Jefferson Confederacy

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The Jefferson Confederacy is a former nation in the -,+. Founded by CryptoBlok, Jefferson bordered Mount Augusta. The Confederacy was composed of four states- Canopus, Brodre, Freedomsburg, and the Daoist State, each represented by a Councilor. While Jefferson traced its roots back to 2017, the cities of Canopus and Brodre were both founded in 2018, and the Daoist State joined the Confederacy to resolve a land dispute later that year. The members of the Nation of Eclipse also joined the Jefferson Confederacy on August 13, 2018, residing in Canopus, where they built Eclipse Tower, one of the highlights of the Canopus skyline. However, the formerly-landless Nation of Eclipse migrated out of Jefferson after purchasing land to the north of Canopus from the Maltovian territory of Compton on October 19, 2018. Eclipse maintained its political ties as a state in the Jefferson Confederacy until peacefully declaring its separation in mid-2019. At its height, Jefferson hosted an active population of at least fourteen; however, as of February 2020 its activity level has been low. The Jefferson Confederacy had a subreddit /r/CivJefferson and discord J7WCuTb[1]