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Rain's Skin (c. July 2021)
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Industrial Workers of the World (Union Leader)

 Acadia (National troll)

Jevoghnya (Honorary)
Known ForIWW Founder, Union Leader
Main ResidenceAcadia (CivClassics)
Known Spoken Languages
  • American English
IdeologyAnarchist Communism
Anarchist Syndicalism
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivRealms_2.0
Iterations played onCivRealms_2.0, CivUniverse and CivClassic

RainOfPain125, also known as Rain or Rainie, is an original founder of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Civ History


Rain's first sign on CivRealms

Rain began CivRealms as a brand new, skeptical yet adventurous player. Wanting to build, make friends, organize, and unite the leftist community. His goal on the server was try to ideologically "win" CivRealms by convincing the general player-base that Anarchism as an economic and social ideology not only works, but that it is the most successful or preferable system of organizing and having fun.

Rain not only knew he would need a lot of help to organize. The conclusion was to build a nation that gathered enough members and resources to defend themselves if presented with a threat by others on the server.

In doing so, on the 23rd of January 2020 Rain declared[1] the Industrial Workers of the World, an organization of anarchist, socialist, and communist nations on the far northern continent of Napistan. Rain chose this area because he understood that trying to contest existing claims would probably get him killed, and the large northern island of Napistan was largely uninhabited compared to the rest of the world.

When the IWW was declared on the 23rd of January, Rain had recruited some players together to join the server and begin setting up communes in the area. And thus the Commune of Tolstoy and Vescau (Later rebranded as Exarchos) came into existence. At the time of creation, though, Rain did not possess a computer and thus could not play CivRealms, merely organizing the group and encouraging players to move up to the northern isolated continent to begin their journeys there.

North-East Waterways Organization, which Rain participated in

When Rain was again able to play, he moved to Tolstoy, contributing to mining, and the excavation of a new river that would span the continent and provide easy travel under the newly founded North-East Waterways Organization, or NEWO, founded by the creator of Tolstoy, Vajra (IGN Zazorg). Tolstoy started to become the heart of the IWW, the main town that members would stay around and contribute to, up until later on with communes such as Bremerhaven, and at the time is when a lot of recognizable faces of the IWW appeared such as EmDubleYou, EnderWorldDragon (5492 on Discord), ExcaliburSword (VeryStrange on Discord), Narhwal_19 (Narwhalo on Discord), fantasyworm, Lowtuff, Lannister, and buystamps

the Anarchist Communist Association, a large Discord community Rain runs. 1,100 members as of July 2021

After enough basic organizing had been finished, and Rain had retrieved his gaming computer, he committed to a recruitment campaign, utilizing his already existing community the Anarchist Communist Association along with Reddit posts across many large and small anarchist/socialist subreddits that quickly attracted new members to the IWW. Due to the recruitment drive, the IWW grew considerably in size from where it was previously.

The IWW was overall, a very loose and disorganized group. Not because members did not agree ideologically, but because many did not fully understand the mechanics present on CivRealms which later lead to the easy bombing of Tolstoy by PartyAnimal (later revealed to be Vanax). Rain and EmDubleYou were pearled in the bombing incident, as Vanax disguised as PartyAnimal wanted to 'purge the commies'. However a large coalition of fighters from Alexandria led by TTastic and Albyrt and other forces arrived to investigate and help. PartyAnimal logged before coalition forces got to the bunker, and we were freed.

Rain continued to grind and build until he fully understood the RealisticBiomes plugin, now understanding that most of the continent could not grow any crops, he sought to expand the IWW's claims across Napistan to more land that was arable enough to grow carrots.

Conveniently, a named "Greenland" threatened the IWW if it did not leave its surrounding land in the center-south of Napistan on the coast. Only 1-2 days later, the two people who ran Greenland quit the server, but not before giving up their group to a member of the IWW.

The IWW then inherited a large carrot farm in the south arctic. Happy with the details, Rain decided he wanted to build a coastal town near the farm to increase trade and access to arable land, picking a spot that he had thought was only a couple hundred or so blocks from the farm. Rain mined his way underground in an effort to build a railroad towards the new location, but realized the area was bastioned. There are disputes about the events that followed, but the facts are that Rain was attacking a bastion in the area that was owned by MCSPenguin. He was pearled for griefing and attacking the bastioned land.

While Rain was away pearled, members of IWW and Rain came up with the idea to create a new position called "Union Organizer", to which he made. Elections ended with Adam and VolutionFS working together with Rain to organize and run the IWW.

At some point, members of the IWW, being anarchist who are opposed to authority, started joking that 'they did not elect rain'. Jokes soon turned into a serious discussion on whether or not the ownership over the entire IWW discord and in-game group should be democratically elected. After a vote, despite Rain being fiercely against the general concept of transferring ownership to someone who could simply destroy or ruin the entire project, it was decided that the position of owner should be democratically elected, which prompted a vote to elect a new Server Organizer.

Many folks including Rain, Feezor, ian, Pierre and Hiduckhi ran for the new position. Initially, the opposition was divided between Ian, Feezor and Hiduckhi, however, during the course of the vote the opposition resolved to put their votes behind Hiduckhi. Rain had issues with the results, claiming that the election was rigged as voters were allowed to change their votes upon request, as per the caucus. He claimed that by allowing voters to change their votes, 5492 had collaborated with the opposition to manipulate the results, despite the overwhelming support for the ability to change votes by all but Rain himself. Hiduckhi in the end won the election by 1 vote.

Simultaneously, due to the perceived unfairness of the vote by the opposition especially as it became evident that Rain was vote-stuffing by means of inviting new and inactive members from his personal discord to vote in the IWW election, the Crab group (Led by Ian/5492 and Hiduckhi) transferred snitches and bastions for the event that Rain refuse to abdicate.

Rain ultimately honoured the vote and transferred ownership of the IWW.

Criticism of the Insurrectionary IWW

A meme created by RainOfPain125 to criticize the nations that came out of the Duckapore-IWW schism several months after his ousting.

After being democratically defeated, Rain was ousted and banned from the IWW after attempting to undermine the new leadership and spamming the IWW discord, characterising the IWW as alike to the NSDAP/Nazis. He left Napistan with two of his supporters.

Norlund Controversy

A meme created by RainOfPain125 to criticize the Norlund government at the time.

After being ousted from the IWW, Rain retreated to the mainland continent, wandering, following the advice of 1234fireball who suggested that he could move into Norlund territory, start a new town, and then could petition to join the Norlund government as a new autonomy (or "municipality"). Rain went ahead and followed this advice, establishing a new life in the far north-western nation of Norlund, which was almost the same in climate to Napistan, featuring the same boring snow and hills. Rain chose the most useless and isolated region of Norlund, believing nobody would care about the land and leave him alone, and began the Paris Commune, being approved into the Norlund government shortly thereafter.

Soon Rain founded the Black Internationale, an organization with a heavier emphasis on anarchism and resisting authority. Although he was beginning to get tired of CivRealms, and chose not to mass-advertise the BI as heavily as he did with the IWW. The Paris Commune started to accumulate members, with 10 active members at its peak. It was a mostly underground commune, with a tunnel dug at Y=0 to the factory capital of Norlund, Kannin. From there, Rain and the members of the Paris Commune could start to efficiently progress.

Rain was almost instantly faced with opposition when the Paris Commune was accepted into the government. The king at the time did not know who Rain was, and accepted him for who he said he was. Much of Norlund protested this as they were already familiar with Rain due to prior actions. Rain subsequently posted large amounts of Anarchist propaganda within the Norlund community, in an attempt to convince Norlunders of his ideology and its legitimacy. Many in Norlund called this out as spam and Rainie's position in the Norlish community worsened.

Things escalated for Rain when a member of Norlund posted a bounty against him, which was unheard of in Norlund at the time. Some members of Norlund protested this, insisting it was out of order to put a bounty on other Norlund citizens. The person was convinced to remove the bounty, but the damage had been done as the situation was escalating setting the stage for the climax of the escalation to come.

At some point, the Norlund kingdom dissolved as the king could no longer play CivRealms, dubbed the "Death of King Terry and Constitutional Crisis". In his absence, a referendum was announced on choosing a new owner of Norlund. After the results were tallied, a new leader named ShamelessShamus become the leader of the Norlund government. In a few days, a minister of Norlund declared in the Discord that the Paris Commune was 'now Norlund national territory' because of 'prolonged inactivity'. By the time Rain got online to protest this decision, the minister was offline.

Rainie was subsequently pearled by the new king, ShamelessShamus in a highly controversial event Rainie claimed was unprovoked and an act of ambush, though this is disputed by Shamus and others within Norlund. This event was dubbed "The King's Crime" and caused a small upset in the nation of Norlund. [This portion of the article is missing information, but any that is added back must be objectional/factual and not so biased or opinionated.]

Rain fervently opposed this action in the Norlund Discord. Shamus's defense was that Rain was a threat to Norlund.

Fast forward to the 25th of September, 2020, and the infamous Obsidian Bombing of CivCorp takes place. In the process, Rain is released from his pearl.

Involvement in the Paris Uprising

A screenshot taken from an anonymous user who participated in the Paris uprising against Norlund authorities, showcasing two signs with defiant wording.
The aftermath of the Paris Uprising.

After Rain was pearled, a new settlement was built directly on-top of the Paris Commune by Norlund. Only days later, the members of the Paris Commune came together one final time in an effort to get revenge on Norlund. Rain coordinated obtaining the supplies necessary for the grief of a Norlish newfriend settlement located in the former area of Paris. Rain sent a member of the Paris Commune (who used to be a member of the IWW) on an anonymous alt on a trip to Napistan. This user met up with a high rank of the IWW who escorted them through long corridors and rings of vaults until they arrived at a package, which was transferred to the Commune member. The package was taken back, and contained all the materials necessary to up-end what was now "Paris".

The other two folks logged on, still inside of the Paris Commune since their last time being online when the pearling had happened. The third arrived and distributed supplies, and they began their work. It turned out that the area was never bastioned, so the grief was conducted with ease. Huge casts of lava were made, on-top of stacks of cobblestone, which would have made removing all of the grief incredibly difficult with the falling-cobblestone feature on CivRealms. Plenty of other parts of the area were destroyed, looted, and generally disrespected, devastating the newfriend population that had settled the area.

In the end, they had spent two days destroying the assumed unsnitched Paris area. Although due to the established rules on CivRealms, their efforts to grief were in vain as griefing in the form done by Rain and his comrades was banned. All players involved in the grief were banned. Everyone involved, including Rain, was tired of CivRealms at this point and gave up - it was their final act on Realms.



Although Universe did not last long, Rain saw it as a new opportunity to create an anarchist group with former members of the IWW, choosing to base in the middle of a dense jungle hoping nobody would find where he was plotting. Although at first, Rain tried to join an existing nation to get a foothold into Universe, joining a small buildfriend nation named Wyvern with his friend UnknownKarnij (Milo#2242 on Discord). This did not last long however, as a shitter named prebanned along with another friend stormed into Wyvern, killing Rain with no reason provided besides "because its rain lol", and left, leaving Rain pearled in a random chest in the middle of nowhere, letting the pearl break after a day of not being fueled. Despite doing nothing wrong, the council of Wyvern decided to remove Rain from the town "to stay neutral" and gave him ample time to move his belongings and demolish his house.


So then Rain moved to the jungle, beginning an underground commune that was never declared, named Guthrie Commune (named after Woody Guthrie). Rain at the time also joined another existing nation named "Camertem" in order to have access to factories and potentially to build some cool houses in their nation. However, while swamped with college study and work, he decided to spend his little time visiting a well-established communist nation named Fempire Union, discussing with the owner and members in their public voice chat. Suddenly three members of Camertem joined the voice chat, berating and harassing him verbally. They were asked to leave the voice chat by everyone there and declined. They concluded with removing Rain and UnknownKarnij from Camertem discord and groups. Rain blocked all of them and made sure to steer clear of the crazy folks in Camertem from there on out.


Rain recognized that the server was full of the worst shitters Civ had to offer, and there was a large controversy surrounding the owner Ian_X12. Rain was only shown a small snippet of the evidence against Ian when he first started playing Universe, and decided to give him a fair shot as the server owner. However, the CivUniverse staff team frequently allowed nazis, race-realists, and other alt-right reactionary bullshit to exist nearly unfiltered in the Discord. After enough backlash, Ian stepped in and removed the blatantly racist content, but in return, took an "all sides are bad" approach, abusing to mute Rain for posting Anarchist/Communist propaganda. All of this culminated in Rain giving up on Universe, which luckily for him was a great move considering how Universe turned out. Only later did Rain learn about all the controversies and fucked up things Ian_X12 had said/done, ontop of learning he allowed doxxers, or even well-known pedophiles like TwinkieMiner, to play on his server.


Only time will tell what is in store.


Rain's skin is custom-made by himself, and is a character of himself wearing the highest ranked uniform of his former group, the RoyalArms, hence the letters "RA" on the back of the chest. The lines on the sides of the arm are supposed to represent his rank as HHR-5, or HierHighRank-5 of the RA. There are also golden epaulettes that adorn his shoulders, signifying him as a high rank and/or a military official. Although the RoyalArms is now defunct, he enjoys the skin enough to keep it around.

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