New Leningrad

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New Leningrad
Flag of New Leningrad
Part ofFederal Socialist Republics
Famous forCapitol of the Leninist Worker's Federation
Server IterationCivcraft 2.0
Population20+ at one point
DemonymLeningradian or Leninist
Architectural StyleBrutalist
AnthemUnce Unce
Local LanguagesEnglish
Administrative BuildingThe Intelligenstia Building
Ruling PartyWorkers Party
Foundation Date2013

New Leningrad was a city in the Plusminus quadrant of Civcraft 2.0. It was run by the leader Bolledeboll, who took power after ZombieLenin stepped down.


With the start of the new map, Glorious Leader ZombieLenin wisely decided upon the plains of Plusminus as a natural place to settle down. The city's lack of natural resources were remedied by it's location and its eventual transformation into an island after the completion of a canal. The city underwent gone rapid urban transformation due to Operation Manhattan, whereas, the entire island will eventually become one massive urban landscape. The city became the first in all of Civcraft 2.0 to develop a proper printed currency (the Lenning) but suddenly witnessed a devastating war against Bryn and Aurora. New Leningrad barely survived yet, the post war boom has all but made up for the loses during the war. After New Leningrad accomplished its ambitious goal of hosting the Civcraft Winter Olympics, it grew quicker than ever-at ~6th place on the CAI.

Landmarks and Surroundings

New Leningrad was at one time connected to the desert to the southeast by a very narrow peninsula, making it well... a peninsula. Comrade Fiahstorm then dug a canal from one river to the other, creating a shallow bay and officially making it an island.

The city is famous for it's stark and grey Brutalist architecture, the New Leningrad take on this style was mostly pioneered by comrade Romec. The Glorious Leader University (GLU) educates the proletariat. The Intelligenstia Building houses the offices of various ministers. The New Leningrad Museum of Fine Art and Artifacts is home to many items of interest, including obsidian from MrGerbic's vault and pre-war Lennings.

To the north of the island there is a mushroom island, to the west lays a large plains biome that eventually leads into a massive mountain range, and to the southeast is a very large desert that eventually leads into a swamp.

New Leningrad is connected to the hexagonal town of Fellowship by road, and nearby locations of interest include the abandoned ruins of Oasis, which lies just across the western bay, and a mysteriously abandoned mansion to the north of the mushroom island. To the west and east are the ultra-capitalist towns of Aurora and Bryn. There has been conflict between these two cities and New Leningrad.

(Partly documented by Fiahstorm)

Currently, a railway connects New Leningrad to the Brimstone Terminal, and to the rest of the world. The Metro Station was still under construction (as of 1-21-14) but the railway was fully operational.


New Leningrad created the first paper currency on the server, the Lennings, and we swear, all wealth to the bureaucracy!

Notable Residents

  • Bolledeboll - Premier, Glorious Leader
  • ZombieLenin - Eternal Glorious Leader
 * Jon2600 - **Vice-Premier**

 * Romec - **The Industrious Worker**
 * Tambien_Sinclair - **Commissar of Agriculture, Leader of the colony Romecgrad** 
 * Norsepower - **The Shining Face of Communist Spirit**
 * Fiahstorm - **Explorer &  Mapper of New Leningrad**
 * Novaskij - **Spiderman**
 * galvan_  - **Head of the Peoples Milita**
Image Gallery

Lenin Statue Southern outskirts, seen from the rooftop of the GLU

Ogel6000's prototype Civcraft poster New, finished, advertisement poster