm he was trying to build next to, which he thought was the recently acquired one, was also Penguins farm.

MCSpenguin would go on to say he caught Rain "with smoking gun in hand" when he found him AFK breaking the bastion, pearling him on the spot. The dispute raged with the main points on Rain's side being that the land was not marked on the claims map, that he was never provided actual coordinates of Greenland's farm, and that he asked chat if anyone lived at the coordinates he was breaking the bastion at. MCSpenguin's side was that Rain should not be breaking random bastions, that Penguin should not have to put his claims on the claims map, and that he replied to Rain's question in chat on his alt.

Consequently Rain was pearled for two weeks and then released unconditionally. Rain was offered an early conditional release if the IWW decided to give up trying to rename the continent to Anarquistica, but that was not Rain's call to make since it was a democratic vote by all members of the IWW, showcasing Penguin's lack of care for the circumstances and situation.[6]

RainOfPain125-Norlund Conflict

RainOfPain125-Acadia Conflict

Alleged Doxing Incident

Shortly after The No State Commune was raided by Acadia and others, Rain had quit playing CivClassics. Though he remained on the r/CivClassics subreddit making comments. One day Rain noticed on his phone that he received two different notifications to a post he made, both posts containing the same content, but both posts written by different authors. From his perspective he thought it was funny that he caught someone using their alt reddit account, and let the user know that he saw it by replying to the content with a link to an image of the two notifications side by side together.

Rain argues that he never looked at the account before posting the image, nor did he intend to dox the user. However, his action was seen as an attempt to dox the user, who was from Acadia. As a result of this, people called for Rain to be banned from CivClassics.

Rain counter-argued that he didn't mean to harm, and pointed out that if someone in his situation truly wanted to cause harm that they could. He argued that if his intent actually was to dox this user, then he would have looked through the alt accounts' posts and comments gathering as much details and personal information, compile it together, then publish it publicly - which he did not do.

The CivClassics staff team would temporarily ban Rain for one month. This struck less observant users as weird, because doxers are almost always permanently banned. However, the CivClassics staff team believed that doxing the user was accidental, and no personal details were gathered. To calm the community and at the request of Rain, the CivClassics staff team intervened and made a post on their Subreddit explaining the circumstances and situation surrounding their decision[7][8][9]

The user would later go on to say that they would not pre-ban Rain from his server, because "The dox was real but I do not believe it was intended as one."[10] The alt username and time that the incident occurred will not be added for privacy and safety.

Server Bans


It is rumored that Rain is banned on CivRealms, however no evidence was ever provided to support this claim.


After CivUniverse closed, owner Ian_X12 banned Rain, after the server had already closed, for doxing on July 20th, 2021.[11]


Rain was temporarily banned from CivClassics for accidental doxing.


Rain was banned from Devoted for no reason provided.


Rain was permanently banned from CivRev for "Have a good day."[12]


Rain is permanently banned from CivMC for "past activities", most likely because of the Owain incident.


Rain himself claims to be an Anarcho-Communist & Anarcho-Syndicalist, both of which are slightly different in their management of economic affairs. He supports whichever one seems the most fitting for the situation at hand.

Rain claims to be a Platformist & Synthesis Anarchist, despite many of the contradictions between ideologies. Platformism argues that Anarchists should be grouped together based on a common set of ideas and strategy, while Synthesis Anarchism argues all Anarchists should unite despite their ideological differences. He supports Platformism when possible, and Synthesis Anarchism as a backup to achieve economic, military, and political goals.

Rain also supports Queer Anarchism, aka Anarchism as a means of queer liberation and success. Himself and many of his comrade peers are LGBTQIA+.

Critics are quick to point out many of his actions differ from the principles of anarchism. Rain’s anarchist leanings have been questioned by many, including many leftists. Many of his actions have been criticized as contradictory to the principles of anarchist ideology. One such action includes users such as Hiduckhi who have criticized Rain as being an "Anarcho-Monarchist”. Some would argue that his ideas and beliefs at times are contradictory in nature and/or claim that he is out right lying about his true beliefs in order to gain power, using ideology as a velvet glove.


The values and beliefs that the IWW proclaims are as follows -
  • Liberty & Freedom (Autonomy)
  • Equality
  • Fraternity & Solidarity
  • Direct Action
  • Free Association
  • Anti-Imperialism
  • Anti-Capitalism
  • Direct Democracy (Collective Autonomy)
  • Federation (Local Sovereignty, Bottom-Up Initiative)
  • Open Borders
  • Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism
  • Anti-Toxicity & Anti-Bigotry
  • Anti-Fascism & Anti-Fascist Action
  • Pro-LGBT+
— Rain during the declaration of the Industrial Workers of the World[13]
From Yoahtl to Acadia, in every mine and mill, where working men defend their rights, it's there you'll
find Joe Hill, it's there you'll find Joe Hill
"The Copper Bosses killed you Joe, they shot you Joe” says I. “Takes more than guns to kill a man”
Says Joe “I didn’t die” Says Joe “I didn’t die”
And standing there as big as life and smiling with his eyes. Says Joe “What they can never kill went on
to organize, went on to organize!"
For the Union makes us strong! — Rain's Final Speech on CivClassics

Real Life

Rain outside of the Civ genre is a freelance Media & Graphic Designer, he enjoys making Civ propaganda as a way to practice his skills and improve. He also likes to manage and organize communities, almost all of which are political in nature such as the Anarchist Communist Association.

Self-made Artwork

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