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Okashima (丘島)
Banner of Okashima
Map of Okashima
Capital CityOkato (丘島)
Founded26 January 2018
Population~15 (~3 active)[when?]

Okashima was a province of Yoahtl and a semi-democratic monarchy in the -,+. It bordered Vinland and Yoahtl, two nations with which Okashima maintains friendly relations. Okashima was not large, but it still constituted a sizable chunk of the world. These lands often formed mesas, savannas, forested hills, mountains, Nether islands, and many small islands. Most of the nation lived in the capital of Okato City, while the remainder occupy scattered settlements in the wooded hinterlands to the south (usually small fishing settlements and military forts).


Transition from Realms

Okashima started as Hokkaido on Realms. After it was announced that Realms would be shutting down, Hokkaido joined with the predecessor to the current province of Odresh to create Okashima. They settled along the northern coast of the southern continent, founding the city of Okato.


Upon reaching the land that would soon be Okato, the founding citizens got to work terraforming the beach to create the flat city blocks that exist today. To the northwest, a massive castle was built, acting as both a defensive and symbolic structure. During Fall 2018 and Winter 2018/19, new plots of land were added along the city's seaboard, and more buildings were constructed.

The Ancap War

The war ended with the Ancaps being sentenced to the end, where they founded a transhumanist society.

The March Coup

On March 5th, Two radical communists, led by Pzk and JShatney, attempted to overthrow the Okashiman government. beginning with an attack on Okashima's small vault. Logan was the first to see the attack on the vault, although he was soon pearled after attacking Pzk. However, the Daimyo government remained in power with Military assistance from Falstadt and Vinland the Radicals where quickly pearled and Logan was un-pearled.

The Somber War

Okashima participated in the Somber War, with NeoTide participating in the final, two-day vault break of the Lexington vault.

Obby Bombing of 2019

As 2019 was winding down, a series of obby bombing incidents occurred around the server. As a relatively inactive province with a decent sized city, Okato was targeted. The damage was extensive, with the raiders tearing up the streets and train station in addition to covering buildings in reinforced obby and stone bricks.


Okashima was a founding member of the NCA, and a member of SATO. In the latter months of 2019, they merged with Yoahtl to become a province.


Most of Okashima was comprised of rugged forest terrain, with a large river cutting through the hills and forming the majority of their border with Vinland.


Okashima had a predominately Japanese/weebish culture, with a name that translates to 'Hill Island' and a building code requiring all buildings to have an oriental look. Sometimes referred to as 'new/worse Gensokyo', Okashima has created a distinct oriental culture, but beyond the building codes and government positions, such culture is not typically a major part of an Okashiman's life.