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Augustan Federation
Seal of the Augustan Federation


Governing documentAugustan Federation Charter

The Augustan Federation is an international organization in CivClassics 2.0 that consists of Mount Augustan successor states and nations with Augustan cultural heritage. Federation members are divided into two tiers of membership, the Council, a mutual defense alliance, and the Consortium, a wider economic alliance[1].


Following Mount Augusta's inactivity and the posterior creation of Mount September and South Augusta, the need for an international organ that grouped Augustan successor states together became more and more apparent. Drafts for the charter of a proto-augustan union began to be made in early 2021.

Following the Confederation of Socialist Augusta's admission to the Augustan Council on March 2021, all augustan succesor states are part of the Augustan Federation. The Augustan Council elected squareblob its first President that same month.

Positions and Structure

Principal Council

The Principal Council is made up of Principal Representatives from the Augustan Federation's founding members (Mount September and the Antipodean Union). This body can veto some rulings, if in unanimous agreement.

Augustan Council

The Augustan Council is the main body of the Augustan Federation, as it is in charge of electing the President of the Augustan Federation, currently Squareblob, and deliberating whether to admit or expel other member states. In addition, Augustan Council members agree to defend each other from unjust aggression. Each Augustan Council member state has one or two representatives[1].

Augustan Consortium

Augustan Consortium member states participate in the non-aggression pact, and also the wider economic union. This allows like-minded states and their members to collaborate in projects that range from infrastructure to cultural activities.

The ADB signing its first grant to Lambat (not a member state then)

Augustan Development Bank

The Augustan Development Bank (ADB) acts both as an auditor of the Augustan Federation's resources, as well as an intermediary between rising non-member states or individuals and the rest of the Augustan Federation. It is directed by the ADB Chairman, appointed by the AF President. The current ADB Chairman is Thraldrek.


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