Free Republik of Unitas

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Free Republik of Unitas
Official Flag of the Free Republic of Unitas
Capital CityRavengrad
GovernmentDirect Democracy
Ruling BodyUnited Workers Union (UWU)
Founded22 August 2018
DemonymFree Comrade of the Free Republik of Unitas
Anthem"Polyushka Polye"

The Free Republik of Unitas is a small nation in the outer +,+ [1] which has been formerly a part of Maltovia, New Sovia, Laconia and the Communist Cities Caretaker-Protectorate. As of now it is under the Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates.

CivClassic History


On the 22 August 2018 FalscherRVN decided to found a side project besides their activities in Maltovia and to revive the Legacy of the Unitas Commune, this time as an independent entity. An island near the ++ worldborder was found after a while of searching and boating. On that day the Free Republik has been formed, and FalscherRVN, with the newly founded Unitas Nazbol Party, has been democratically voted into the office of the People's Imperial Chancellor with an astonishing 100% of support and 100% of voter participation.

The Maltovian Period

On the on the 10th September of 2018 the People's Federative Republic of Maltovia has been declared and brought forth a change of the Maltovian claims which then included the FRU and its "marvellous megacity 'Ravengrad'" as an autonomous region within the federative republic.[2] However this relation didn't last too long as on the 4th October 2018 BolleDeBoll, Leader of Maltovia announced FalscherRVN having voluntarily left the Government due to various disagreements various days prior. This brought forth the Free Republik seceding from Maltovia and resuming an indepent status yet again.[3]

Unitas Cultural Preservation Programme

On the 21st September the Free Republik of Unitas found France, a planet referenced in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, near the territory of Ravengrad and thus launched the UCCP to include it as "Protectorate of France" in its claims. [4]

Official Endorsement of Havokstan

During the short-lived insurrectionary period of Mount Augusta during which several groups declared their Indepence from it has the Council of the Republic decided to officially acknowledge the existence and validity of the former Havokstan[5]

Sovia-Unitas Period

9th July of 2019, after the groups in New Sovia have been taken away from the leadership[6] a union of Sovia-Unitas was formed which sought to deal with various issues together.[7]. Due to the inactivity followed by the Fall of New Sovia this union had been breaking apart slowly but continuously so that when the groups were returned and Ceylon returned to activity[8] said Union was officially broken up leaving the two states separate again. This led Unitas to reorganize internationally.