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From the Featured Article

A picture of the Cathedral of Exeter, which condemned the order in 1348.

The Valex Corporation was a consultancy company on Civcraft 2.0. Founded from refugees from SPQR, the company was uniquely founded as a company but acted like a country that held territory. Within a few months of its founding, it gained mass revenue through material sales, but quickly switched their focus to investments. The country was a member of the North Eastern Alliance, bordering neighboring Iria.

Their capital, Remnant, was a cyberpunk-themed nation with a layer-like structure, inspired by dystopias like Blade Runner. Their pioneering shareholder system allowed any shareholder to a dividend in their revenue, and the company obtains profit through plot sales as well as consultancy services for developing nations. Although their CEO, Logic_Man still plays today in Mount Augusta, their company’s structure has been lifted into other Civ-based companies in CivMC such as the Gabon Corporation and the Monument Group. (Full article...)

Current Events

Icenia City's skyscrapers on their northern coast.
  • Yoahtl announced their next iteration of the Olympics, to be held on the weekend of June 7.
  • Icenia posted formal claims of Ez2Clutch after Estalia had asked for claims on his pearl.
  • The Imperial Federation announced that SlothInASuit was elected as chancellor of the country, replacing Potato_Duke's long and well celebrated reign.
  • Highroll announced a litany of grievances against Moria Corp, although his claims received considerable pushback from the community.
  • Exyria and Yoahtl signed a non-aggression pact after signing one with Icenia.
  • CivMC is holding an event next weekend as a replacement for Easter -- although there is no clue as to what it could be.

What is Civ?

Civ is a genre of minecraft servers in which players, not admins, create and enforce rules. It differs from anarchy servers in that players are given extensive tools to help protect themselves and imprison players.

We document these servers, the mechanics that drive them, and the rise and fall of their players and civilizations.


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