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Rain's Skin (c. July 2021)
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Industrial Workers of the World (Union Leader)

 Acadia (National troll)

Jevoghnya (Honorary)
Known ForIWW Founder, Union Leader
Main ResidenceAcadia (CivClassics)
Known Spoken Languages
  • American English
IdeologyAnarchist Communism
Anarchist Syndicalism
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivRealms_2.0
Iterations played onCivRealms_2.0, CivUniverse and CivClassic

RainOfPain125 or as he’s commonly known as Rainie is the founder of The No State Commune on CivClassics and the IWW on CivRealms. He’s also a controversial player with a generally negative reputation as most of the server has negative opinions as a result of actions he’s done through out his time on the Civ servers he frequented.

Civ History


Rain's first sign on CivRealms

Rain began CivRealms as an ambitious new player. Wanting to build, make friends, organize, and in his words “unite the server’s leftists”. His goal on the server was try to “ideologically win” on the CivRealms server. Rain thought that he would need help in organizing. The conclusion was to build a nation that gathered enough members and resources to defend itself if presented with a threat by others on the server.

On the January 23rd, 2020 Rainie established the IWW, an organization of anarchist, socialist, and communist countries on the northern continent of Napistan though the anarchist part is disputed due to later events. Rainie chose this area because contesting existing claims would get him killed, and the northern continent of Napistan was largely unclaimed compared to the rest of the world.

When the IWW was declared on the 23rd of January, Rainie had recruited some players to join the server and began to set up communes in the region. The Communes of Tolstoy and Vescau (Later re-branded as Exarchos) were established. At the time, Rain didn’t possess a PC and could only organize. Encouraging players to move up to the northern continent to begin their settlement on the continent.

North-East Waterways Organization, which Rain participated in

When Rain was again able to play, he moved to Tolstoy, contributing to mining, and the excavation of a canal to provide easy travel under the North-East Waterways Organization or NEWO, a construction group founded by the creator of Tolstoy, Zazorg. Tolstoy started to become the heart of the IWW, the main town that members would stay around and contribute, up until later on with communes such as Bremerhaven.

The ACA, an anarcho-communist discord server run by Rainie and the potential source of attempted voter stuffing of the IWW Elections.

After enough basic organizing had been done and Rain had his PC, he begun a recruitment campaign utilizing a non-Civ Discord the Anarchist Communist Association along with Reddit posts the IWW quickly grew. Due to the recruitment drive, the IWW increased in members because of it. Many would argue that Rainie’s recruitment drive was spam in some aspects, such as the fact that the post was reposted to multiple subreddits.

The IWW was a very loose and disorganized group. Not because members didn’t agree ideologically, but because many didn’t fully understand the mechanics present on CivRealms which later lead to the easy bombing of Tolstoy by PartyAnimal. Rainie and EmDubleYou were pearled during the bombing, as Vanax disguised as PartyAnimal. Allies came and removed the obsidian and freed Rainie and Ems’ pearls. The lasting damage from the raid caused five Tolstoians to quit and the city would go into a period of decline.

Rainie continued to work until he fully understood the RealisticBiomes plugin, now understanding that most of the continent could not grow any crops, he sought to expand the IWW's claims across Napistan to more land that was arable enough to grow carrots.

Conveniently, Greenland threatened the IWW if it did not leave its surrounding land in the center-south of Napistan on the coast. Only 1-2 days later, the two people who ran Greenland quit the server, but not before giving up their group to a member of the IWW.

In early February after a vote by Narwhal_19, the IWW extended its claims farther south gaining a carrot farm in the south as a result. However, this conflicted with farms MCSPenguin had in the area. After a short border conflict, the claims were adjusted and Penguinland was created. Despite the negotiations with Penguin, Rainie decided to try clearing Penguin's bastions in the region. After being caught by Penguin he was pearled. Rainie claims that he was trying to build a railroad in the area but these claims have been proven to be false by other accounts. He was pearled for griefing said bastioned land for two weeks.

The IWW decided to use this time to create a new role conduct diplomacy, trade, and organization in the IWW named the "Union Organizer" or UO. After a vote, despite Rain being fiercely against the general concept of transferring ownership to someone who could simply destroy or ruin the entire project, it was decided that the position of owner should be democratically elected, which prompted a vote to elect a new Server Organizer.

Many folks including Rain, Freezor, Ian, Pierre, and Hiduck ran for the new position. Initially, the opposition was divided between Ian, Feezor and Hiduck initially. Simultaneously, due to the unfairness of the vote by the Rainites especially as it became evident that Rainie was vote-stuffing by means of inviting new and inactive members from ACA to vote in the IWW election. The result of the discovery of Rainie’s voter fraud attempts led to the Crab Coup. Despite his attempts at ballot stuffing the election results did come in, Rainie had only gotten 20% of the vote compared to the Crab Coalition’s 80%.

At the end of the day Rainie did honor the vote and transferred ownership of the IWW. In spite of this he attempted to undermine the new leadership as well as spam shit tier memes. This ended up with him getting banned from the IWW discord. After which he’d end up making a long winded post on reddit which was described by someone outside the Civ community as “A Series of Colonel Blimperies on top of one another”. It was also received negatively by the IWW and the server as a whole.
A meme created by RainOfPain125 to criticize the nations that came out of the Duckapore-IWW schism several months after his ousting.

After being democratically defeated, Rainie was ousted and banned from the IWW after attempting to undermine the new leadership and spamming the IWW discord creating an example of Godwin's Law while doing it. He left Napistan with two supporters.

Norlund Controversy

A meme created by RainOfPain125 to criticize the Norlund government at the time.

After leaving Napistan, Rainie would end up settling in Norlund. This was suggested by a user named 1234fireball who suggested to him that he should create a town and petition to become a municipality within Norlund. He would end up founding the Paris Commune hoping that the land he settled in that people would leave him alone. He would also found the Black Internationale while in Norlund.

When the Paris Commune was accepted into the government itself, Rainie would immediately face opposition from the majority of Norlund. Because of Rainie’s previous actions, most of Norlund would complain to the King of Norlund. The thing is, the king didn’t even look into him. So he just accepted the Paris Commune into the kingdom. He would then proceed to post large quantities of propaganda to the point at which it bordered on spam. As a result relations with citizens of Norlund and the Paris Commune would deteriorate further.

Eventually King Terry of Norlund could no longer play CivRealms. As a result a referendum was held in which ShamelessShamus became the King of Norlund. A few days later the Paris Commune was declared national territory of Norlund by a minister within the Norlish Government. After an argument Shamus pearled Rainie. This was seen as a controversial move at the time within Norlund due to Rainie technically being a Norlish citizen and the pearling being an extrajudicial killing. It would come to be known as "The King's Crime". This would result in King Shamus being removed from power within Norlund. His defense is that Rainie was a threat to Norlund.

Around the same time as the bombing of CivCorp on September 25th, 2020 the remnants of the Paris Commune decided to fight against Norlund after the government dedicated the area to Newfriend homes on top of the Paris Commune. Because the area wasn’t bastioned the griefing could be executed with ease. The property of countless newfriends and their homes were destroyed as a result of the uprising. With Rainie and the Paris Commune finally getting banned from CivRealms.

Involvement in the Paris Uprising

A screenshot taken from an anonymous user who participated in the Paris uprising against Norlund authorities, showcasing two signs with defiant wording.
The aftermath of the Paris Uprising.



Rainie saw CivUniverse as an opportunity to spread his ideology even further. He would end up joining the small building nation of Wyvern with his friend UnknownKarnij. This stint wouldn’t last for long as a user named Prebanned along with a friend decided to travel to Wyvern and kill Rainie.

Of course this isn’t the end. He left Rainie’s pearl in a random chest in the middle of nowhere and the pearl would proceed to expire the next day. After this to make sure this didn’t happen again the council of Wyvern evicted Rainie but gave him time to gather his belongings and demolish his house. After this he’d move to a jungle where he’d proceed to build another underground commune named after Woody Gurthie. This town would eventually join the established country of Camertem. After this, he’d visit the Fempire Union. He’d eventually join the voice chat of the Fempire Union where its members would give Rainie harsh criticism, eventually resulting in Rainie being removed from the group chats and Rainie blocking those people.

Rainie violated numerous rules on CivUniverse which led to him being frequently muted on both Discord and the CivUniverse global chat. Rainie frequently argued with notable player Vespasian, resulting in mutes and the eventual removal of the #shitflinging channel on the CivUniverse Discord. Rainie also continued to post his slightly civ-related IWW Discord, however after an investigation by CivUniverse staff in January 2021 revealed that the Discord was not centered around CivUniverse, it's advertising was not permitted on CivUniverse any further.

Rainie was permanently banned from CivUniverse for doxing on July 20th, 2021.


Rainie had rejoined CivClassics on in Late June of 2021. He’d proceed to move to the north east quadrant of the map to build up and eventually establish another IWW, The No State Commune. But the place he chose to set up in was near a nation that held bad blood against him. The Federal Republic of Acadia was originally a country founded prior to the launch of CivUniverse and quickly became known as a newfriend & buildfriend nation and was even involved in the First Coaliton War against New Vegas in CivU. They decided to create a colony in CivClassics and eventually made the move to the server.

Rainie was known by Acadians as “The National Troll”. It wouldn’t be long until his past caught up to him. He ended up egging on raids mainly because of past grudges against Cortwade and JuniorTide. This would eventually lead to a pre-emptive strike against TNSC (mainly Rainie’s) bunker by Acadian forces to disable it to prevent further use. He was also logboxed by Okx and Ttastic which resulted in him doxing an unrealted builder Owain which led to him being banned from CivClassics.

Rainie is unlikely to come back as a result of being hated by Acadians, and Consortium (formerly TNSC) who wanted to disassociate from Rainie. This also led to one of Acadia’s biggest political scandals when it was found out that Rainie had made a deal with the two founders of the Workers’ Acadia Party (WAP) by offering him diamonds in return for newfriends to make them part of the WAP. After this was uncovered, numerous factories including a diamond tool factory were broken.


Rainie has been a subject of several controversies in the Civ community and is generally regarded in negative regards at the very least, and at the most majoritarian disdain by the Civ community at large. The first being the IWW election and how he didn’t want to give up power to a democratic election at first. He would also cause minor dramas in between which would escalate into him getting pearled and or kicked from a group in general. With all of this coming to ahead with the Acadia drama in which he would end up doxing someone and getting banned. The very same reason why he claimed he left CivUniverse which everyone would consider to be irony at it’s finest.


Rainie himself claims to be an Anarcho-Communist & Anarcho-Syndicalist though these two ideologies are not the same as Syndicalism and Communism are methodologically different in their management of economic affairs. Also his actions generally show different results from what would be expected of an anarchist. Rainie’s anarchist leanings have been questioned by a lot of people including people who lean towards more left wing ideologies as many of his actions have been criticized by many people as these actions have seems contradictory to the principles of any anarchist. This includes users such as Hiduckhi who’ve criticized Rainie as being “An Anarcho-Monarchist” and by another user as being “A Stalinist in an Anarchist’s sheets”, “a Caesarist”, “a Closet Despot”, and finally “a Petty Tyrant”. Many would argue that his ideas and beliefs at times are contradictory in nature and or claim that he’s out right lying about his true beliefs in order to gain power using ideology as a velvet glove.

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