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The -,+ is a geographic region on the server of CivClassic referred to as a "quadrant", covering the southwest of the map. It contains all blocks in the map with negative x and positive z values. It has been home to many of the most active nations on the server, including The Commonwealth, the now defunct Mount Augusta, and Pacem, with other nations like Yoahtl and Southshire also being located here. Mount September was a hotspot of the region late in the server, having picked up the shambles of Mount Augusta.

List of Nations

Name of nation/territory Other names Capital Form of Government Head of Government Head of State Alliance
Beretia Dolo Theocracy Beestang Elioto8 Augustan Federation
The Commonwealth Westminster Parliamentary Monarchy PergySkeel Peter5930 SATO
Confederation of Socialist Augusta CSA Little Leningrad Direct Democratic Socialist Republic smal SandFalls Augustan Federation, Comintern
Droplandia ? ? 1drop None
Etherium Etherium City ? Darkjesusm None
Hjaltland Falstadt Hjaltland Federal Monarchy 1drop BlueSylvaer SATO, Entente
Imperial Mountain of Casson IMC Casson Enlightened Absolutist Autocracy Wilson5756 None
Laconia Doom Island? Oligarchy None
Mount September MtS MTS Democratic Republic KingOfTheMochas Augustan Federation
Nro'meagh N/A Tribals with some Socialist states N/A CES
Pacem Pacem Libertarian/Minarchist Rambete Shtim None
Sankt Most Sankt Most Anarcho-Capitalist Despotism TheOrangeWizard None
South Augusta SA South Augusta Anarcho-Capitalist Despotism TheOrangeWizard Augustan Federation
Southshire Southshire Triumvirate StarPlatinum, cinzar, TheGameOfLife SATO,UDF
Yoahtl Yodel New Yoahtl City Semi-Constitutional Council Monarchy WackyAki SATO,UDF
Sealand Principality of Sealand Sealand Monarchy Comintern
Venne Vennish Republic Venera Direct Democracy thatguynick15, Shadowvdark, Magic_Maya Augustan Federation
Western Agricultural Union WAU Hellyeahgis CSA puppet state Marxist Cooperative Lanni Comintern