Communist Party of Mount Augusta

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Communist Party of Mount Augusta
Succeeded byRCPMA
Headquarters Mount Augusta
Political positionLeft

The Communist Party of Mount Augusta, also known as the Augustan Communist Party or CPMA,[1][2] was a political group in Mount Augusta on Civcraft 1.0. The founder[who?] of the group did become a mayor of Mount Augusta.[1] The player Geckolubber was once the leader of the CPMA.[3][4] Members of the CPMA while escaping the HCF Invasion founded New Pyongyang, taking the communal funds of the CPMA to do so.[3][5] Frensin was a member of the CPMA. The CPMA was the inspiration for the Revolutionary Communist Party of Mount Augusta (RCPMA), a party set up by nickyd614 (ComradeNick).[6]