Socialist Party of Danzilona

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Socialist Party of Danzilona
FoundedJune 17, 2022 (2022-06-17)
  • Socialism with Danzilonan characteristics


  • Democratic socialism
  • Marxism
  • Mutualism
Political positionLeft-wing to far left
Slogan"Workers of the world, unite!" (de facto)
FWCD national political offices
0 / 1
Socialist Party of Danzilona (Bonapartist)
FoundedAugust 28, 2022 (2022-08-28)
HeadquartersOld Town, Danzilona
  • Bonapartism
  • Isolationism
  • Danzilonan exceptionalism
  • Social market economy
  • Militarism
Political positionBig Tent
  • Domestic: Centre-left
Slogan"Let's ensure the salvation of the cooperatives!" (unofficial)
FWCD national political offices
0 / 1

The Socialist Party of Danzilona (or SPD) is a left-wing political party semiactive within the Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona on CivMC. It was founded on June 17, 2022 by Danzilonans Gant2000, grenadeninja21, Lowtuff, VA_11HALL_A, and Des23 in the Free Danzilonan Republic and then publicly announced on June 30th.[1] The party has aimed to use economic planning to centralise and democratise production of Danzilona's resources, as well as construct more public works and increase self-sufficiency, among other goals. Two of its founders, Gant and Lowtuff, were elected to two of the FDR's political offices for July 2022, with TheTrackball, the elected Sheriff, joining a day later.[2]

The Socialist Party swept the August elections once again, with grenade becoming Interior Minister and naming Gant his Deputy, Vall becoming Foreign Minister and naming Des their deputy, and Track retaining his position as Defence Minister.[3][4][5] During the election, the Socialists boasted their previous accomplishments of organising public hockey games and building public housing and the public factory building.[6]

Bonapartist split

On August 28, 2022, Gant expelled Des from the SPD over her announcement of a Napoleon-esque candidacy for all Danzilonan governmental positions for September 2022.[7] It came a day after Gant announced his rival run for Foreign Minister, in which he also signaled his willingness to form a coalition with the newly founded Decent Party.[8] Des would go on to win the September 2022 Danzilonan general election for every political office, which the SPD did not challenge. Des appointed Gant to Deputy Foreign Minister for her term.[9]

Decline and Revival

By October 1, 2022, every SPD member had gone inactive besides Des, casting the party into irrelevancy for some months. However, during Danzilona's transition from a republican form of government to a cooperative one, some SPD members returned to take part in the process. For example, on January 14, 2023, Gant sponsored the very first cooperatives that were formed within FWC Danzilona, which were proposed by Des.[10]